Oakland A’s: “Unfortunate” Mark Davis brought us into discussion of Raiders lease

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The Raiders have extended their lease at the O.co Coliseum in Oakland for another year, giving time for the city and team to work on an agreement that would keep the Raiders in town for a much longer period of time.

Raiders owner Mark Davis said that the Oakland A’s are a major impediment to that effort because they signed a 10-year lease at the Coliseum in 2014. Davis said the A’s have “tied our hands behind our back” because they haven’t declared their intentions beyond that point and that the Raiders don’t want to build a stadium in another part of the site only to have “the ingress, egress, parking and tailgating experience” disrupted should the Coliseum subsequently be torn down to build a baseball stadium.

The baseball team responded to Davis’ comments on Friday.

“It is unfortunate Mr. Davis decided to bring the A’s into his discussion about the Raiders’ stadium lease,” A’s owner Lew Wolff said in a statement. “We respect his right to explore his options in and out of Oakland, including his widely reported consideration of Los Angeles and other markets. The A’s signed a 10-year lease at the Coliseum because we are committed to Oakland. Mr. Davis has said he is fully committed to do a new football stadium in Oakland and there is nothing in our lease that precludes Mr. Davis and the Raiders from building on the Coliseum site.”

There are also funding issues unrelated to the A’s that will need to get worked out before the Raiders can move forward on a new stadium in Oakland, so it’s probably a good thing for everyone involved that there’s more time to figure out solutions before any final decisions about the Raiders’ home are determined.

32 responses to “Oakland A’s: “Unfortunate” Mark Davis brought us into discussion of Raiders lease

  1. Mark has pretty much botched this whole thing from the beginning.
    He needs to bring someone in to handle it for him.

  2. Both teams want out of Oakland, who wouldn’t? That place is a stain on California’s face. The sooner they just come out and say it the better it will be for everyone involved.

  3. I have never understood why the sewage problem has not been solved. If the A’s and Raiders want their fans there, it is an absolute no-brainer to get it done, PERIOD. If they have that problem, as has been mentioned six thousand times, they are both bums for not attending to it, whatever the cost.

  4. Lew is completely full of it. Funny how he fails to mention the A’s torpedoed any hope for a new stadium in Oakland by dropping out of the negotiations and deciding staying in the palace of raw sewage for another decade sounded great.

  5. He’s setting up the move to Las Vegas. Billionaire to build a ‘free’ stadium for the team. Perfect mix. Now he goes for the ‘pity us’ media ploy. The kid ain’t as dumb as he looks

  6. What’s unfortunate is that Wolff doesn’t appear to want to do anything except move to San Jose. He likes to float out the “10 year lease” comment, even though he has an out clause. Davis has his issues, but at least he’s trying. Wolff is the one who needs to poop or get off the pot.

  7. I know the cookie cutter stadiums built in the 60’s and 70’s were an eyesore….but there has to be an architect out there that has great ideas on a dual purpose stadium for both the a’s and raiders. It would be the only of its kind in this day of age and it would save the taxpayers $1,000,000,000.

  8. it’s true, and Wolff was one of the biggest contributors to Libby Schaff’s political campaign when she was running. As Hillary Clinton would say, that contribution doesn’t change my point of view. For Libby it just says I will give the A’s a backdoor 10 year lease, and it had nothing to do with his donations.

    Wollf is the worse owner in MLB….it’s time for him to sell, so the A’s can quit being the farm team for every other MLB team.

  9. ” It would be the only of its kind in this day of age and it would save the taxpayers $1,000,000,000.”

    They’re saving a hell of a lot more by what they’re doing right now.

  10. He is committed to Oakland….really?????? if so it’s not to the fans……there is a reason he was voted the worse owner of any professional sports team a few months ago….If he could of moved to San Jose, he would have already…..In the mean time all “moneyball” means is the A’s ownership is to cheap to pay any of their own players.

    Davis has 3 one year options on the lease…..We do know Sheldon will build a first class venue in Las V egas…as much as I want Oakland, I am open to Las Vegas.

  11. Raiders owner Mark Davis called the deal a “win-win situation”
    _____________________________________Wow, just Wow! All the tough talk about going to San Antonio, Vegas, St. Louis, SoCal, and in the end he runs back to Oakland, tail tucked, just like his Daddy did. Hey Marky Mark. How does this make it a win situation for you?? Still get to live with your Mommy??

  12. When the Giants were looking to move to Florida, the A’s gave them the rights to the South Bay to try and find a stadium “in good faith”. It wasn’t charitable, it was the A’s trying to make sure the Giants got out of SF.

    The A’s never put in any contingencies to get the land back and just assumed it would be given back, which was naive.

    SF got their stadium built, hung onto the San Jose rights and are now making money hand over fist. Nobody is forcing them to give the territory back, and from a business sense nobody would ever willingly give the rights back.

    Since the rights were handed over, ownership for both teams has changed. They purchased these teams knowing what assets each team had, so it’s not like the owners now have much right to cry about it.

  13. We all know the As are just asking for the Raiders to move so they can have an excuse to bolt Oakland. What a show and ssiiiiitttt show of stadiums. Hope they can get it worked out though.. get the Raiders to a nicer city… and the As too. Oakland needs to fix it’s many issues first.

  14. Raiders need to move to the Silver Dome in Pontiac, Michigan . If the Raiders renew their Coliseum lease for 2016, I hope San Antonio closes their offer to the team.
    It’s completely ridiculous how the Raiders are being treated in Oakland. What amazes me more is that Al Davis left LA in 1995 for this baseball field stadium . What a idiot. He could had and controlled the entire LA market but instead he used all his energy to sue the NFL . The NFL made it clear it would allow the Rams (whom had a pretty decent stadium in St. Louis) to move but make the Raiders continue to play in a literal toilet, the absolute travesty is that this team has been crying for a new stadium for the past 35 years and gotten nothing but two ancient coliseums, all the while. This is what Al Davis wanted so live with it Raider fans that was your leaders choice . A city in Texas has all but offered to build a billion dollar stadium right in the middle of the fastest growing region in the country, with a regional (San Antonio/Austin) population of around 5 million and a combined television market that would rank 17th between Miami and Denver.
    Mark Davis is a fool.

  15. the fact is the raiders want to build a new stadium just south of the bart ramp connection. the A’s could build their’s just to the north side, and with those new plans you could go strait thru to get to oracle, instead of going around O.co as you have to do now.

    The real question is if the A’s are so committed to Oakland, why is the billionaire not building a new venue. His only obstacle is where would the A’s play for a year or two why the new park is being built. Maybe if he wasn’t so cheap , he could still have the ballpark in Sacramento where he was all these years of being “so committed” Now the A’s are holding City of Oakland as leverage because their 10 year lease is really a two year lease that expires next year, and all he has to do is give notice whenever he wants to leave.BS

  16. A’s would be Nothing without the RAIDERS Mr. Wolff needs to pay homage as the Raiders built this building…..Built by a Great Owner who was the opposite of the penny pinching owner of the A’s who all he can guarantee in the offseason any one good on the roster will be traded so the owner dont have to pay….So what the A’s have 82 games and Raiders only 10 who is has the more loyal fan base and team to the city????? Enough said!!!!!! Both owners are spoiled brats but i would much rather go for a team willing to spend to win rather than sell to not

  17. stew48 says:
    Feb 12, 2016 3:58 PM

    I have never understood why the sewage problem has not been solved. If the A’s and Raiders want their fans there, it is an absolute no-brainer to get it done, PERIOD. If they have that problem, as has been mentioned six thousand times, they are both bums for not attending to it, whatever the cost.

    46- 9

    Stew, NEITHER the Raiders nor the A’s own the Coliseum.

    So, if you’re renting a house or an apartment, do you spring for the repairs?

    The Raiders and the A’s are tenants, not owners of the facility/venue.

    A local government agency called the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority owns the Coliseum.

    Owner Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority (City of Oakland and Alameda County)

    So, the sewage needs to fixed by those who own the place… and that isn’t either the Raiders or the A’s.

    OAKLAND knows about the sewage but apparently they are fine with it as it has been mentioned like 6,000 times without being resolved.

  18. I think us tax payers need to step it up a notch, I’m tired of seeing these ancient 20-30 year old buildings so how about we help every time in every sport build a new arena?

  19. since everybody keeps bringing up the “sewage ” problem lets keep to the facts…..it has “NEVER” happened at a Raider game the first time in Oakland, and has “NEVER” happened at a Raider game since they have returned.

    Also if I am not mistaken, and somebody can correct me if I am wrong, wasn’t it proven in 2013 that the sewage problem at the A’s and Angels game in June 2013 was caused by towels being flushed down the toilet in a toilet where only A’s personnel had access. Funny how Raiders game get 10 times the crowd and never have sewage issue, but the A’s do. At least they do under the ownership of Wolff…….does anybody remember sewage issue before the A’s were trying to move, and clogging up the sewer lines.

  20. Like anyone cares about baseball anymore…it’s beyond irrelevant. Look at the ratings between the NFL and MLB. Even the regular season NFL games are ratings winners over the postseason snooze fest that is MLB and the world series. Davis should tell the A’s and Oakland to stick it and move on.

  21. the whole 10 year lease building a video board immediately impacted the raiders movement on building a new stadium. As a Raider season tickets holder and A’s fan the goes to about 10 games a year, we want both. The stadium is done – rebuild both. Oakland be a championship city.

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