Broncos waiting on Peyton Manning to negotiate with Brock Osweiler


The Broncos have said repeatedly they’re going to give Peyton Manning all the time he needs to make a decision about his future.

And for the moment, that’s preventing them from talking to their quarterback of the future.

Via Mike Klis of KUSA in Denver, the Broncos haven’t started contract negotiations with Brock Osweiler “out of respect to Manning.”

That’s courteous, but possibly dangerous, as the possibility exists that someone else might want Osweiler too. He becomes a free agent on March 9, the same day Manning’s $19 million salary becomes fully guaranteed.

They’re clearly not going to pay that, so that establishes a deadline for Manning to announce his intentions, or let the Broncos announce them for him. And with his name in the news for other reasons right now, he might not want to become a public spectacle at the moment.

Ostensibly, there’s plenty of time for the Broncos to talk respectfully with Osweiler, since the combine begins a week from tomorrow. And at some point, they need to plan for life after Manning.

14 responses to “Broncos waiting on Peyton Manning to negotiate with Brock Osweiler

  1. Read headline quickly and opened it up expecting to learn what stuff Manning may have to be negotiating with Osweiler………Got a laugh to start the day when I realized I gleaned the wrong meaning from the headline…….

  2. The longer this drags out, the worse Manning looks.

    Between this “coverup” story, the HGH story, and his awful play for most of the season; it should be a no-brainer to retire and lay low for the next year.

  3. They’re working on signing Osweiler right now. They’re just respecting Manning’s desire to make his public announcement when he’s ready, but Osweiler will be the Broncos’ starting QB in 2016.

  4. Once again, Manning’s ego (albeit largely downplayed and under reported by the mainstream media) hurts the team. I don’t think Brock is the long term answer, but Peyton will likely draw this out Farve-style and hurt the team that has stood by him.

  5. I think if the Broncos don’t keep Brock, it’s because they really like what they see in Siemian, who looks like a prototype QB for the Shanahan/Kubiak offense.

  6. I am sure glad that the NFL GMs don’t make personnel decisions at the speed the media wishes for. If so, players would have less security than they do right now. The media demands that they make decisions instantly, without investing time in analyzing the possible repercussions. If I made decisions based on the medias timeframe, I would be hiring/firing every five minutes.

  7. Anyone who thinks the Broncos don’t have a plan in place for QB next year need to put down the bong and crack a window. That plan does not include Peyton and may not include Brock, but I will guarantee you Elway/Kube have their plan for a QB in place.

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