Joe Webb fined $8,681 for Super Bowl unnecessary roughness

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The Panthers picked up 12 penalties on their way to their 24-10 loss in Super Bowl 50, including a personal foul on the final play of the game.

Wide receiver Joe Webb was flagged for unnecessary roughness at the end of a short pass completion to running back Fozzy Whittaker. PFT confirmed with the league on Friday that Webb has been fined $8,681 for the play, which is a sour cherry to put on top of an altogether unpleasant Sunday.

Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and defensive end Malik Jackson were also fined for infractions during the game.

The league also confirmed that guard Trai Turner was not fined after being penalized for unnecessary roughness at the end of a 10-yard run by Whittaker in the third quarter. Safety Tre Boston also avoided a fine after being penalized for an illegal blindside block and unsportsmanlike conduct during the game. Those are both personal fouls, which may result in an ejection if the NFL adopts a rule proposed by commissioner Roger Goodell at his Super Bowl press conference.

19 responses to “Joe Webb fined $8,681 for Super Bowl unnecessary roughness

  1. Seriously…why are fines doled out to the dollar? Not saying whether or not he deserves it. Just seems odd to see $8,681.

  2. God I remember when the Vikings trotted out this scrub in a playoff game. What a disaster. There is a reason why he’s listed as a WR now. No one wants to remember his QB transgressions.

  3. thefatlazygamer says:
    Feb 12, 2016 7:26 PM
    God I remember when the Vikings trotted out this scrub in a playoff game. What a disaster. There is a reason why he’s listed as a WR now. No one wants to remember his QB transgressions.

    and pray tell what team does your marvelously in shape body play for?

  4. Safety Tre Boston also avoided a fine after being penalized for an illegal blindside block and unsportsmanlike conduct during the game.
    Yeah, about that. Did anyone actually see that “illegal block”? No. No replay was ever shown. CBS sucked. That was another pivotal call because it completely changed field position in favor of Denver. That the NFL didn’t fine him makes me wonder if it ever really happened at all.

  5. Joe Webb was my favorite Viking, although I had hardly alone in saying that. There were 80,000 other Packer fans at Lambeau Field for that playoff game saying the same thing.

  6. In 06 the steelers got all the calls, Big Ben was terrible and they get a league mandated win. The 15 ***broncos got all the calls hgh manning was terrible and get a league mandated win. Sure, the NFL is not rigged.

  7. I totally agree imodan. CBS was much more concerned about getting all their commercials & endorsements in on time! Rather then covering the game correctly and on time! So much so, the NFL and Networks are starting to TOTALLY ruined the actual GAME, during the Super Bowl!! It Just wasn’t on that so called “Blindside Block” that we never saw??!! If it even happened at all??!! There were many, many other live plays, questionable calls, penalties. That the replays were never broadcasted! I lost count after 8 live plays! That they didn’t have a re-play for??!! ( I’ve never watched such a BAD NFL broadcast in my life!) as much as I love the NFL & the Super Bowl. It’s getting to WAY to big for its own good! What was it 2, 3, 5 minuets into the actual football game? And Nance is saying; “Stay tuned, in a very short time. We’ll be airing the wonderful live Halftime show, that you will not want to miss”??!! Something to that effect??!! lol lol lol My Son and me are like, Wait-what??!! The game just started, what is he talking about??!! ( Halftime Show, Wtf ) It was bad enough we had to deal with like- 8 hours of Pre-game “Pomp and Circumstance” during the game & after the game! This is getting to be nonsense now! We’re missing important replays of the game??!! Also what’s with this cutting a commercial short to get back in just the “Nick of time” before the snap of the ball??!! What a joke! It’s getting to the point of Beyond Ridiculous and Beyond the point of no return!

  8. Denver 14-0 in games refereed by Hocholi and Blakeman. Panthers averaged 6 penalties a game all season until the Super Bowl where Blakeman’s crew threw 12 flags on them. “Integrity of the game”

  9. filthymcnasty3 says:
    Feb 12, 2016 8:23 PM

    Only one team on earth could be incompetent enough to start this special teamer at QB in a playoff game.

    The MN Vikings.

    And they lost. Badly. To nobodies surprise.

    In their defense, though, they were somewhat desperate for a QB at the time. I don’t believe they’re anywhere near that desperate these days, although only time will tell.

    That said, remember how funny the purples were? They were an absolute riot, hopping up and down and telling us all about how great T-Jack was going to be, only to run him out of town on a rail shortly thereafter because he didn’t meet their wildly unrealistic expectations.

    Then they hopped up and down for Favre, somewhat justifiably, only to have their hearts broken by the almost patented Favre poor decision and interception while he was being beaten nearly to death by the Saints. Favre didn’t wait for the rail. He limped out of town on his own while he was still able (barely).

    Then they hopped up and down for Webb, because “The team was built around T-Jack’s mobility! Favre didn’t have it, but Webb was just as athletic as T-Jack, if not more athletic! And bla bla bla….!” And of course, Webb became Public Enemy Number One when he didn’t live up to their wildly unrealistic expectations. Out came the rail for another passenger.

    Then they hopped up and down for Ponder. They were extra hilarious then, as some of them even told us all about how Ponder was going to be better than Favre OR Rodgers. We tried our best to get them to just slow down, be realistic, and wait until Ponder actually did something before they hopped up and down but they, of course, would have none of it. They hopped and they hooted and they hollered… right up until they strapped him to the rail for his ride out of town.

    And as we know, they really hopped up and down for young Theodore, and many are still hopping. I honestly can’t even fathom a guess as to how this will turn out. I’ve said all along that I believe Theodore is going to be an above average QB, and possibly even a very good QB. But will that be enough for the purples? Or will they turn on him for not meeting their wildly unrealistic expectations as they did with so many others and break out the rail yet again? I really can’t even guess.

    It’s scintillating!

  10. filthymcnasty3, if you are attempting to slam the Vikings, at least learn how to spell. Being illiterate is no way to go through life.

  11. For all the uninformed, Webb is our 3rd-string QB, and plays on all kick coverage teams, where he excels. He’s an important player for us. With the game already decided, I can’t imagine why RG1 & Blandino felt the need to order Blakeman & Co to throw another flag on us. Geez……

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