Report: No decision on LeSean McCoy charges expected Thursday


Bills running back LeSean McCoy is waiting to find out what, if any, criminal charges he’ll be facing as a result of a fight at a Philadelphia nightclub over the weekend.

According to a report from Mark Schwartz of ESPN, those charges aren’t likely to come on Thursday. Schwartz, quoting a “high-ranking Philadelphia police official,” reports that prosecutors want to be thorough in their evaluation of the police report and other evidence before making a decision about how to proceed.

Reports on Wednesday indicated that police recommended to prosecutors that McCoy be charged with aggravated assault when they handed the case over. Two off-duty police officers went to the hospital after a fight over a bottle of champagne with four other men, one of whom is believed to be McCoy.

ESPN also reports that attorney Jack McMahon told them that he is no longer representing McCoy. McMahon said that McCoy will now be represented by Larry Krasner, another Philadelphia attorney, in matters related to the incident.

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  1. Tough call. Rich and famous usually gets you a pass. But he’s gone so far they may be forced to treat him like everyone else.

  2. This whole situation smells kinda bad. If it’s as cut and dry as has been reported charges should’ve been filed pretty quickly upon receiving the recommendation.

    If, however, these off duty officers were not exactly innocent in all of this then maybe they’re weighing the pros and cons of dragging this further into the spotlight.

    Still seems weird that a millionaire would steal a bottle of champaign and then fight over it. Even one with low character.

  3. Hope they teach this diva hotdog a lesson. Where’s Goodell with his automatical suspension, like he’s did with other players??

  4. Shady does not exemplify the high character behavior demonstrated by #billsmafia (dizzy bat, drinking to near death, performing wrestling moves and breaking tables, humping in the parking lot). Until he can do this consistently he should receive an indefinite suspension.

  5. It so sad that MEN can’t control themselves for the greater good.

    His actions are self centered and speak volumes to the total lack of respect or commitment to his teammates, coaches, owners and fans.

    Hell we been out of the playoffs so long, screw him and go with Karlos for a fraction of the cost.

    McCoy can’t even stay on the field because of injuries but he can lay a beat down on two black off duty police officers. Didn’t show half of that energy on the field.

    He got 16 million for under 900 yards not worth $18,000/rushing yard

  6. It looks like he is guilty of something here, and tnhis shouldn’t matter ikn his charges, but what were two off duty police officers doing in this expensive club buying bottles of champagne?

  7. The two OFF-DUTY cops had at least 4 bottles of champagne. I’m going to take a wild guess and say they were pretty drunk. How can it be assault on a police officer if they were in civilian clothing, off duty, and they didn’t identify themselves as an officer?

  8. I can see why the DA would want to take their time. If I’m Shady’s lawyer, I have a few immediate questions for the plaintiffs if they actually file charges.

    “Usually, in cases like this usually everyone is charged or everyone goes. Why do you think just one party involved has been brought up on charges?”

    “Assuming you aren’t lying, you said that the two of you were drinking four bottles of champagne at 2 am. How much had you been drinking that evening?”

    “If this was a one sided assault, why did no one, not you, not any of the club goers, not club security think to call the police?”

    At this point, from the evidence I’ve heard and seen, it’s a he said, she said case. 4 witnesses versus 2, and unless someone can definitely put a bottle in Shady’s hand while attacking someone, it’s a misdemeanor. The cops are going to go through motions because it’s their boys, but it’s the lawyers who have to fight a lengthy uphill battle against high priced attorneys for a misdemeanor.

  9. I think a lot of our trash talkers about Chip need to apologize. Chip knew but the trash talker just talked trash anyway. Crickets…..

  10. Its always amazing to me that people will risk ruining their lives with jail over small things like a freaking bottle of champagne.

    Stupidity marches onwards is all I can say.

  11. Shadys first lawyer probably told him the fees and a certain percent to be paid up front. We all know what a shyster Shady is. Prob refused to paid it so the lawyer walked.

  12. Let’s be honest. If it was as bad as the media is trying to peddle wouldn’t McCoy have been arrested already? Howmdomyounknow McCoy was not returning a lunch he received? If the incident was so horrendous why weren’t the police called ? How do we know the person with injuries that DROVE himself to the hospital did not sustain those injuries AFTER leaving the club ? Ok many ifs whys and maybe here IMO.

  13. he may walk. lucky. too bad.

    woulda been great to put a fork in that overrated, overpaid wuss who prances so much he should be on dancing with the stars instead of in an nfl backfield.

  14. realtruthteller100 says:
    Feb 11, 2016 11:29 AM

    hes lucky the police didnt decide to stand their ground which would of been well with in their rights

    By all accounts it sounds like the police did stand their ground, which is why they got the living **** beaten out of them by a bunch of drunken football players.

  15. I’m amazed at all of the moralizing over the fact that police officers were drinking champagne. “How could they afford it?”. “Why didn’t they just have a beer?” “What were they doing in an expensive club”?
    So what? That’s like asking why off duty cops were skiing in Aspen or flying first class instead of coach.
    people can spend their money on whatever their tastes are and whatever they can afford.

  16. The way Roger has been rolling, it won’t even matter if or how he is charged, because he will certainly be viewed as in violation of the League’s Personal Conduct Policy…. So a suspension IS coming. He’ll probably sit two games.

    Buffalo had a ROUGH year… The Rex hiring was terrible. Their QB situation is a mess and the Shady/Kiko trade just keeps looking worse and worse…. Oh, and they brought in Rex’s brother just to make sure that they do, in fact, currently have the biggest circus in the League.

  17. @Bullcharger:

    Sadly, I agree. The cops could come out tomorrow and say they lied through their teeth (they won’t), or a trial says he’s not guilty Goddell will hand down a suspension for being simply involved in something that damages the league’s reputation.

  18. It doesn’t matter who started it. The 4 culprits kicked, stomped and punched the other guys after they were on the ground. That goes beyond a simple bar scuffle. It also shows the character of McCoy and his boys. How many of you would stomp a guy on the floor until his ribs break? I hope not many.

  19. ohand16 says:Feb 11, 2016 12:13 PM

    So when Tyrod holds out its going to be Manuel handing off to Gillislee.

    Ah, yes………you are a Browns fan. You don’t have a QB to even hand the ball off.


  20. 4 days and still no charges..that’s because the off duty police officers are mulling over Shady’s offer…this will end up settled out of court for an “undisclosed amount of money”.

  21. There is way more to this story than is being let out by the Philly police, otherwise Shady would have been arraigned days ago…..

  22. proBirdie says:
    Feb 11, 2016 12:06 PM
    The DA (seth Williams) is building a sound case before he files. That’s how he operates. It will happen. They have 7 solid witnesses.

    May I ask how you know the number of witnesses, and how you know what they all will say? And how reliable they will be after presumably drinking for a large part of the evening?

    Because, again, unless you can prove assault with a deadly weapon, for a wealthy first time offender on a misdemeanor, you’re probably looking at things being swept under the rug with probation and/or a fine without any real jail time, right? If 7 witnesses say “oh jeez, one guy took a swing at the other guy and everyone joined in the scrum” you have to explain how you’re not charging some off duty policemen, and there’s no chance in hell the cops are going to do that.

  23. As much as I’d like to see a rival team be without their best player for a few weeks, anything involving off duty cops and alcohol should be a big red flag.

  24. I have never been in legal trouble but if it ever happens I hope that I am given a heads up like McCoy. It must be nice to basically arrange when you get arrested.

  25. So if two officers shared like 4 bottles of champagne wouldn’t they be drunk?
    And if so why would one of them drive themselves to the hospital? Is that not driving under the influence?

  26. Why would he go to jail or miss an NFL game for a fight at a bar with other adults?

    Apparently he “threw a punch” a as in single. So a single punch and people in the comments thinks he’s “trash” and “should banned from the league” Jesus. You people are just sad. I guess everyone here is perfect and has never had a friend do something stupid.

    Also, I’ve been a part of witnessed and been roped into a few bar fights and there has never been an innocent party. If these “officers” got worked maybe the deserved it – maybe they didn’t – but they were obviously not trying to deescalate the issue.

    Cops in my experience are more arrogant than any athlete I’ve ever met.

    also, if anyone has actually seen the “footage” then they are lying if they think leseasn did anything worthy of being jailed or suspended, he throws a single lackluster punch in and for the most part is out of the fray

    try again racists

  27. This clown and manziel will have their own 30 for 30 shows lined up and waiting for them. And that will be after they are both broke and been incarcerated for whatever else these dolts are capable of.

  28. Assume he’s guilty because he’s black? Ever heard of innocent UNTIL proven guilty? I hope you experience the same some day.

    Or a cop pulls you over for a bogus taillight out because he’s on a fishing expedition for warrants.

  29. why does no one in the media talk about what horrible thing did those cops do for a table of friends to go lay dem scum bags out.

    Those scum bag PA cops thinking they are better than everyone there and can do anything they want to, even steal an expensive bottle from an ex-eagle and bc they are city cops they think they can do crimes and other illegal things and not ever catch a charge!!!

    PA cops as well as the entire law system and grading system for crimes and what jail time they carry, Most of the state’s counties and townships are built so that a huge portion of the economy is built around making money from putting ppl in jail and on probation even for really dumb crimes that are insanely harsh, stupid, and A COMPLETE WASTE OF TAX PAYER $$$$

    If those scumbag cops stole a $1000 bottle of booze from Shady and his friends, THEN THEY DESERVED TO BE AIRED OUT!!!
    Shady DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!
    Anyone would beat up someone that just stole from them if have the chance!!

    If Shady is charged with F1 assault then those lying scum bag cops should all be charged with felony grade theft by unlawful taking, public drunkness, disorderly conduct and inciting a fight!!!

    All cops, probation officers, sheriff’s, constables and law enforcement officers should be treated the same as everyone else and pay for the crimes they commit and get alot harsher sentence bc they are hired to protect the law and serve justice but in the JOKE OF A DECENT STATE PENNSYLVANIA COPS ARE ABOVE THE LAWS AND THEY ACTUALLY HAVE QUOTAS TO FINE PPL TO MAKE THE TOWNSHIP MONEY!!


    Shady will get big F1 charges that will be dropped to a disorderly conduct fine at the pretrial bc the state DA will worry that Shady WILL WIN AT TRIAL BC THE COPS STOLE OVER $1000 ITEM FROM SHADY, AS SHADY DID NOTHING WRONG IN THE FIGHT………

    if the bills cut him in DC he would become an all-pro superstar with Captain America Kirk Cousins as his QB……… bc he has NO PRIOR CRIMES Shady at most will only get fine and probation and then from the NFL a 4 game suspension!!

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