Titans G.M. has “had a couple of conversations” about top pick


As the guy who controls the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft, Titans General Manager Jon Robinson is having plenty of conversations about it.

Many of them are with fans offering opinions, but he also admitted some early talks about what he might do with the top spot.

I’ve had a couple of conversations here and there. I think it is really more kind of exploratory at this point,’’ Robinson said, via Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website. “As we get a little bit closer, a little bit more through the process with the combine and interviews and pro days, I expect there will be a few more exploratory calls, and there may not be. We’ll see.”

In addition to the top pick, the Titans are also sitting on the 33rd and 64th choices, valuable real estate for a team coming off a 3-13 season with needs in many places other than quarterback.

In fact, their lack of need at quarterback could make the pick even more valuable, since the Browns are making no secret of the fact the second spot will likely be used on one.

So Robinson went through a round of meetings with his new scouts, to get an early read on the players the Titans may consider, and decisions that go beyond players.

“It was a very productive week,” Robinson said. “We had a lot of good discussions back and forth, did a couple of projects where we watched film and made some comparisons. I try to some thought-provoking, brief mini-seminars if you will, to try and not only talk about players but get a gauge on the staff as evaluators, because I am evaluating those guys as well.”

Building the Titans back into a contender is going to be a process that takes some time. But if they can parlay the top pick into a few added parts, it might be in their best interest in the long term.

8 responses to “Titans G.M. has “had a couple of conversations” about top pick

  1. As a Titans fan I’m afraid that one QB would have to stand out from the rest to get a good trade and it’s not looking like that will happen….

  2. If they can turn the #1 pick into another pick on each of the first 2 days of the draft, plus their 2 other high picks, they could take a pretty big step forward.

    They can also sell potential free agents on the fact that if they win 4 more games next year, they are probably in the playoffs, in that cruddy division.

  3. .
    Both the Patriots and the Bucs had good drafts with Robinson involved. He has a track record of success. It should be noted that most of his NFL experience comes from the Patriots. Titans fans should not be surprised to see him trade back as often as possible. I’m certain he realizes the team needs a massive influx of new talent on both sides of the ball.

  4. I’d rather stay put & take Tunsil. They’ve stated protecting & developing Mariota is the #1 priority this season. And to add to that, I’d sign Anquan Boldin to mentor these young WRs & give Mariota a sure-handed veteran receiver.

  5. Sure, it’s the best option. But trading the #1 pick almost never happens. I’m not going to hop aboard that train. We’ll probably want a trade, the other teams back out at the last second, and we take the damned lineman.

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