Whitlock calls out Shaun King (not the quarterback)


Saturday’s bombshell from Shaun King (not the quarterback) of the New York Daily News has sparked plenty of criticism and scrutiny of Peyton Manning. Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports has applied some criticism and scrutiny to Shaun King.

“The guy that wrote this story for the New York Daily News, he’s not a journalist,” Whitlock said. “He’s a race hustler from Twitter, from the Black Lives Matter movement who stirs racial controversy to elevate himself. Listen, the guy’s been busted. First of all, he’s white and presenting himself as black. He said that as a child in high school he was allegedly attacked by a group of white people because he was black. Well, he wasn’t black and there were people saying that wasn’t why he was attacked and there’s no proof of it. He said that it was the first hate crime in Kentucky or whatever.

“I looked into this all at the time because I interviewed this guy for a job at The Undefeated months ago,” Whitlock said, referring to the microsite he was hired to develop at ESPN. “And after interviewing him I was like, ‘Holy cow.’ There’s so much suspicious, skeptical stuff to this guy that we walked away from this guy and looked into the stories he told us, and we couldn’t find proof of them.”

It’s not the first time King has been accused of faking his race. An item from the New York Daily News, the publication that currently employs King, addressed the situation last year. King denied that he is misrepresenting his race.

Whitlock also argued that if Manning did what he is accused of doing — “if he sat on a female’s face with his butt and ball” — a teammate would have knocked Manning out. While that may not be the case when it comes to the star quarterback of a major Division I football program, it would be critical to hear detailed testimony from anyone and everyone who witnessed the incident in order to make a reliable decision on what actually happened.

Ultimately, that’s the one thing that this case never received: A trial in open court. The parties chose to settle the case before that could happen, making it necessarily impossible to make a clear decision as to what did or didn’t happen. Whatever King’s motivations, he helped set an inaccurate narrative by presenting the allegations contained in the document released on Saturday not as accusations but as undeniable fact.

86 responses to “Whitlock calls out Shaun King (not the quarterback)

  1. It seems Whitlock didn’t even read the article. Manning’s teammates didn’t “knock him out” as Whitlock suggest they should have. Instead, they just testified under oath that he tea bagged the trainer.

  2. “An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an attack on an argument made by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, rather than attacking the argument directly. When used inappropriately, it is a logical fallacy in which a claim or argument is dismissed on the basis of some irrelevant fact or supposition about the author or the person being criticized.”

  3. I’m black my daughters mother is white.. she is more lightskinned then this man.. Who is Whitlock when he is saying that the dude is not black? .. I’m not a fan of Shaun King.. but don’t say that he is not black.. he is not Rachel Dolezal.. his father is actually black.

  4. This is a tough one. King is a race baiting hack. But there is also some fire causing all this smoke. I would like to see a respected organization have a look at all this. I don’t know who that could be though.

  5. Whether you like Manning or not, is really sad to see him going out like this (a cheater and a sexual predator). Even if he manages to clear his image, still a group portion of the masses will always see him as a fraud.

  6. He nailed it. The world would be a much better place without this race baiters stirring up a bunch of nothing for their own benefit and the people who fall for it.

  7. Like Whitlock hasn’t stirred up race issues before? C’mon man. While I can’t condone what Shaun King has done, aren’t you calling the kettle black (Whitlock)?

  8. Seems like Archie Manning may be calling in a favor with Whitlock – what better way to get attention away from Peyton Manning’s history of sociopathic sexual assault and focused on the reporter

    Manning himself can clear this up today

    Release all the records and findings from the sexual assault suit

    Peyton can INSIST on testifying – under oath – with penalty of purjury – that he’s innocent, just like Brady did

    He can clear up the HGH allegations while he’s on the stand at the same time – of course backing it up by releasing his Guyton Institute medical records.

    Until then, we’ll just continue to assume that Peyton is guilty of being an HGH using sociopathic sexual predator

    (Isn’t it great Peyton “won” the Super Bowl? If he hadn’t his true character wouldn’t be known and he could walk off into the sunset! But now we’re discovering all the reasons why he was so popular among the fans in Indy and Denver!)

  9. So, Jason, you got scooped by a “non-journalist”. Get over it.

    And be careful trashing the guy when it appears as though he has more documentation, probably holding it back as rebuttal ammunition after attacks such as yours.

  10. Shaun King has always had an axe to grind. In this case, it makes good sense that he wants to balance the criticism Cam Newton has received by taking Peyton Manning down a few pegs. The timing is no accident. King is an aspiring Al Sharpton, creating fires and screaming injustice, all to try to make himself heard.

  11. First off, I think Manning may have done it. Secondly, I don’t care anymore!!! If someone “criticizes” something that Jamis Winston or Cam Newton did in college today, we are told that we are racist and need to forget about it because they were just young and stupid.

    But those same people want is to go back 20+ years and skewer someone for something that may or may not have happened??

    I don’t dislike Cam for thing he did in college. I am willing to move on from that. I dislike him for things that he is doing TODAY while in the pro’s.

    Likewise, I don’t like Manning for the things that he did in college, I like him for the things he has done in present day, both on and off the field.

    He very well could have been an immature jerk in college, like many high level college athletes. But he’s been amazing since then as an adult. There are hundreds of stories from people who get phone calls and handwritten letter replies from Peyton after him hearing about an illness or tragedy they experinced. Him potentially being a jerk in college doesn’t change my view on him.

  12. If Manning did it, let the chips fall where they may. QBs get away with too much. If A-Rod would’ve done this to a man, they’d be celebrating in Frisco.

  13. Press reports are also questioning King’s handling of funds for Black Lives Matter – if those allegations are true his credibility is zero

  14. Even if King is a plagiarizing, fake black person, (with a black father, apparently), who has in the past has stretched his journalistic credibility beyond reasonable limits, he has no part whatsoever in any of the legal proceedings in which Peyton Manning or the University of Tennesee are party to, both past and current. The lawsuits stand by themselves. This King character has inserted himself as a conduit, probably for his own recognition, to present this material to the public. I think most intelligent people can separate King from this situation and look at Manning and the UT legal matters in their own light.

  15. I like how Whitlock says the guy isn’t a journalist and then admits to interviewing for a journalistic position that he was trying to fill… Their all frauds. All of them.

  16. If you can change sex then why can’t change race? Seems legit to me.

    A person’s credibility must be considered when said person is making claims.

  17. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:28 AM

    How does being half white/half black make you black, but not white?

    Someone explain this to me.
    The more pertinent question should be why should race matter in this case? King delivered the message, brought a potentially great injustice to light. This is the second scathing editorial from a Fox sports writer in less than 24 hours. I’m now convinced more than ever the deal has been done to bring Manning to Fox sports. Circling the wagons just like ESPN did with Mortenson.

  18. Patriots fans who hate any time that race is considered the basis for something will have a hard time picking sides on this one. Do they side with Peyton and set aside their unnatural all-consuming obsession with taking him down, or do they go against what they’ve done their whole lives and rely on the words and integrity of a race baiter like Shaun King, who showed his true intentions in the article by somehow bringing Cam Newton into it? The internal struggle must be unbearable, I hope they’ll be able to make it through this most difficult time in their lives.

  19. So this guy got upset about all of the negative attention being heaped on Cam, took it as a slight on his race, and decided to even things out with this. Pathetic.

  20. Let’s give credit where credit is due. If anyone on Earth can spot race-hustling, it’s Jason Whitlock. He’s every bit the racist and race-hustler that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are, so he’s probably right about King.

    As for the allegations, I don’t think this should be made into a Peyton Manning issue. If someone were to investigate all 128 FBS schools, I’d be willing to bet all 128 of them have a sexual crime allegation against a football player that the school tried to make disappear. Football is the cash cow, and the dolts in charge don’t want the checks to stop coming, so let’s sweep away the allegations and the lives of the victims that have been destroyed – those don’t matter nearly as much as those checks!

  21. I see a lot of comments wanting to give Peyton a pass because he was a 19 year old kid. Well, 19 isn’t a kid, it’s a legal adult. It’s an age where society believes the person is aware of right vs. wrong. My real problem in this case is the actions of Archie Manning and his apparent/alleged willingness to carpet bomb an individual to save his anointed son’s reputation and future. No one can argue he was young and stupid. Completely the opposite. Cold, calculating and ruthless with no problem making up lies and destroying whoever it took. I hope that if this is proven too Archie pays dearly. Maybe now we have the real reason Eli had that look on his face. Maybe he knew what was coming.

  22. Hold on, wait just a minute… Your telling me that a white writer pretending to be black releases a story that puts the white QB who is getting all the attention after winning the biggest game of the year in a negative light shortly after defeating the black QB who was getting all the attention before losing the biggest game of the year…. The same black QB who the media is writing stories about how people are racist when they don’t like him, not because he has no problem showing off and basking in the attention when he wins, yet cries and pouts when he loses, but because anytime a non black person doesn’t like a black player, they are just automatically tagged as racists? Is that what your trying to tell me….

  23. It is obvious that Jason Whitlock did not read the article. There is a reason why the University of Tenn paid the victim a $300,000 settlement. Please refer to the si.com website for additional details in an article appearing today by Michael McCann, their legal analyst.

  24. A terrorist “news” organization and a gossip “writer” bringing down Peyton Manning? Nah.

  25. The story about Manning is old and has been out there for along time. King didn’t get his hands on some sort of ground breaking news story, he retold a story to suit his agenda. Two years in a row “his” QBs lost the biggest game in sports in embarrassing fashion to the epitome of the establishment in front of the entire world. Brady and the Patriots stopped a dynasty with a black QB and an in your face all black defense dead in its tracks, then Manning and the Denver D not only stops the MVP and “new face of the NFL” but makes him look foolish as well. So the reaction to this by people like King is plainly obvious and completely predictable.

  26. bigbluplates says:
    Feb 15, 2016 11:23 AM

    This * happened * in the mid 90s? And now its news in 2016.. Why?

    Because it is Peyton Manning’s turn.

  27. It’s obvious Whitlock doesn’t know what he’s talking about – as the opening comment notes Manning’s teammates verified the trainer’s story. There is no fact that has come out that has done anything but show Manning is guilty, has lied about it, and sent people to ruin the victim. Sound familiar? That’s because Manning was caught doing the same thing in the HGH scandal.

  28. The sad thing is we are even commenting on what a no body who has achieved nothing has to say.

    Race or not it seems this guys has more issues then anyone I seen on these post.

    Sure he try to get something for nothing

    Let it go

  29. So in other words, a race baiting white guy who thinks he’s black and now defunct tabloid news service are the two sources that are failing miserably at bringing down the GOAT. Got it.

  30. Normally, whenever a black person mentions race, he is immediately accused of “playing the race card”. I guess Whitlock gets a pass, since used the way he did. Funny, huh that it’s OK.

    Why King becomes the subject the Whitlock scorn, is strange. Why is attention diverted from Peyton to the writer? Isn’t that the same thing many are saying has taken place for the last 20 years?

    Quick, look over there … Why would an innocent man not go to court to clear his name, if he’s truly innocent and has been slandered?

  31. One of the biggest problems with the race situation is the generalizations used. The “race card”, “black lives matter” on and on.

    Once we only talk about specifics not unrealistic statements we can finally address race issues.

    We don’t even need to know the skin color just the damn facts

  32. factman66 says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:46 AM

    Peyton shoved her face into his butt hahaha. The PC crowd who is outraged by this is amusing.

    Rational people are generally outraged when it comes to sexual assault.

  33. Hey ibelievethecheater,

    Manning’s teammates didnt testify anywhere. Have to wonder if you can actually can read or not. Brady has to cheat to win while Manning defeats him even with him cheating. You need to go read what real journalists are saying about the race baiters article.

  34. Manning can clear this up easily. Just give permission for the eyewitness to say exactly what happened.

    We all KNOW he won’t be doing that though.

  35. The court documents, witness testimony, and settlements speak for themselves. I read all this a decade ago and came the conclusion back then that Peyton and Archie are scumbags and UTenn wasn’t much better. I don’t care what this writer or that writer injects into a piece, the court documents speak for themselves. Even if we give Peyton the benefit of the doubt for the assault itself (which I don’t), the subsequent character assassination, which the Mannings had to settle a defamation lawsuit over, is enough to tell me what I need to know. My guess is the 1994 issue won’t help Peyton’s image once that comes to light.

    What’s crazy about this to me is that it took 20 years for people to care.

  36. Jason Whitlock is upset that another person is race baiting?

    Nope. Not really. He is just fanning the flames to keep the focus on Manning and to keep the focus off Von Miller’s PED use.

  37. pensacolavolfan says:
    Feb 15, 2016 12:45 PM
    Hey ibelievethecheater,

    Manning’s teammates didnt testify anywhere. Have to wonder if you can actually can read or not. Brady has to cheat to win while Manning defeats him even with him cheating. You need to go read what real journalists are saying about the race baiters article.

    King’s article states that Saxon’s backing up Nauright’s version of events is in an affidavit which is a written sworn statement made under oath and carries the penalty of perjury. Also, the statements from his other teammates were made during a deposition which is sworn out of court testimony.

  38. I think the Manning stuff came from Robert Silverman of the Daily Beast.

    Shaun King just pimped it up and made it more marketable.

    Which has apparently worked…

  39. tajuara says: Feb 15, 2016 10:17 AM
    Whether you like Manning or not, is really sad to see him going out like this (a cheater and a sexual predator). Even if he manages to clear his image, still a group portion of the masses will always see him as a fraud.
    You be sad about it if you want to. I say it’s high time Peyton pays for his sins that have been swept under the rug all these years. I’ve known about this for many years, which is why it’s always bugged me how people treat him like some kind of saint.

  40. Shaun King has lost a lot of credit in BLM, paritally becuase he’s white but more because there was a lot of shadiness going on with the charities he ran and their money. This is his attempt to make himself relevant again. That being said, where theres smoke, theres fire. Do I believe manning harassed the trainer. Probably. Was probably a prank. Do I believe it went exactly as the article says it did? Probably not. People have a tendency to exaggerate, purposeful or not. Memory is a fickle thing and we are more prone to storytelling, especially as details blur over time. There is probably plenty of truth and lies on both sides.

  41. Shaun King is an odd dude. His Twitter feed is bizarre. He just posted a link to another article he wrote in the today’s Daily News. He insists that the 74 page affidavit is FACT. Yet he is very careful to never confirm that the document was authored by Naughbright’s attorneys. Lots of double speak here. He’s moving into the territory of libel.

  42. Whitlock enjoys these types of arguments. If the facts are wrong, stick to it. Most people know that Shaun King has an agenda and is an activist, but thoughts can be attacked intellectually.

  43. Whitlock filled in nicely for Cowherd but then again I would say the same for just about anyone.

  44. nbptma1 says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:20 AM
    Like Whitlock hasn’t stirred up race issues before? C’mon man. While I can’t condone what Shaun King has done, aren’t you calling the kettle black (Whitlock)?
    No, he said he’s not black

  45. ‘Black’ means you have a black parent, and if you are ‘mixed race’ people are going to call you ‘black’. Whitlock is out of his mind.

    Halle Berry has a white mother, we see Halle Berry as black, we don’t think of Halle Berry as ‘mixed race’ in a black & white world.

    Besides, King’s racial identity or authenticity is not the story. The Manning piece has nothing to do with race. If it’s true, it’s awful, real awful, and I don’t have reason to doubt King. I have more reason to doubt Manning.

  46. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:28 AM

    How does being half white/half black make you black, but not white?

    Someone explain this to me.


    There’s actually an answer for that. From the founding of this country the law essentially marked you as black if you had any black ancestry in your genes at all. You weren’t “half and half”, or “mostly white”. You were an “Octoroon” or a “quadroon” or anything else that made you black. You were subject to all the discriminatory laws of this nation for having a drop of black blood in you.

    It’s a crappy legacy but it is a legacy.

  47. Shaun King has more questions regarding his character than Peyton Manning or Cam Newton have regarding their character.

    A quick google search brings up fake charities he used to raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement, questions regarding his race which include him literally stating the man named on his birth certificate who is is white isn’t his real father, but of course there is no proof he actually has a black father, but what we do know with evidence is he has a white mother and a white father but claims he is a black man. None of his stories have any inkling of evidence to support regarding his personal life.

    His report is of a story that has been out in the public for over 15 yrs, so he literally didn’t break any news or find any new information, he simply googled which makes him no more a journalist than I after doing the same thing regarding him. He wrote this story for one reason and one reason only to make the case that Cam Newton is a great guy, but he neglected to do real reporting which would’ve at the very least brought up the fact that Kobe Bryant is being celebrated by the NBA and its fans despite the fact you know he raped a white girl in Colorado.

    How the NY Daily News hired this guy is beyond me and hopefully they fire him soon. He has no credibility as a journalist or a person.

  48. Wisconsin’s Favorite Son Jeffrey Be Dahmed says:
    Feb 15, 2016 10:37 AM

    If Manning did it, let the chips fall where they may. QBs get away with too much. If A-Rod would’ve done this to a man, they’d be celebrating in Frisco.
    LMAO! So true…

  49. Whitlock is right, and I’m glad he’s being reasonable here. How can other people in the locker room go along with anything like that? I’m sure something happened but to the degree of what is being accused doesn’t make sense.

    Also, of course this is a racial motivated story. It’s meant to stir up racial feelings about the white athletes vs black athletes, and if this guy has a racial tone with all his stories why give this 20 year old issue any merit?

    People like Shaun King are in business to keep racial division alive. It’s sad, really sad, when the people from the very community they opt to protect have to find stories from the past and bring them now to prove idiotic points of racism.

    1996 was a way different time, typical clowning around you could do, now everyone’s got a cell phone, things get taken too literally, there is NO privacy in todays time.

    If Manning’s 20 year past is fair game, then open the flood gates on Michael Jordans, Magic Johnson’s, Adrian Peterson and his brothel of wives. Make all our stars victims because we’re so ignorant about this subject…Do we really want to do that? Should leave it alone

  50. This dude is whiter than Taylor Swift. What a joke. Some people buy his racial crock of bs but I hope intelligent people of all colors see this guy for the dishonest piece of garbage he really is.

    I am not a Broncos fan. I am not a Manning fan. I simply detest fakes and posers and Shaun King epitomizes those labels.

  51. I’m late to this story. Let me get it straight.

    – White guy who pretends he is black and is a professional stirrer of shib injects himself into the ‘dialogue’

    – Why? Because he doesn’t like the narrative of people’s reactions to Cam Newton. Why? Because Cam Newton is black, so it must mean that everyone is racist. The fact that Cam Newton is a loud mouth arrogant showboat D-bag who embarrassed himself on the largest stage has nothing to do with it. He’s black and the people who don’t like him are white, so it must be racism.

    – So, to offset that ‘racism’, the white guy who is pretending to be black is trying to have a ‘gotcha’ moment about something that happened 20 years ago. Ok, great. I’m sure we’ll be looking at similar in depth hardcore reviews of Jamies Winston’s college legal problems?

    Is that what I’ve missed?

  52. I’m not a Twitter guy, but someone should ask Shaun King:

    ‘It’s clear that you want to do the ‘see, white guy is bad’ thing with Manning because people are criticizing Cam (which of course means they are racist’. You SURE you wanna open up that can of worms – Jameis, Kobe, Jordan, AP?’

    Was that 140 characters?

  53. What is the real issue here?

    Manning was 19 (being a couple of years older than Manning I can attest that I am not the same person I was 20+ years ago) and it’s unfathomable that he hasn’t matured since then.

    As far as the victim goes, they had their day in court. They agreed to settle. Case closed – until the Manning’s reopened it (stupidly) in their book…which they were sued for and again settled and again case closed.

    This isn’t a cover up or getting away with anything. The Mannings got sued twice and paid twice.

    They did “their time” (payment) – why is this being brought up again?

  54. Peyton lied, its a fact. No disputing it, its in black and white. You who deny it are just enjoying the TB he’s giving you…breathe deep…

  55. The trainer has two conflicting affidavits out there.
    One from mid-90s and one from the mid-00s.
    So if she can contradict her stories, then so can everyone else

  56. If there is a signed settlement of the case, then it doesn’t matter what happened at the time, because the matter’s been concluded in courts. Shaun King can go wave it around and pretend that he got this amazing scoop, but it was handled and addressed.

    When something like this happens, the point is not to spread it around in the news and cause these scandals, but to actually resolve the situation. What can King do now 20 years later that will resolve the issue? If his only intent is to tear down Peyton Manning as a public figure then that’s not journalism.

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