Josh Gordon not reinstated yet

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On Sunday, a cryptic tweet from Browns receiver Josh Gordon sparked speculation that he has been reinstated to the NFL after a one-year banishment. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that hasn’t happened yet.

Gordon tweeted “[a] fresh start” with praying hands emoji at 4:47 p.m. ET.

The former second-round pick in the 2012 supplemental draft was suspended last February after a positive alcohol test while in Stage 3 of the league’s substance abuse program. Subject to multiple drug tests per month while suspended, Gordon presumably has been clean over the past 12 months, or he wouldn’t have applied for reinstatement.

Talented and effective when available to play, Gordon could still be one of the best receivers in the NFL. Unfortunately, he repeatedly has run afoul of league policies aimed at regulating the behavior of players on their own time. Regardless of whether the league should care about players smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol, the league does — and the NFLPA agreed to the rules years ago.

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  1. Maybe he should spend more time trying to not get suspended so he doesn’t have to spend so much time trying to get reinstated.

  2. Even if he does somehow manage to get resinstated I have serious doubts that he can go a season without getting suspended again. He just doesn’t seem to get it yet. Maybe now he does but he’s going to have to prove it to people now instead of constantly getting the benefit of the doubt.

    If not, he’ll be in the same boat as Justin Blackmon–a ton of talent with a 2 milligram brain.

  3. Browns need osweiler, rg3 or need to draft a pro-ready QB. They actually have talent all over both sides of the ball but need a QB. I can’t believe I even just typed that lol

  4. Stop feeding narratives. Tell the truth about his previous/current suspension and how specious the league’s handling of it was. This guy hasn’t been in any clear trouble in nearly two years.

  5. Would Love to see Belichick make a move for him. Exactly the type of receiver they need! ( I know trolls.. “typical Cheatriot” )

  6. it’s mind boggling that this guy has been out of the league for a year, yet Greg Hardy was able to suit up…

    you can argue the “multiple offenses” angle, but smoking weed is hardly in line with domestic assault…

    it’s almost like going to jail for unpaid parking tickets and having Aaron Hernandez as your cellmate… let the guy play football already

  7. Good, people are too caught up in Johnny. Let’s hope this guy gets right and has the successful career that could and should have Lets go JG!

  8. Roger should only be concerned with crimes against football. Let the American justice system do their part.

    If the courts treated Goodell with as little respect as he treats the courts, they’d lock up Newton for not falling on that fumble.

  9. Under the leagues old substance abuse policy Gordon has had 1 incident in his NFL career.

    Under the current substance abuse policy Gordan has had 0 incidences but is suspended as if he’s had 3 or more.

    Tell me how he’s a repeat offender again? It’s not about whether pot should be legal or not. An NFL player should not be punished for things he did when he wasn’t in the NFL. In this case a troubled college football player who was kicked off his team has cleaned up his act but is still paying for things he did then. Good old Goodell justice.

  10. The likes of Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy are considered heroes and leaders in the NFL.

    If you take the league’s treatment of its employees as any sort of moral compass or indication of the players’ depth of character, there are not words to describe your foolishness.

  11. razorbyrd says:
    Feb 14, 2016 10:38 PM
    it’s mind boggling that this guy has been out of the league for a year, yet Greg Hardy was able to suit up…

    you can argue the “multiple offenses” angle, but smoking weed is hardly in line with domestic assault…

    it’s almost like going to jail for unpaid parking tickets and having Aaron Hernandez as your cellmate… let the guy play football already

    —-AGREE100% HELL In Pennsylvania, York County Prison( and most jails in this mass incarceration econmy state) actually does put murders, INS illegals, child molesters and rapists with those in jail on BS Probation violations, unpaid speeding tickets, DUI’s and petty retail thefts.

  12. …and the NFLPA agreed to the rules years ago.


    What choice did they have? The owners were being stingy (still are) on the players cut of the revenue. The NFLPA had o fight for what was the most important issue for the players — MONEY. The NFL new this and could basically dictate the terms of the lesser issues, like the outdated 15 ng, 3 violations and you are suspended for an entire season marijuana policy.

  13. While everyone wasn’t looking, “the leagues” got no business saying when an adult can have a drink when his violation was for a substance that is legal. The court does and shouldnt, but that’s just me.

  14. Pardon me that was illegal in most state’s. For the record, I’m not a fan of marjiuana, but I don’t think that because you used a substance that is detectable far longer than others, you can’t have a drink as an adult. If you want to deny it’s possible that’s another conversation.

  15. People need to stop complaining about the NFL and Goodell. If you don’t how they run there business stop watching it and reading about it. It that easy.

  16. Man, guys this talented always have long leashes. Somehow Gordon has found his way to the end of his. I hope he can get it together, because he is an electrifying player and this is his last chance.

  17. Maybe they didn’t have a choice when signing the CBA. They do have a choice in what they do in their free time. You can claim the rules are stupid, unfair, biased, and dated. But that is what they are enforcing, and every player knows this. I have no sympathy for someone who knowingly breaks the rules and puts his career on the line.

  18. You know what would be cool…

    If you included Gordon’s status as far as if he’s an unrestricted free agent or still under Cleveland Browns control. Yeah, that might be cool to know.

  19. DID YOU KNOW: Locker room ebola/low character distraction chad ochojohnsoncinco’s clownish annoying behavior began EXACTLY AFTER Hue Jackson left to become Atlanta’s offensive coordinator

    As a Cincinnati Bengals fan… I am selfishly conflicted with the possible reinstatement of josh gordon since Hue Jackson’s ‘in the face’ ‘feet to the fire’ coaching style could positively effect josh gordon’s life. Which could improve the Cleveland Browns prospects.*

    THAT SAID… unfortunately… head coaches/coordinators have MUCH LESS TIME (than position coaches) to personally interact with receiving corps/individual players. So… the dark clouds could return.

    * Hopefully… josh gordon stays out of the headlines and leads a successful personal life outside of football – this football stuff here or on the field mean very little in the big scheme of things)

  20. The NFLPA doesn’t need the CBA to change the rule on weed. Just get every player that smokes and go to Washington and have a smoke in. The NFL would not have a season with the number that would be there. Wildcat smoke in!

  21. Sure, lets keep marijuana banned so players smoke PCP and spice and everything else the NFL DOESNT test for. Lets not let them use a drug that helps with pain, helps them relax, helps them heal, is legal in two states and decriminalized in another 35. The NFLPA needs to get this stuff off the testing slate, and so does the rest of America for that fact. Personally, I don’t smoke it, but I know a lot of people who do and to make it out to be the second spawn of satan has just gotten ridiculous.

  22. The mere fact that this kid was suspended at all is a shining example of the mind blowing ineptitude that has left an all pervasive stank permeating the entire Roger Goodell era.

    Can’t he just retire already? Please? Pretty please?

    I mean, there’s gotta be a Stuckey’s franchise somewhere looking for a night shift manager, right?

  23. The praying hands emoji was Josh hoping he gets traded out of Cleveland.As we speak Josh,Overrated Joe,and Mack are meeting with Johnny to get pointers on how to pull it off.

  24. I expect Hue Jackson to go after Quarterback A.J. McCarron and WR Marvin Jones of the Bengals. Why? Because that’s what Cleveland does. They see Bengal free agents and offer them more than they’re worth and talented players languish away in nowhere land and are never heard from again.

    At least Hue Jackson knows he needs a Quarterback. Manziel is a pretender.

  25. Could see the Vikings offering a late round pick for him when he is reinstated. Norv Turner has a connection, and the Vikings need WR help. At $1.068mm a year and no guaranteed money I could see this working out for both sides.

    On the flip side Cleveland has a public image problem, and problems up and down the roster. Josh is no longer fit there and they have to know that. As such I think they move him asap once reinstated.

    Will be interesting to see how many teams throw their hat in the ring when he is put on the block.

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