Dave Gettleman promises to be “patient” with Panthers offseason


Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman waited a long time to find a team to run.

But now that he’s got one, he’s not going to get in a hurry making changes to it.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Gettleman insisted his penchant for patience wasn’t likely to change this offseason, even though the Panthers fell a game short of a title and are in better salary cap shape than they’ve been in years.

With my 30-year meteoric rise, I’ve learned to be patient,” Gettleman said. “If you have a philosophy that you believe in, and I know people are impatient, but, . . . you have to be patient.”

Other than cornerback Josh Norman — who can probably expect to be franchise-tagged — the Panthers don’t have many priority free agents. And though they have some flexibility, it’s more likely Gettleman will try to turn that into deals to keep players such as defensive tackle Kawann Short and eventually Star Lotulelei than to spend on outside free agents.

“We’re going to do everything we can to keep our core together, I mean, you’d have to be an idiot not to,” Gettleman said. “Tough decisions have to be made. We’re going to do the best we can to keep this team together.

“We’ve got a lot of really good, young players and we don’t want to develop players for other teams.”

The Panthers are also five weeks behind most of the rest of the league in terms of preparing for the offseason. But considering they’re more likely to work the second wave of free agency than the first, that’s not as much of a problem for them as it might be in other places.

9 responses to “Dave Gettleman promises to be “patient” with Panthers offseason

  1. As long as we possibly look at getting some more hog-mollies that can block the athletic speed rush… I’m fine with that.

    In Gettleman we trust

  2. Basically the Panthers are outside O-line help, a serviceable CB opposite Norman, and a DE away from being right back where they were this year, if not taking it all. It is not going to be easy, that is for sure. But the fact of the matter is that their young talent is on par or better than almost everyone in the league.

    People can say this and that, but the Panthers offense did what they did with retread OL and without the arguably top weapon in Kelvin Benjamin. NO ONE saw it coming.

    It is certainly a disappointment what happened Sunday, but before the season NO ONE thought they had the team capable of even getting past the first weekend of the playoffs.

  3. The Panthers finally have the cap space needed to do some major damage in free agency. Gettleman was a year early in getting this team to where it was in 2015.

    The Panthers enter 2016 only needing to re-sign Josh Norman but having $21.3M in cap space to do so.

    Jared Allen is a free cut, no cap hit. That adds $8.5M to the pot (now at $29.8M).

    Charles Johnson, as good as he has been for the Panthers, is an obvious cut at this point. That will add $11M (after a $4.2M dead cap hit) which brings their total up to $40.8M of cap space.

    The reality is that Jonathan Stewart may even be a logical cut (or at least restructuring) at his age at this point. A post-June 1st cut maximizes their savings of $5.75M putting them at $46.55M in cap space. Even if Norman were to eat into $14M of that, they still have $32M to play with. This is a team that has been handcuffed for years due to the awful backloaded deals that Marty Hurney handed out.

    You don’t have to like the Panthers, their on-the-field ways, or Cam. But this team is going to be a championship contender for many years to come as young as it is and as locked up as all of its stars are already.

    Give Cam an OL and another weapon or two? Cam won’t be sulking for long.

  4. Well don branmandlan. The right breaks/luck also have to fall right. Good teams also make their own luck. I love the Panthers but wish Cam was more mature spiritually and emotionally. Everyone also telling you how great and wonderful you are will get in your head.

  5. Allen cost the team a little over $800k against the cap in 2015.

    So yes they’ll cut him but it’s freeing up basically nothing off the total 2015 salary cap #.

  6. Would love to see Tillman get a chance for another year.

    I know he’s not the player he used to be but he’s a really good locker room guy. He has said that he would like to play again if it’s in Carolina and he tweeted tonight that even though he left Charlotte only 2 days ago, he is missing it. Having someone who wants to be there as much as him is a positive.

  7. Everyone was vilifying DG for “shopping at the dollar store” in 2014 and 2015, but he obviously knew what he was doing.

    We definitely need OL help, another corner and some LB depth. I don’t think we need another speed-rushing DE; I think Mario Addison and Ryan Delaire can handle that. A DE that can defend the run would be good. And of course we have to keep Norman, hopefully with a long-term contract instead of the franchise tag. If he wants $14 million a year, give it to him. He’s earned it.

    Since Tillman tore his ACL at the end of December, he’s not going to be able to contribute much this year to any team. He probably needs to hang ’em up.

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