Stephen Gostkowski: I’ve always been good at getting over misses

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Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski and made extra points were as automatic as anything in football until the first quarter of the AFC championship game.

Gostkowski missed an extra point after Steven Jackson’s touchdown run, which was the first time he’d missed a conversion kick since his rookie season in 2006. The miss wound up looming large over the rest of the game, particularly the final beats of it as the Patriots had to go for two after a touchdown late in the fourth quarter in an attempt to tie the game.

The attempt failed, obviously, and the Patriots lost 20-18 to the Broncos. Gostkowski took the blame for costing the Patriots the game after the final whistle, which is an overstatement given the way the entire game played out. He told Mike Reiss of that he’d “rather take more accountability” for the impact of his miss, but explained how he’s been able to move on in the last few weeks.

“I’ve always been hard on myself whenever I have a bad game, especially when we lose. But I’ve never once hung my head down,” Gostkowski said. “You have to have a short memory in this game, but I’m always hard on myself for a couple days, even when we win and I have a miskick. It’s a perfectionist’s job — you strive for perfection. I expect to make every kick, and when I don’t, it’s very frustrating. I probably practice tens of thousands of kicks for every one I’ve tried in a game, and when it doesn’t go your way, it can be hard to deal with. But I’ve always been good at getting over things and not sulking and letting it mount into one bad kick after the next. I came back and made my next two kicks in the game.”

The Patriots likely feel safe in assuming that Gostkowski will continue to make more kicks than he misses in 2016 and beyond. He’s made over 87 percent of his field goals in the regular season and 24-of-26 in the playoffs to go with those two missed extra points, which doesn’t make for a forecast filled with further need to take the blame for things going against the Patriots.

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  1. It made 31 other fanbases very happy to see the tainted patriots miss out this year. It was like karma started to kick in or something huh.

  2. The Patriots are really amazing drafting kickers, they went from Vinatieri to Gostkowski while other teams can hardly land a decent kicker. Their scouts do an amazing job.

  3. mikermiker says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:19 AM
    It made 31 other fanbases very happy to see the tainted patriots miss out this year. It was like karma started to kick in or something huh.


    If winning the Super Bowl then making it back to the AFC Championship is karma then let’s have some more!!!!

  4. Ghosty is the the best in the business.
    Ice-water in his veins.
    That missed extra point was hardly a factor in the AFCCG.
    There is no kicker that I would rather have on my team.

    It is funny to see all of the fans of piss-ant teams like the Ravens and Colts line up behind Denver and throw Karma-Stones at the Pats!
    If you feel that getting to within 2 points of yet another SuperBowl, in a year with an unbelievable amount of key injuries, is a failure…..I’ll take that failure and have very high hopes for next year!
    Colts….think you can win in that mighty AFC South next season? With the same two mental midgets running the show?
    Ravens…How many games did you win this year, 2 or 3? You are so irrelevant that nobody even remembers.

  5. apollo1989 says:
    Feb 15, 2016 11:18 AM
    Anyone who believes a missed PAT in the first quarter is more significant then the offensive line ceasing to exist for a whole game is delirious.


    Agreed. I think the pick Brady threw in the Patriots end that let to 7 was really the difference in the game, but there were many other plays that were bigger than the missed convert.

    Denver wasn’t going to easily get another 7 without that mistake by Brady. That was a huge mistake.

    The missed conver only mattered because of the score at the end. Brady doesn’t get one of those 4th down conversions and it would never be discussed again. It was just circumstance.

    Brady won a Super Bowl where the great Adam Vinatieri missed 2 FGs in the 2003 season. Doesn’t get discussed much since he made the last one.

  6. Some guys love football for the game. They will have a favorite team they root for but they can take enjoyment from any of the other 31 because they are after all football teams. Any time they go near football it is on some level a positive experience. Then there are guys that have nothing positive at all. They are wallowing in their own feelings of inadequacy so they want to see someone else fail like they do. The bigger the better for them. Their obsession with kharma is because their own is so bad. They have nothing good to offer so they just bring their negativity and hate. You can tell who the truly great teams are because those are the ones these losers wish the worst for.

    I am glad Denver won, but why would I ever be happy that New England lost? That would be so lame.

  7. It is getting tired. Every article on the Patriots gets responded with cheaters. Everyone cheats. Get over it. I wish my team could cheat as well as the rest. A packer friend of mine keeps commenting about how this team cheats and that team cheats. My reply was…is it just a coincidence that Rodgers had his worst season due to properly inflated balls… this was the only way to shut him up. Everyone bends or interprets the rules therefore everyone cheats.

  8. .
    The Patriots have averaged over 12 wins per season since 2001. They’ve been to the Super Bowl 6 times since then. No team wins the Super Bowl every year, hence the Patriots have, and will in the future, incur losses to other good teams come playoff time

    Here’s something to think about in the offseason : Vegas has already installed the Patriots as the preseason favorite to reach next year’s Super Bowl.

  9. mikermiker says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:19 AM

    It made 31 other fanbases very happy to see the tainted patriots miss out this year. It was like karma started to kick in or something huh.

    Must stink rooting for a team where you’re more concerned with another team losing than your own team winning. They made it to the AFCCG, which is better than what 28 other teams did in the league this year. Karma’s not really effective if that’s the best she’s got.

    Gostkowski’s missed kick wasn’t the biggest factor in the game, the swiss cheese 0-line was. Because he was under pressure, Brady made some bad choices that led to interceptions. Denver’s defense put the pressure on Brady, that’s why they won.

    Gostkowski is still one of the most reliable kickers in the league.

  10. good guy….never hear any problems concerning him…like to hear from Patriot fans…who was/is the better kicker: Vinatieri (thumbs down) or Gostkowski (thumbs up)…

  11. “Oh, (Gostkowski) is awesome. He’s put 10 great years together. I’ve got the utmost respect for him. I think he’s unbelievable. I think he’s one of the best that’s played. I really do. He’s been a consistently very, very strong kicker, and it’s another year where he’s continuing to do his stuff. He’s a very big asset for that team and he helps them win a lot of games. Good for them. Good for him.”
    — Adam Vinatieri


  12. If I was a Pat’s fan (thank god I am not), I would be more concerned about the horrendous O line than the kicker.

    I would also be concerned about a coach that can’t accept that if he kicks FGs instead of going on 4th down he wins the game.

    And I would be concerned about an aging All-World QB that started the year looking like a hurricane and ended the year looking like a dust devil on a calm day in the high desert.

    But hey, blaming the kicker works too.

  13. Made for an absolutely boring Super Bowl……. Thanks. Looking for the Broncos and the Panthers to be completely irrelevant this next season.

  14. Oh, the Trolls are out in full force on this message board…

    Patriots are so far in your head and in your kitchen, that you now claim victory when the Patriots don’t make the Super Bowl. Patriots Win Again!

    Karma. Yeah, 15 years of dominance. Best team in the salary cap era. Winning the division…AGAIN. In the AFC game…AGAIN. Back on top AGAIN in 2016…Patriots WIN AGAIN!

    Lots of accusations…No Proof…Poor Trolls. Open wide, here comes a big spoonful of Crybaby Soup.

    Kiss The RingS!

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