Ronnie Hillman lobbies for Broncos to keep Brock Osweiler


The Broncos reportedly aren’t negotiating with quarterback Brock Osweiler as they await a decision from quarterback Peyton Manning on whether he’ll retire, even though many believe the Broncos don’t want Manning back. This tactic creates a significant risk that other teams will be negotiating with Osweiler during the rampant tampering portion of the offseason calendar.

In turn, this increases the risk that Osweiler will leave the Broncos. And one of the team’s top running backs believes that would be a mistake.

“It’s not my decision, but letting him go would not be too smart,” Ronnie Hillman told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Sunday, via

Of course, Hillman also will be a free agent, and there’s a chance the Broncos will not bring him back. Especially after gaining zero yards on five carries in Super Bowl 50.

As to Osweiler, the question ultimately becomes whether another team will offer him significantly more than the Broncos would offer, and whether the Broncos would match it to keep him. If not, Denver’s new starter in 2016 could be entirely new to the team.

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  1. I’m curious why Manning hasn’t announced his retirement yet. He’s just a shadow of his former self and certainly isn’t worth $19M AND the price of letting Osweiler go. Maybe the Broncos are giving Manning time to make the call on his own but I have to think at some point the Broncos are going to have to make the decision to move on.

    If the Broncos do release him (and save $19M on the cap) then what team is going to give him anywhere near that amount in salary given his performance this past season. It’s fine if you want a short passing game but it doesn’t look like he can throw the deep ball very well anymore, at least not consistently.

  2. Yeah.. Hillman should be worried about whether or not the Broncos will bring him back… Which they probably shouldn’t. We can upgrade via the draft.

  3. It’s a problem. Denver can’t offer Brock top 5 money. He doesn’t deserve it and it won’t allow them to keep all the other pieces. Some other team might be able to do it though. Houston maybe.

    The challenge for Brock is why would he take less to stay? What happens if he doesn’t succeed in Denver and never has this chance to cash in again?

    Denver needs to create some kind of deal structure that other teams can’t match. Maybe less amount more guarantees.

  4. milehighcityboss says:
    Feb 15, 2016 11:24 AM
    Yeah.. Hillman should be worried about whether or not the Broncos will bring him back… Which they probably shouldn’t. We can upgrade via the draft.


    Why is the Draft going to be an upgrade? Denver could end up in the wheel of rotating QBs so many other teams are in.

  5. Seems to me that Ronnie Hillman senses that his time with The Broncos is over.
    Why else would he say ..” letting him go wouldn’t be too smart”….?
    Elway can’t abide being questioned regarding his “smarts”.
    He graduated in 3 years with an economics degree at Stanford while playing football and baseball at a very high level.
    Hillman has been a bust considering where he was drafted and he knows he is being let go.
    You don’t disrespect your boss by suggesting his strategy is not too smart and expect to stay in his employ.

  6. If the Broncos aren’t negotiating with him, I would say that they have their eye on someone else and feel confident they will get that person. Watch for a surprise trade or free agent signing when it is allowed.

  7. If the Broncos jerk him around and cave into Lord Manning, then I wouldn’t be surprised if he immediately signed elsewhere. Why sit on the bench again as Manning strains to throw 20 yard passes?

  8. The Broncos won’t know what their budget is for Brock until they hear back from Peyton, or dismiss Peyton altogether. Negotiating without some semblance of authority is pointless. My guess is Denver gave Peyton a deadline (end of February?), and Brock is aware of and okay with the deadline.

  9. The cap just got announced at 12 million more then last yr.

    So the Broncos even before making adjustments like Manning leaving, Caldy restructure, Ware restructure, DT restructure have 22 million.

    I think Elway will keep almost every play minus maybe Travatheon or Malik Jackson.

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