Johnny Manziel turns up at former teammate Mike Evans’s wedding


We haven’t heard much from Johnny Manziel since the Browns washed their hands of him after his latest brush with the law, and his father worried that the worst could happen to his son.

But he’s apparently alive and seemingly well, and spent the weekend attending a friend’s wedding.

A photo from the wedding of Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans shows Manziel in attendance (though he apparently is standing on a box or has really short friends).

Manziel and Evans played together at Texas A&M.

In and of itself, the photo isn’t a sign of much of anything other than Manziel showed up at Evans’ wedding. He was also photographed with Louie Anderson at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas.

So he’s apparently a fan of tall receivers and wide comedians, and not in any kind of trouble. As far as we know.