Kravitz: Second lawsuit was sparked by Peyton Manning holding a grudge


The 1996 incident involving Jamie Naughright and Peyton Manning became the subject of two lawsuits because, after an initial claim against the University of Tennessee was settled, Naughright sued Manning for defamation of character.

She claimed that he and his father, Archie, disseminated false information about her in their book Manning. Specifically, Peyton referred to her as having a “vulgar mouth.”

So why did Peyton choose to even mention someone who already had filed a lawsuit based on his alleged behavior? Bob Kravitz of, who covered Manning throughout his time with the Colts, offered up a simple explanation on Monday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio.

“Because he holds grudges,” Kravitz said. “He is one of the great grudge-holders I’ve ever seen and it’s not something that he wears particularly well. It’s probably I would say one of his worst qualities. We saw it, remember the Pro Bowl, where he was angry at Mike Vanderjagt and a couple of days later Peyton went off on Mike Vanderjagt called him a liquored-up kicker. [Former Colts coach] Jim Mora was very critical of him after a game against San Fransisco. It was actually the ‘playoffs’ rant game, and [Manning] thought about it for a couple of days and went off on Jim Mora in a conference call with Baltimore writers. He remembers everything. He remembers slights like most athletes do and I think that’s that was all about is he holds grudges.”

Manning has remained silent in the aftermath of the latest developments regarding a 13-year-old document in a 14-year-old lawsuit regarding a 20-year-old incident that occurred when Manning was 19 years old. While he possibly wants to speak (and some would say he needs to speak, if only to address allegations that, on the surface, are troubling and disturbing), anything he says could trigger a separate claim from Naughright that he has violated the terms of the settlement agreement that resolved the defamation case.

So while he may want to say something along the lines of the things he said after Al Jazeera linked him in December 2015 to HGH, Manning’s best move will be to say nothing and to do nothing. Other than continue to hold a grudge that is now nearly old enough to buy a case of Budweiser.

To hear everything Kravitz had to say, click here for the podcasts from Monday.

71 responses to “Kravitz: Second lawsuit was sparked by Peyton Manning holding a grudge

  1. Of course he holds grudges. His life was that of pampered star athlete with everything laid out for him just so. Like a spoiled child, God forbid something not go as he wishes, he’ll throw a tantrum and not let go because he can’t believe he’s in the wrong.

  2. Everything here is speculation other than Kravitz remark that Manning holds grudges and can be extra mean about them. Hard to believe this one won’t blow over and Manning would be wise to be quiet.

  3. Say what you want about Brady but he insisted on making his statements of innocence under oath – with perjury charges as punishment

    Peyton refuses to do that on both the sexual assault as well as HGH

  4. Kravitz cites Manning saying negative things to the media a few days after an incident as proof of him being “one of the great grudge-holders” and that is hilarious.

    “I’m like, so not surprised Manning wrote about a 20 year old incident in his book. This is a guy who bashed his kicker an entire THREE DAYS after an incident. He clearly has a huge issue holding grudges long term and an extremely sharp memory… Heck in another instance he was negative a WHOLE WEEK after an incident… unbelieve.”

  5. The woman has had absolutely NOTHING to do with this latest mess…she has said and done nothing since 2005…stop blaming her for this kerfuffle…

  6. “…hold a grudge that is now nearly old enough to buy a case of Budweiser.”


  7. It was pretty much understood that Peyton got Mora fired in Indy after the 2001 season primarily because of his displeasure with Mora’s public comments. Peyton grew up being a ball boy for the Saints and going to their training camps and so forth when Mora was Saints coach and Peyton was a kid. So they went way back but that didn’t stop Peyton from getting Mora axed years later.

    But, should be surprised? Pro athletes, coaches, front office types, owners, etc., at that level are a pretty ruthless and unforgiving bunch. Tom Brady goes to Belichick to get players cut when Brady isn’t happy with their performance. It’s probably one of the reasons the Pats always seem to have trouble developing WRs.

  8. I don’t know about the whole grudge thing but I’m pretty certain that if Peyton was still in Indy, Kravitz would be opening fire on Naughright and King and not Peyton (The Chosen One).

  9. It’s a sad day when people start taking someone’s opinion as the truth. Peyton will be a first ballot HOF and I fully expect when he is nominated that someone will come up with the story how he stole a kids lunch money in the 6th grade. To many nobody’s have too much of a platform these days. Truth be told? They couldn’t shine Mannings shoes.

  10. Oh, Bob Kravitz said it, eh?

    That just means take it with a grain of salt. That guy serves no purpose other than to poorly attempt to stir the pot and get some attention for himself.

    He’s a poor man’s skip bayless.

  11. I am so happy to see this bastard finally facing some serious scrutiny and criticism. This was a criminal offense; had it been brought to court, no way Manning would have beaten the charge. He was a dumb enough predator to do it with a witness, and the witness didn’t waver, didn’t let himself get paid off.
    He won’t go to jail, but he’s done. He’s lucky he had the money to keep it out of court.
    Abuser and steroid user? He’s done.

  12. Yeah, keep trying to downplay it because it happened 20 years ago, which kind of makes the King buffoon’s point he actually had validly. It was something pretty serious that was corroborated by his own witness, yet you have more than a few people here who had never heard of it despite the last time it was in the news not being that far off from when Peyton was in the midst of his record breaking years in the NFL just about 10 years ago. If you don’t find that curious, just like some media members wishing to say things like well, we don’t even want to bring up that HGH accusation, and you more than can get the point of why some of us don’t trust and ignore the media altogether.

  13. Why would a person with a 3.9 GPA at one point at the University of Tennessee, who earned a doctorate degree and also worked hard as an athlete at the same university, need money simply by just making up a false story?

    Why would the University of Tennessee feel the need to have to ask Jamie Naughright if it would be ok to have the whole incident blamed on a black student if Peyton Manning was innocent? Jamie was awarded $300,000 in the defamation suit filed against Tennessee, as stated in the article, and yet, Peyton Manning still paid her off twice.

    Forget about Manning’s version of the story or Jamie’s side of the story. Read what Malcolm Saxon had to say about it all:

    “First, I have stuck to my same story throughout this drama. I told Mike Rollo the next day and Coach Fulmer a week or two afterwards. I had nothing to hide at that point and I have nothing to hide today. I have never been on Jamie’s side or on your side. I stuck to the truth and I lost my eligibility for it. My redshirt request sat on Mike Rollo’s desk for months as the process was going forward. I’m not angry about it anymore, just getting a little tired of it.

    Peyton, you messed up. I still don’t know why you dropped your drawers. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe not. But it was definitely inappropriate. Please take some personal responsibility here and own up to what you did. I never understood why you didn’t admit to it. Coming clean is the right thing to do.”

    That’s your evidence if you ask me. Malcolm Saxon lost his eligibility as a student athlete over it all. Why would the Mannings feel it to be necessary to go after Jamie’s reputation for over six years after the incident if Peyton Manning is just “innocent” and trying to move on from it all? I think Peyton Manning forgot to pay off the witness as well.

  14. In reality, all Peyton has to do is ride off into the sunset with his latest Super Bowl trophy and enjoy his family in retirement. Obviously he won’t be hurting for money. He doesn’t need to respond or do anything as it will only fan the TMZ flames. He has had a great career and in 5 years when his name is called, get his jacket and join the HOF.

  15. Step 1: Find great player with skeletons in their closet (like many entitled college athletes). Step 2: Turn them into NFL heroes. Step 3: Celebrate their great career. Step 4: Do everything possible to ruin them. Step 5: Redeem them and let them in the Hall of Fame.

  16. The reason all of this has come up now is because some women have filed a class action lawsuit against University of Tennessee for it’s tolerance of sexual abuse towards women. The Manning incident in 1997 is one of the facts named in that case.

    Also, in addition to the vulgar mouth Manning claimed Naughright had sex with multiple U-Tenn black athletes. He’s never been able to provide anyone who will testify that either of his allegations (profanity and sex) are true.

    After his book was released, she lost her job. He ruined her life. So yeah — I don’t blame her for demanding he stop defaming her and reminding him with lawsuits.

  17. Part of the settlement by UT for $300,000 after the 1996 “naked butt and recturm” exposure incident was that all parties would keep quiet about it. The trainer’s version of what happened, not Manning’s, was supported by a credible eye witness.

    Yet, Manning later wrote about the trainer in his c. 2001 book (about himself), saying she had a “vulgar mouth”—a comment that got the trainer demoted from a program director’s job in Florida. The trainer sued for defamation, won an undisclosed settlement in 2003, and the judge placed Manning and the trainer under a court gag-order regarding the settlement and each other.

    The Polk County, Florida judge for the defamation suit noted the “existence of actual malice on the part of the defendants” (the Mannings) and evidence “that the defendants knew that the passages in question were false.”

    In January, 2005, Manning was forced to re-settle the 2003 defamation suit after he violated the gag order by discussing the incident in an ESPN documentary.

    1996 to 2005–almost 10 years. Looks like a pretty deep-seated (and expensive) grudge by most any definition of the word.

    Then, there was the public rant against Mike Vanderjagt (three days after an apology to Manning), the sideline rant against Jeff Saturday for questioning a play selection, and who can forget the rant against the scoreboard operator after a game in Denver?

    Finally, after acknowledging an unnecessary apology from Phil Simms about something said on Inside the NFL, Manning replied, “I don’t watch your show, along with a lot of other people.” That was bad enough, but then Manning had to relate the entire back-and-forth to a reporter for the Indy Star so everyone would know about how clever Peyton can be–instead of being gracious.

  18. youknowiknowitall says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:31 PM
    I don’t know about the whole grudge thing but I’m pretty certain that if Peyton was still in Indy, Kravitz would be opening fire on Naughright and King and not Peyton (The Chosen One).

    buck up, little camper. it’ll be ok.

  19. alliwantisluv says:
    Feb 15, 2016 11:19 PM
    Years ago…. Who gives a damn?
    Evidently Peyton does….

  20. Loving the fact that Manning family arrogance has finally caught up with them.
    So sweet how Peyton can no longer hold a grand and glorious retirement presser because of this story.
    My only question is when will the media look into the ugly rumors we’re hearing in Boston about Peyton’s bad behavior in Indy???
    Just remember how the public knew nothing about the unseemly lifestyle going on with Tiger Woods for YEARS…..

  21. LOL……Not a Peyton fan but at least he is holding his own grudge for his own reasons.

    As Bob Mcnair why he and half of his fellow owners are holding a grudge against a dead man who did nothing but help them make money….

  22. Peyton HGH Manning and Goodel belong together = Out of the League.

    0.5 psi that 5th Grade Science projects figured out cold weather deflates footballs

  23. ivanpavlov0000 says:
    Feb 16, 2016 12:06 AM
    The reason all of this has come up now is because some women have filed a class action lawsuit against University of Tennessee for it’s tolerance of sexual abuse towards women. The Manning incident in 1997 is one of the facts named in that case.

    Also, in addition to the vulgar mouth Manning claimed Naughright had sex with multiple U-Tenn black athletes. He’s never been able to provide anyone who will testify that either of his allegations (profanity and sex) are true.

    After his book was released, she lost her job. He ruined her life. So yeah — I don’t blame her for demanding he stop defaming her and reminding him with lawsuits.


    I’m wondering if Peyton Manning, Jamie Naughright, Malcolm Saxon and Rollo will be called to testify in this suit. Now *that* would be interesting, being under oath and all.

  24. In this article Manning can’t respond to the new legal documents released because he might break the confidentiality agreement.

    In the King article King is chastised for not offering the Mannings an opportunity to respond to the new legal documents released because he has unfairly launched a two article crusade.

  25. I see more and more evidence for the idea of living as a hermit. I will have to stop reading and listening to so called news. When one of the nicest celebrities in the world can be destroyed by the vindictiveness of someone who knows how to write an article, I really think it is time to just stop listening and hide in my own little world. I am just sick over this attempt to destroy Peyton Manning. Peyton, dear, I am so glad you can retire and tell them all to go “you know where.”

  26. I have no idea what happened in 1996 and I’m definitely not going to base my opinion of Manning on a one sided legal document.

    HOWEVER, Manning definitely should have left anything about the 1996 incident out of his book. Having entered into a confidentiality agreement this appears to be quite an arrogant act on Manning’s part, to say the least.

  27. Peyton Manning, and by extension – his father, are about as admirable as your garden variety prison rapist.

    20 years later, they hire Ari Fleischer to represent themsleves as Peyton’s PR face to the public. That just about says it all right there.


  28. Peyton does PEDs and has apparently been abusive to women in the past. This media darling is being exposed for what he really is. He cheats, Denver cheats – its the only way they could ever win a super bowl with the band of misfits that they have. Since SB 50, Talib has admitted cheating and so has Von Miller. Denver cheats and everything they do should have an asterisk beside it. God that felt good!!

  29. Sounds to me like, If you win a Superbowl, better celebrate quick, cause someone will try to ruin you life after words. Way to many jealous people in the world. And way to much drama in the world. So funny how this was bought up now, and not when he was in his prime or doing bad earlier this year. But, Oh wait, he’s retiring? Then we gotta ruin his life. And for the person who said hes a spoiled rich kid, well, i seen his workouts, and he worked out double of what most athletes work out every time. If Jesus won a Super bowl, I wonder what they would say? He’s Perfect. They would probaly say he used his powers to win the game. This is literally making me hate football, and I love football, Die hard Fan.

  30. All I have to say is why is all this coming out now. The guy is at the end of his career, he and the Denver Broncos just won a super bowl. It is odd to me that everyone waited until now to let all this negative information about Peyton Manning out. At this point, I do not care because if they have now they had it then. The media is choosing to let all this out now because he won a Second Super Bowl with the Denver Defense carrying the offense, and now they decided it is time to get even with Manning. Really? What the media will do to cause controversy. I do not know what PM did or did not do. I do know I am glad he played for Denver and glad we have a third Super Bowl. If all this is true even about the Human Growth then should of been aired early. A little late now, he played and he won the Super Bowl with the rest of the team. I swear, this year has been a pain for PM to even play football everyone and everything has been thrown at him trying to discredit him. He is a hall of fame QB and that is that! He played for the Denver Broncos and won the Super Bowl that is that. He will most likely retire and that is the end of the story. Media get over it and let me enjoy the Super Bowl win by the Denver Broncos.

  31. Let’s all step up & tell the world about the stupidest thing you did as a 19-year-old so that the critics can blast you 20 years later.

    I think Shaun King got what he wanted by race-baiting (Jason Whitlock’s word) the Manning – Newton comparison. By bringing up this 20-year old incident at the perfect time, King has made Peyton look like a bad guy (yes, he apparently did a crude, stupid think in a college football lockerroom) even though his daily actions prove that he is a good person (PeyBack Foundation, St Vincents Childrens hospital, etc). For the record, Newton is also a good person who also did something stupid in college (stole a laptop).

    If King & others want to claim that white athletes get preferential media/fan treatment over black atheltes, then how do you explain the current smear campaign against Peyton while Kobe (um, rape allegation?) is getting treated like a king during his farewell tour?

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