Jared Goff “confident” he’ll be best quarterback in draft

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The Scouting Combine gets underway next week, kicking off the pre-draft evaluation process for all 32 teams.

Given the importance of quarterbacks to success in the NFL, the top players at that position will get close scrutiny from any team in need of one. That group is made up of Cal’s Jared Goff, North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and Memphis’ Paxton Lynch right now and Goff explained to Peter King of TheMMQB.com why he thinks he’s the right choice for a team looking for a long-term solution.

“I think my accuracy is as good as it gets at this level,” Goff said. “I think my pocket presence and my ability to extend plays speak for themselves. I’m confident I’ll be the best quarterback in the draft.”

Goff is working with former Cardinals and Colts quarterback Ryan Lindley as he prepares for the combine, where he said he plans to take part in all of the drills. Any team taking Goff will hope that his talent proves more formidable than what Lindley’s displayed during his time in the league and that will be especially true if the Browns, who pick second, decide to hitch Goff to new coach Hue Jackson. The Browns don’t have the best history with drafting quarterbacks, but Goff says he’s not intimidated by the possibility of being the next would-be answer to the team’s prayers.

“I’m not worried about it,” Goff said. “I’m excited about it. Whatever team I go to, I’ll be excited to go. I want to be the future of a franchise. I think I can be a guy who can make an impact right away.”

The Browns could use such a guy, which should make all three of the quarterbacks of great interest to Cleveland over the coming weeks.

50 responses to “Jared Goff “confident” he’ll be best quarterback in draft

  1. At times this guy has was an interception machine against questionable competition. This guy should be 3rd round at best but will probably go top 10

  2. Backup QB gets HC job, wins Super Bowl
    Backup QB gets HC job in Philly
    Backup QB set to cash in – either as Peyton’s successor or elsewhere

    Potential top QB pick seeks advice from backup QB. Sounds like Goff has the physical tools and confidence, and is looking to polish the mental aspects by teaming up with someone who has done the work.

    Sort of the anti-Manziel, isn’t he?

  3. Just because Lindley wasn’t a Hall of Fame NFL talent doesn’t mean he can’t be a good QB coach. In fact the vast majority of good position coaches weren’t brand name players. They were people who put in the extra time and work because they knew they didn’t have the greatest on-field talent.

  4. And the Titans would like to help him become the No. 1 overall pick by trading with the soon-to-be QB’less Broncos. 🙂

  5. The best QB in this draft is maybe worth a mid-2nd round pick. Colleges just can’t develop them anymore.

  6. The media experts will like to propell him to # 1 since they likely want to. Draft experts should look a little deeper into the un-noticed guys ie, Montana, Farve, Young, Rothlesberger to name a few. Beware of the Media-Hype and the likes of Mel Kiper Jr.

  7. With Cleveland having the #2 overall pick shouldn’t he want to sandbag the expectations.

    “I’m a pretty good prospect but deinteintly not top 5. Maybe a mid-first round pick.”

  8. Goff is a better prospect than Kyle Boller was but he is not Aaron Rodgers. Goff has a nice throwing motion and size, but his feet are not instinctually quick and he does not have elite accuracy on short and intermediate routes especially when he must re set his feet…just an observation

  9. It’s the same thing every year at this time. Slow news period in the NFL is filled with pre-combine articles about the top QB’s in the upcoming draft and each one, a 21-22 year old, hyper-competitive and successful athlete, stating they are – surprise! – the best QB in the draft. Rinse, lather, repeat. I mean, what else are these kids going to say: ‘yeah, I think Goff is way better than I am.’

  10. abninf says:
    Feb 15, 2016 5:43 PM

    The best QB in this draft is maybe worth a mid-2nd round pick. Colleges just can’t develop them anymore.


    The best QB in the draft should be the hapless Cowboys first choice. They never have been and never will be America’s team.


  11. roddoliver says:
    Feb 15, 2016 4:47 PM
    “Goff is working with former Cardinals and Colts quarterback Ryan Lindley” – what?? He’s just been removed from my draft board!


    Better to work with Lindley than someone like Favre. HOF doesn’t always make a great coach and most times, it doesn’t. Backups are usually the best students because they watch the best do it up close.

  12. No quarterback in this years draft should be taken in the first two rounds… but someone will reach. An example is the Vikings… they’re last two quarterbacks they took went a round or two early…

  13. Gee, I’d swear that I read that a quarterback said the same thing last year. Groundhog day?

  14. Quick, someone find the homeless guy in Cleveland and convince him that Goff is no good. Goff to the Niners!

  15. I’ll give Manziel some credit for finally doing something smart

    He just went out and trademarked Jared Football, Carson Football and Paxton Football

    They all gotta go through Johnny to cash in on that now!

  16. There are a lot of top QBs in this year’s draft. Goff looks like the real deal, but he isn’t the only one. This year will go in history as the greatest draft for QBs of all time, including 1983.

  17. There is no such thing as an automatic Franchise QB. The talking heads in the media hype these kids every year and almost every year they never live up to it. Only 38 percent of QB’s drafted in the first round have ever won a playoff game. That’s less than half. Guys like Tim Couch who was at one time considered a bust had a better career than guys like Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford which shows you how much the standards for these kids have changed.

    Fact is people keep saying “bad drafting” but it’s really lack of development in the college ranks. Look at the Cleveland Browns. This article says they’re not good at drafting QB’s but if you look at the track record of the QB’s they drafted by draft class they’re actually many times getting the best QB in weak draft classes. They got Brady Quinn when Jamarcus Russel was supposed to be the best QB in the class. Browns got the better deal. They got Weeden out of the same class as RGIII, Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill. You can say that Luck is ok until you see his record vs the AFC North. He would have actually been a worse pick for Cleveland. Then you have Manziel who was picked in the same draft as Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgwater. None of those other two would have beat out the guys already on the Browns roster and would have been sitting just as Manziel did. The best example of this is the 2010 draft where the second best QB in it career stat wise was Colt McCoy who Cleveland got in the 3rd Round. Other QB’s in that draft picked before him included Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow, again…Browns win.

    The NFL really needs to look into having a developmental league because until they do these teams that are always drafting QB’s like Oakland, Cleveland and Tennessee are going to continue to be stagnant while the few teams that get good ones succeed year after year.

  18. good to hear his confidence, but maybe he should worry about being the best quarterback on the team that drafts him …

    and lose the wristbands for a cause … nobody cares …

  19. Friend works at the Browns facility. Said the whole building is buzzing about Wentz. Hue wants to develop him.

  20. I think the real problem is the discrepancy between the athletes at defensive end and outside linebacker compared to the offensive lineman that are coming out used to spread, quick hit schemes and basic defensive schemes. Most rookie QB’s don’t have a chance against the speed and deception of NFL defenses.


    As the Brown’s front Office if you could have your choice between Osweiler or either Goff or Wenz ,what would you choose?

    Osweiler being the lightly seasoned League QB.
    An unproven Rookie QB that COULD potentially have a higher upside than Osweiler.

  22. The next Aaron Rodgers huh… name me 1 qb from the air raid that has done anything of value in the nfl? More likely the next Tim Couch at best. If we need to go for a Cal comparison, he’s the next Pat Barnes.

    More to a play book than screens, mesh, stick, and vertical concepts. When he is fed to the wolves early he will be tripping over his feet when he has to play under center.

  23. Uh, Briana, Goff was not an interception machine. He threw 5 picks against Utah while having to throw on every down, but otherwise had a TD to interception ratio of 4-1in all other games, including 5 yds and 0 interceptions in his final bowl game.

  24. Maybe he should just concentrate on being the best he can be and let his talent speak for itself instead of proclaiming it. Also, maybe he should find someone who actually had a decent NFL career to mentor him. I guess Ryan Leaf isn’t available anymore so….

  25. I just hope the Browns use their #1 pick on a QB.
    In fact, I hope they trade up to grab a QB.

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a Browns fan, I just find their disfunction amusing.

  26. The media experts will like to propell him to # 1 since they likely want to. Draft experts should look a little deeper into the un-noticed guys ie, Montana, Farve, Young, Rothlesberger to name a few. Beware of the Media-Hype and the likes of Mel Kiper Jr.

    Roethlisberger 11th overall pick
    Favre 33rd overall

    pretty high picks there

  27. fanboyarmy says:
    Feb 16, 2016 1:03 AM
    Goff is the Cam Newton of college football.
    Except the part where Cam Newton won the Heisman and National Championship and Goff didn’t.

  28. Goff is the best QB in the draft. He looks like another Joe Montana. He’s ready to step in and play from day 1. Wentz and Lynch are a little rough and will need time to develop. If they develop. I’d love to see the Browns draft this kid and put a good football team together so those great Cleveland fans will finally have something to cheer about.

  29. 5 INTs v Utah and 2 horrible INTs vs USC and his stats v Oregon were awful. So vs the 3 best teams he played he had 2 awful games and 1 bad game.

    He throws off of his back foot non-stop, he makes horrible decisions, he has a very avg arm.

    Im not taking any of these QBs before the 5th round. Amazing how the alleged draft gurus on TV, are working on TV for a reason. They were horribke talent evaluators when they worked for teams. MxShay raved about Gabbert lol.

  30. As usual, there isn’t much talk except for what is coming from the so-called “draft experts.” Goff is clearly in the upper group of QBs from a talent perspective, but depending on who you talk to, there is a sentiment for guys like Wentz, Brissett, Hogan, and others depending on what traits you want.

    QB scouting and development is really so much of a crapshoot. Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers were not that different from a talent perspective, and played in the same system, but one got put into a perfect system for his talents, with a coach who truly values the development process, and the other got thrust into the lineup too early, and never panned out beyond marginal.

    Some of it is scheme, some of it is personality, and a lot of it is luck. Andrew Luck was widely considered a generational talent, and while he has been impressive, he is also top 3 in turnovers since he got to the league. Jay Cutler was considered to be a lost cause, but one year with Adam Gase showed his best decision making in 10 years. Rich Gannon was a journeyman and never established himself until he connected with Gruden, and was a league MVP.

    It also works the other way. Mike Shula was a marginal offensive coordinator, until he landed with Cam Newton. Carolina had the top scoring offense in 2015.

    The end result is that there has to be a marriage between the coaching staff and the QB for it to work, more so than any other position on the roster. The Browns haven’t gotten it right because they shackle the two together. Maybe Hue can change that, because he is outstanding with QBs, and time he spends with them can get them to where they know what guy fits what he wants to do. It would be awesome to see all 4 teams in the AFC North competitive at one time.

  31. this QB class is so very deep. if i were a team who has questions on their QBs or is working on a deal with a QB, but can’t agree to terms, i franchise that QB and then use a 2nd/3rd/4th round pick on another QB. my hope is that the Redskins franchise Kirk Cousins, then draft Jeff Driskel in round 2 or 3. i also like Hackenberg, Cardale Jones, Jacoby Brissett and Dak Prescott.

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