Jason Pierre-Paul shows off x-ray of surgically repaired hand

Getty Images

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul had to have more surgery on his hand last month in hopes of improving the flexibility in his right middle finger.

Pierre-Paul wasn’t able to grip anything with his hand upon his return to the field after missing months as he recovered from the fireworks accident that cost him one finger and part of another. Pierre-Paul hid the results of that accident for a while before sharing the full extent of his condition, but that’s not the way he’s playing things anymore.

He posted pictures of himself just before and after the surgery and has now switched the avatar on his Twitter and Instagram pages to an x-ray of his hand. Pierre-Paul will have to continue to be upfront about the condition of his hand as he tries to land a job for the 2016 season after playing out last year on an agreement with the Giants that modified the franchise tender to reflect the changed circumstances that came with Pierre-Paul’s injury.

Pierre-Paul only got one sack in eight games last season, but he was able to hurry quarterbacks more frequently after making it back to the lineup. If this surgery does give him the ability to grab, that sack total should rise in 2016.