Raiders announce one-year lease to remain in Oakland

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For at least one more year, the Raiders will remain in Oakland.

The Raiders announced today that they have agreed to a one-year lease extension to play at Coliseum for the 2016 season. The agreement includes an additional two years of team options, giving the Raiders the choice to play at the Coliseum in 2017 and 2018 as well.

Raiders owner Mark Davis called the deal a “win-win situation” and said he’s optimistic that a deal can get worked out that will keep the Raiders in Oakland. The Raiders have hired real estate executive Larry MacNeil, who helped the 49ers with their move into Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, to help the Raiders negotiate a deal for a new stadium in Oakland.

“It gives us an opportunity to work on a permanent facility here in Oakland,” Davis said. “It gives us some certainty for this season as well as flexibility for the next two seasons. . . . My heart is here in Oakland.”

As they attempt to encourage more Bay Area fans to support them in Oakland, the Raiders have also announced that they will not raise season ticket prices.

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  1. The more time that goes by considering announcements like this I am becoming more convinced that the Raiders will stay in Oakland and that Las Vegas, San Antonio and even L.A. Are nothing more than leverage cities in an attempt to get the best possible deal on a new stadium in Oakland.

    If Mark Davis wanted to move to San Antonio he would have already.

  2. Oakland doesn’t support them, they have to tarp off Mt Davis for every home game..time to try a new state and a new city..get out of that cesspool known as California

  3. Oakland fans deserve the Raiders in their back yard. But i still think Vegas is the most legit #2 option now that LA is basically off the table.

    I really hope something gets done this year, that way the Raiders can sign a 2 year lease with the stadium untill the new one is done and there can be less distractions and more effort focused on the team rather than where theyre gonna play.

    Raiders just rebuilt all their facilities i doubt they would invest all that money just to leave the next year. Team really needs some stability and less off the field distractions so they can get back to grooming an progressing as a team.

  4. trustno1 says:
    Feb 11, 2016 6:47 PM

    Oakland doesn’t support them, they have to tarp off Mt Davis for every home game..time to try a new state and a new city..get out of that cesspool known as California


    The 9th largest economy on the planet hopes your welfare state enjoys our tax dollars.

  5. The reason they tarp off Mt Davis is that the NFL is just too expensive for the predominantly blue collar Raider local fan base. That and the fact that the product has stunk for the most part since they came back in ’95, with a few exceptions. Now they seem to be on the right path, but is it too late? Owners seeking to build these new $2b palaces should take note – there IS a limit to what people will pay to see your precious games on Sunday, especially when every ham & egger has a 65″ HDTV in their living rooms nowadays. As prices continue to spiral out of control, more and more people will simply stay home and watch from there.

  6. Just in time to bleed season ticket holders. Took a regular home game from us for the second time in 3 years. Then we pay regular price for pre season. Almost at wits end with the NFL.

  7. I’m glad the Raiders will play in Oakland next year. It will give me more chances to share the colosseum experience with my grandsons. I worry that with a new stadium, wherever it maybe, that the average fan will be priced out ala Levi’s. I love the colosseum environment and history. The Black Hole will not be anywhere close to what it is in a new stadium. I wish the A’s could build their own yard and leave the colosseum to the Silver and Black. I know I’m dreaming but what the hell. Go Raiders

  8. Bid deal. The one year lease extension just buys some time . The Raiders need a new stadium very badly. If I was Mark Davis, I would have pulled the plug on Oakland and moved to Las Vegas. There is no rule that a team can’t move there. Las Vegas is a market high in growth, and the team would be backed by the casinos. Unless Libby Schaaf agrees to issue bonds, I don’t see the Raiders staying in Oakland for the long term.

  9. Mark Davis cannot afford the new stadium by himself. Yes he is rich, but not Kroenke rich. 300 million is being offered by the NFL (200 million from the G4 loan program and an additional 100 million as a reward to stay put). Davis may be able to put up 300 million. That makes 600 million. There is still a 400 million funding gap. One way to close this funding gap is PSL sales. Another way is to sell the naming rights to a corporation. For example, Burger King would pay 100 million foe the stadium to be called Burger King Field. A third way to close the funding gap would be a ticket tax. But they better come up with something soon. In reality, Libby Schaaf should just issue bonds an end this thing. Since this has been a problem for 10+ years, I am not optimistic.

  10. Oakland will never get a new stadium because everyone knows they don’t have any other options except to tarp off some seats, play football across the baseball diamond on terrible field conditions, and wade through sewage in the dugouts and locker room

    Nobody wants Oakland or their fans to move into their community

  11. With San Diego and Oakland remaining in their own cities for 2016, Los Angeles will be a ONE TEAM TOWN for 2016. To me, this is the best way for football to succeed in Los Angeles. Everybody to get behind one team- the Rams.

  12. Oakland still has not offered any public money, which means two things: they should leave, and they will leave.

  13. mark davis signed a one year deal with an option for 2 more years. this gives him time to work out a stadium deal with the city of Oakland and a fall back plan B for Vegas. by the end of the 2017 season he will know what direction to go . personally i prefer vegas because oakland is a dump and vegas is an international city. nevada has no state income taxes which will benefit the raiders immensely giving the franchise the ability to sign top free agents.

  14. Broncos fan here….. Raiders belong in Oakland.

    As much fun as it would be to go to Vegas and see the Raiders there, they belong in Oakland. Tradition is there. Move someone else to Vegas that doesn’t have the tradition.

  15. The Raiders should look across the Bay, not at Santa Clara, but at Palo Alto, and do what Stanford did. 10 years ago they tore down and rebuilt their stadium in less than a year. Build it smartly for less than $100 million. Just because pundits think it should cost between $1 & $2 billion doesn’t make it so. Think about this, it’s a max of 12 games a year. The team needs state of the art offices, locker rooms (for opponents as well), strength and conditioning rooms, team hall, meeting rooms, etc. Concession are a must for the fans. People need to have a comfortable seat and space to move. It doesn’t need to be architecturally the seventh wonder. It needs to be functional for the 21st century fan, who are not 5 foot 4 inches tall and 130 lbs. Seats and rows must be comfortable. I don’t go to the historic theater to watch movies with their flat, hardened 1930 seating. I go to the new theater with stadium seating with reclining bucket seats, cup holders and a view of the screen. Spend your money making the seat comfortable. 65k seats. That’s all you need. Davis needs a construction management team to be rewarded for speed and production and punished for cost over runs, work stoppages, violations, etc. When you are dealing with contractors they need to know you know more than they do. Ask Trump.

  16. I think the NFL would rather see a stadium built in San Diego than Oakland. So I believe the Raiders are destined for LA. The NFL would LOVE stadium in San Diego. You’d have 4-5 Super Bowls every 10 years between San Diego and LA.

  17. For those trashing Oakland consider this. The average home price is $520K. Weather is tough to beat. Views are if SF, the bay and Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. Like any city there are cool areas and tough ones. Too many of you rarely get out of your own state, haven’t been thru airport security since before 9/11 and think the world revolves around your town. Expand your horizons people.

  18. The Raiders had no choice but to sign a one year lease. Where else are they going to play in 2016? The season ticket holders are about to renew their tickets and the 2016 NFL schedule is due out in a few months. That is why San Diego opted to stay in San Diego another year. They could not get there personnel in LA in time to start marketing their team and for ticket sales. Could you imagine the nightmare of having three teams (Rams, Chargers, and USC) all playing on the same field. The Raiders are in a good position and waiting out their time. If San Diego stays put, then LA gets the Raiders which would be Stan’s nightmare. He knows Southern California is dominated by Raiders fans. Mark Davis knows that the value of his franchise more than doubles by moving to LA. If the Chargers move to LA then the Raiders move to San Diego and they negotiate with a city who is willing to build a new stadium and wants an NFL franchise. Mark Davis has something Stan or Alex Spanos will never have and that is the deep Raiders fan base in SoCal. As I see it, both the Rams and Chargers are terrified of the Raiders relocating to SoCal.

  19. If the Raiders move to Vegas, they will get a quiet slice of LA without the price of admission.

  20. Getting into Los Angeles would have been a layup for the Raiders if they had a competent owner/org. Southern CA wanted the Raiders

  21. Enough of this. Stay , go who cares . The NFL owners don’t care one thing about the fans. The fans of OAK, SD or STL did nothing to cause this mess. They don’t deserve this misery of not knowing if they have a team or not. The cities of SD and OAK. should give the owners a deadline to get this done. If Spanos and Davis are so adamant about staying in their cities , have some serious , meaningful negotiation with the cities and put some serious money into these projects. Stop threating to move and using other cities as leverage to get the perfect one sided deal. If the cities want to keep these teams they will have to step up and deal with the owners in a realistic way. The NFL wants Spanos in SD and Davis in OAK. They want the King of California to have LA all to himself. Neither Spanos or Davis will stand a chance in LA with the King.

  22. The Raiders, like the Chargers, had no other option but to stay put for another season. USC has enough on its plate getting the LA Coliseum ready for one NFL team – new lighting for the field to meet NFL standards, lockroom, etc. Also the Coliseum Commission – the community influenced board that oversees USC’s management of the Coliseum – has only approved USC to have one NFL team in the Coliseum. USC just submitted its proposal for two NFL teams to the board last month, and it will probably take six months for approval.

  23. Raiders owner Mark Davis called the deal a “win-win situation”
    _____________________________________Wow, just Wow! All the tough talk about going to San Antonio, Vegas, St. Louis, SoCal, and in the end he runs back to Oakland, tail tucked, just like his Daddy did. Hey Marky Mark. How does this make it a win situation for you?? Still get to live with your Mommy??

  24. All the Raiders have to do is start winning some football games. Suddenly those empty seats will start to fill up, and the process for a new stadium will magically come together. These are mostly the same fans who are Warriors fans, btw. Time to live up to your team motto, Mr Davis and just win baby!

  25. Mark Davis needs to put his foot down and issue an ultimatum:

    IF THERE IS NO STADIUM DEAL IN PLACE BY THE START OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON, 2016 is the last year the Raiders will ever call Oakland home.

    With Davis being a Raider, you’d think he would be tougher. He really should have pulled the plug on Oakland already. Las Vegas would be cash cow with all the tourism and casinos.

  26. There seems to be a misconception here. There are some, but not many Raiders fans in Los Angeles. The Raiders only played in Los Angeles for 13 years. They left for Oakland after the 94′ season and many Los Angeles fans washed their hands to the Raiders. Oakland and Los Angeles are 370 miles apart from each other.

    For the NFL, Los Angeles is a RAM TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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