Report: Vontaze Burfict to meet with Goodell in next week

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At his press conference in San Francisco last Friday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that he would like to see the NFL adopt a rule that would see players flagged for two personal fouls in the same game ejected.

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict would not have been ejected from the team’s playoff loss to the Steelers if such a rule was already in place because the only personal foul he received was for the shot to the head he delivered to Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown late in the fourth quarter. Burfict was suspended for the first three games of next season in the days following the game, however.

Burfict’s suspension came because of repeated violations of player safety rules — he’s been flagged for 16 personal fouls in the regular season and playoffs since 2012 — and he’s reportedly going to talk to Goodell about a possible reduction to that ban. Coley Harvey and James Walker of report that Burfict is expected to meet with the commissioner in the next week.

Given the proposal for stiffer penalties for players crossing the line during games, it would be a surprise to see the league pull back on the punishment handed out to a habitual offender like Burfict.

27 responses to “Report: Vontaze Burfict to meet with Goodell in next week

  1. He’s lucky that he didn’t get half a season for his suspension. There’s playing hard and then there’s trying to be a killer. Just ask the Raven’s Maxx Williams.

  2. Any (then) Pac-10 fan watched Burfict self-destruct on the field. If you so much as looked at him wrong, you knew he’d get a personal foul trying to hit you. That he’s doing the same in the NFL comes as absolutely no surprise. He’s completely out of control.

  3. Shazier’s helmet to helmet hit on Giovani Bernard was far more brutal, yet it wasn’t flagged or fined. The league’s explanation for that was laughable. Helmet to helmet is never legal and Shazier had plenty of time to “line up” Gio. Lets call it what it is. There’s a witch hunt for Burfict because he’s a Bengal. Meanwhile, the Steelers have been getting away with this kind of play for years. Non-AFCN fans have no idea how dirty the Steelers have been, especially with their division rivals.

  4. I would disagree. I think given the new penalties, suspension is actually reduced given the possibility for ejection. Remember when Ray Rice got less. LOL

  5. joetoronto says:
    Feb 11, 2016 1:19 PM

    Discard the trash and don’t look back.


    If the trash you refer to is Goodell, then by all means.

  6. Bleacher Report has reported that the league has already denied his appeal and upheld his suspension — so it’s likely to be a very short meeting. No doubt Goodell giving Vontaze some valuable life coaching….

  7. Still find it amusing that Bengals fans automatically bring up Shazier’s hit when Burfict is mentioned.
    Has nothing to do with how dirty Burfict has been during his career.

  8. complete bull crap.

    ….and of course right after he’s seen ‘BeeKiller’ Burfict, next up will be Mike Mitchell, Antwaan Blake, Ryan Shazier and the other repeat offending Steeler head-hunters.

    ……and right after them he’ll be seeing Mike Tomlin and the other repeat offending Steeler coaches……oh wait.

    Suspending Burfict alone is bs, but its all about the integrity of the game aint it Roger ?……

  9. Goodell: “Come in Vontaze and close the door….”

    Vontaze: “Mmm….”

    Goodell: “Vontaze, you are in a bit of trouble here but I think I can help….”

    Vontaze: “Mmmmmm…”

    Goodell: “Vontaze, can you do some real harm to Tom Brady?”

    Vontaze: “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….”

  10. I hope Rodger gives him a stern lecture.

    Vontaze, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Yes, Mr. Goodell, I am. Could you please reduce my suspension.

    Certainly not, I already did you a huge favor by only suspending you for 3 games. You are a bad apple. Keep your nose clean and get out.

    OK, thanks Rodger.

  11. Shazier should have been suspended, not because he broke any rules, the league said he didn’t, but that he hits too hard.
    She should have let up. Hard hits are to be discouraged, he should have just tagged Bernard with 2 hands.

  12. PFT loves the Steelers says:
    Feb 11, 2016 1:45 PM
    Lets call it what it is. There’s a witch hunt for Burfict because he’s a Bengal. Meanwhile, the Steelers have been getting away with this kind of play for years. Non-AFCN fans have no idea how dirty the Steelers have been, especially with their division rivals.

    You give rational Bengals fans a bad name. Burfict’s shot was unnecessary and avoidable. That coupled with the fact that everyone in the stadium knew to watch him closely made the call an easy one. Let’s stop the conspiracy theory crap. Burfict is watched more closely because he is dirty, just like James Harrison is (or was), just like everyone else that has that reputation. It has nothing to do with the refs or the league liking the steelers or hating the Bengals, it has everything to do with Burfict having a reputation he has earned and deserves. Mitchell is probably on the watch list as well, a few more shots like the one Shazier delivered to Gio will put him on there as well. Guys earn their reputations and shouldn’t complain when they don’t get the benefit of the doubt.

  13. 3 games that the league doesn’t have to put up with trailer trash Burfict. That’s nice. If the NFL would get rid of the Bungals team we could be without the whole trailer park. 26 years of non playoff winning football goes to show that trailer trash never prospers. haha

  14. Burfict calls the defensive signals & coordinates the Bengal D on the field via radio helmet so all you ignorants who keep saying he ‘plays out of control’ look really stupid on your WWE style witch hunt

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