Mularkey: Give us a chance to show we’re moving in right direction

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When Jon Robinson was introduced as the new Titans General Manager last month, he said at a press conference asked for patience from the team’s fan base as he works to “build this team the right way.”

One of the people who will be helping him work to build the team into one that doesn’t pick in the top two picks of the draft again in 2017 is head coach Mike Mularkey, who was kept on board after serving as the interim coach in the wake of Ken Whisenhunt’s firing last year. That decision wasn’t a terribly popular one for some of the team’s fans, which led Mularkey to echo some of Robinson’s comments during a Monday visit to PFT Live.

“I’m asking our fans to give us a chance,” Mularkey said. “There’s a lot of change going on here. It’s tough to come in in the middle of a season when there’s no change possible with coaches, scheme, things we’re doing around here in the facility. There’s a lot of things that are going in a good direction here and I think our owner recognized there’s some things we did well in a very tough challenging time. . . . Regardless of the record it was the intensity and the way [the team] played and they came out of the field every week and I think they saw that there was something there. But also know we need some, we have a lot of work to do here. I just think it’s important that they give us a chance to show we’re going in the right direction with a lot of changes that are happening. Especially with our coaching staff.”

Growth from quarterback Marcus Mariota would help both the team’s chances of winning and Mularkey’s chances of extending his stay on the sideline. Mularkey talked about some of the areas he’d like to see Mariota improve during his visit to the show and you can here it all by clicking on the video right here.

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  1. I don’t know how I would feel about this if I were a Titans fan. The one thing I will say is a good team needs good players and I can’t name you 10 players on that team that are top 20 at their position except maybe Marcus which might not even be. if this team can get a good draft of players this year and 1 or 2 free agents that play over there heads I don’t see why the Titans can’t fight for a wild card next year.

  2. Think back to some of the real NFL dynasties. A lot of them hired a coach that had no winning record or no history of success at the NFL owners. All these dynasties started out really bad, but than the winning started happening after a few years of patience. Tom Landry’s Cowboys. Chuck Noll’s Steelers. Bill Walsh’s 49ers. Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys. I’m sure I could easily add to this list. Usually winning teams aren’t making coaching changes, so most coaches begin their careers taking over a lousy team. The teams were lousy because they had bad players, not because the previous coach was bad. So it takes a few years to get a roster full of good players. Most of the time it’s not even the coach who’s doing the scouting. The whole idea of firing coaches every couple years because the team isn’t winning is just a stupid idea. Owners only do it because a lot of the fans are stupid and demand it.

  3. Remember when the Titans used to go to the playoffs every two or three seasons? Even after Vince Young was forced on Jeff Fisher by the owner. But then, 5 years ago, we lost Fish and it’s been a disaster show ever since.

  4. Someone name one coach that is or was considered to be great that did not have a good QB. IF This new kid turns out to be very good the Mularkynisngoing to look great. If not, you get the picture.

  5. Would like to see Mularkey do well as HC for ONCE.
    I remember when the Jags picked him I was like WHAT!?

    You have a chance to make a splash and you pick Mike Mularkey??!!

    That being said – I hope he turns them around.

    It was probably all about “continuity” with Marriota – which in some ways makes sense.

    Here in Jville we not only say we are keeping ” ‘ol 12-36 Gus”…we extended him another year as well!

    I actually believe that there are quite a few teams in the NFL that do not have WINNING as the #1 priority.

  6. mongo3401 says:
    Feb 15, 2016 2:58 PM

    Someone name one coach that is or was considered to be great that did not have a good QB. IF This new kid turns out to be very good the Mularkynisngoing to look great. If not, you get the picture.
    You are absolutely right, with one exception. Joe Gibbs. Gibbs won three super bowls with three different QBs, none are in the HOF. Joe Theisman, Mark Rypian, Doug Williams. Although Williams won the super bowl, it was Jay Schroeder who actually won most of the regular season games, then got hurt. But other than Joe Gibbs, all other great coaches that I can think of had great QBs. Generally speaking, the better the QB, the smarter we think the coach is. Even though most of those great coaches had losing records when they didn’t have those HOF QBs.

  7. It sounds like the ownership, the GM, and the HC are at last all aware that the keys to success going forward are:

    1) to keep Marcus Mariota healthy and developing, and

    2) establishing a competent and stable OL as the
    primary means of accomplishing #1

    Controlling owner AAS has a chance to be a better owner than her father was, and has not shied away from decision making, or action taking. She may do those things without the added baggage of thinking she “knows all” about the game of football (or the running of the team), as her late father seemed to.

    GM J-Rob is the newcomer to this scene, and I have high expectations for him. He strikes me as knowledgeable, diligent, and passionate. As he is a Tennessee native, I think he is even more highly motivated to build a perennial winner and champion.

    As for the HC, I don’t think he’s ever really had a good shot, so I’m not as down on him as a lot of other Titans fans are, and am interested to see what kind of offense he installs to maximize MM8’s effectiveness. I’m also interested to see if he will he “keep the pedal to the metal”, on offense? Or just try to score enough to get by?

    I think the Titans should be increasingly entertaining to watch over coming seasons. That will be refreshing

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