Grubman bristles at rumor he’ll land with L.A. Rams


NFL executive V.P. Eric Grubman became the in-house point man for the league’s return to Los Angeles. He emerged, as chronicled in a lengthy item from Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta, Jr. of ESPN the Magazine, as a perceived supporter of the Stan Kroenke’s desire to move the Rams to L.A.

Grubman apparently also surfaced within the league’s rumor mill, as noted in the ESPN article, as a candidate to land a cushy gig with the Rams after they return to L.A. The ESPN article calls the rumors “persistent,” creating a belief by some that Grubman was an “agent for Inglewood.”

Via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Grubman takes umbrage at the notion he’ll land with the Rams.

It couldn’t be further from the truth,” Grubman said two days before the Super Bowl, via Thomas. “I was personally insulted by that. I don’t like that implication or insinuation. It could not be further from the truth.”

The overall dynamics remain unusual. The ESPN article reports that Grubman at one point submitted a bid in the blind auction that resulted in Kroenke securing the land on which the new Rams stadium will be built. Which placed Grubman (or whoever he was representing in that stage of the process) at odds with Kroenke.

Now that Grubman has helped Kroenke leave for L.A., perhaps Grubman can help someone else return to St. Louis.

“I think it’s all about what St. Louis wants,” Grubman told Thomas. “If St. Louis wants to be an NFL city, they’ve got a hell of a chance of being one. If they don’t, or they’re ambivalent about it, then it’s a lot tougher.”

Ultimately, it comes down to how deep the politicians are willing to dig in the public coffers. Or, as in the case of Kroenke and the Rams, whether an owner is hell bent on moving his team to St. Louis, even if he has to pay for the stadium himself.

24 responses to “Grubman bristles at rumor he’ll land with L.A. Rams

  1. >>Now that Grubman has helped Kroenke leave for L.A., perhaps Grubman can help someone else return to St. Louis.

    Why should he?
    And why should St Louis put up millions for a rich owner?
    Why can the stadium be financed with PSLs, and outside interests.

  2. STL comes up with $400m public money and the team leaves. Oak & SDiego have no money to offer and still have a chance to keep their teams! HUBRIS!!!

  3. Do folks REALLY really believe that any person associated with the NFL at a management level ISN’T a self-serving snake?

  4. The fix was in. Stl will never get another NFL team as it is a smaller market. No owner will pay for a stadium and relocation/franchise fees in a smaller market. No Missouri politician is going to risk his future after this debacle where they pull out all the stops to get 400 million for zip. I suspect future markets will have little faith in the NFL process.

  5. vikesr4reel says:
    Feb 13, 2016 4:57 PM
    Rams = Irrelevant!!

    2 3
    Apparently not as you mentioned them, in a post about Rams.

  6. If St Louis did not sell its soul to Georgia they never would have gotten an NFL team back. They got what they deserved, a smart owner that knew staying in St Louis only meant major fail.

  7. In the modern era, St Louis has lost two teams, the Cardinals and Rams. If I were a resident of the city, I would no longer support the NFL. If I were a member of local government, I would shun the NFL no matter who came calling. This is your NFL, Goodell.

  8. Grub an did what was best for the NFL Accept it. Anyone trying to justify a market in St Louis bs a Market in greater Los Angelos is naive at best. Hey, now St Louis can have tractor pulls and High School band competition the 8 weeks the former football team played there.

  9. Half time entertainment at Rams games at the EJD consster of people running around the field with a super market shopping cart attempting to catch free whooping super market certificates dropped by parachute from the rafters. Seriously , this was the moment fans waited for every half time. It was hilarious.

  10. Like I said, Grubman is a weasel. I’m sure when the League weasels lie about concussions and medical records they are doing what’s “best” for the League, too.

  11. I don’t live in St Louis, am not a fan of Rams & don’t have a dog in this hunt in any way. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone in St Louis would EVER trust the NFL again after they bent over backwards to satisfy Sweet Stan & got screwed. I now hope he fails in an epic manner in LA.

  12. As an ex St Louis season ticket holder who went to every game in the years they were here, I won’t trust the NFL again, any other City or fan that does will also get screwed.

  13. The Rams had the right to move to LA – it’s a free country as the saying goes. But they overreached and lied to the city fathers (no doubt to avoid losing revenue during the transition year) about what it would take to keep the Rams in St. Louis. As a result of the NFL’s treachery, the city spent millions of dollars developing a well-grounded plan to retain them, even though their chance of succeeding was actually zero.

    It would be interesting to see if any Fraud or RICO statutes were violated by the NFL, since with their corruption and extortion tactics, they are really nothing more than the Tattaglia, Barzini, and Corleone fictional Mafioso families brought to life in the modern era. Each owner controls his own turf, and Moe Green is putting a bid in to move the Raiders to Vegas…

  14. I lost all respect for the NFL this year, after years of fighting and trashing the DR that found Concussive Brain Encephalopathy, they are playing that down, The Rams fans in ST. Louis that supported them for so many years get shafted, and for the first time in many Decades do not have a Pro Football team. LA has proven it doesn’t really care about Football, remember where the Rams came from?
    They would be better off to build a Premier Soccer
    Stadium for all the Mexicans there.
    In 5 or 10 years the Rams will move again because of a 1/2 empty Stadium, and some other city will get suckered into building a new Stadium. The Fans lose again. Just like the Oilers, Browns, and Cardinals fans

  15. Grubman is the possible successor to Goodell. This was a high profile project that Roger entrusted him with and the owners have got at least one team in LA which was the goal.

  16. The NFL is just like the Mafia. Strong arm tactics. Sleazy owners and associates. Do what I say or else. Nothing would surprise me about the NFL. Its has gotten too big for itself. Too much money involved. The games on the field are secondary to the owners and NFL as long as they get their money. Gambling , TV revenue and greed is what runs the NFL. Maybe having a team in LA is what was best for the NFL but the process to get there was horrible. Fans don’t like the sleezy people involved with NFL and Grubman is one of the sleeziest. STL did exactly what the NFL told them to do , the only thing is that Grubman was the one telling STL what to do and how the NFL wanted them to proceed. No doubt in any STL fans that Grubman wanted the Rams in LA and nothing for STL. What a show they out on.

  17. It’s so far from the truth it has lapped the truth, and so even if it appears that its right next to the truth, it’s actually a whole lap away from it. Really. No, really.

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