Dak Prescott worked with Jon Gruden as he prepares for draft

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When Tim Tebow finished up his college career at Florida, he was a heavily scrutinized NFL prospect that wound up being drafted by the Broncos in the first round of the 2010 draft.

Tebow’s production while playing in a Dan Mullen-coordinated offense at Florida couldn’t be denied — 9,286 passing yards and 2,947 rushing yards — but there were plenty of doubts about his ability to pass the ball at the professional level. Those doubts didn’t go away as Tebow found ways to win with the Broncos and his career stalled out after a 2012 trade to the Jets.

Mullen is now the coach at Mississippi State, where he coached quarterback Dak Prescott to great success the last two years. Prescott finished his days in Starkville with 9,376 passing yards, 2,521 rushing yards and the same kinds of questions about whether his dual-threat approach can lead to success in the NFL. In order to improve his chances, Prescott worked with Jon Gruden before the Senior Bowl last month.

“Everything really,” Prescott said of his work with Gruden while on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt. “Base fronts, what the NFL calls them versus what we called them in college. Going over the terminology of some plays, plays he ran. Before the Senior Bowl, it was all about making sure I had command of the huddle. I hadn’t been in the huddle in a couple of years. He wanted me to get the plays down, make sure I was able to go into the huddle, relay them to my players and give them confidence.”

Prescott, who was named the MVP of the Senior Bowl, isn’t expected to go as high as Tebow went in 2010. As his work with Gruden illustrates, he needs polish before he’s going to be thinking about running an NFL offense but his production makes him an intriguing prospect as the draft evaluation process heats up at the combine.

12 responses to “Dak Prescott worked with Jon Gruden as he prepares for draft

  1. Wow, so sad that the media is still pushing the urban legend that Tebow “won” with the Broncos or in the NFL. Doesn’t have a winning record as a starter, never played on a winning team. Not a winner!

  2. Jon Gruden on Dak Prescott: “I really like Dak Prescott. I would have loved to have Dak Prescott on my team.”

    Jon Gruden on a 3rd string lineman who is making a spot start on Monday night: “I really like Joe Schmoe. I would have loved to have Joe Schmoe on my team.”

  3. So Prescott really IS getting drafted? He hasn’t been granted a 16th year of eligibility at Misipi St? At least it seemed like he was there for 15 years…..

  4. This is the kind of guy Belechick would draft. The Pats will have about 4-5 picks in the 6th and 7th round this year. Garropolo only has a year left, and if Brady wants to play 3-4 years, they would trade Garropolo and draft another QB.

  5. before the 2015 season i wouldve thought that dude woulda been a first round pick.
    But that 2015 Miss State offense was some kinda trash. Prolly part of the reason he didnt put up numbers.
    Still can be a baller though. His passing is nowhere near as garbage as tebow, and he played in a far more pro style offense than florida

  6. One would think Dak Prescott would want to enhance his chances of being seen as an NFL QB prospect instead of entrusting his future to a non-QB-developer such as Chucky. I am not sure how Gruden ever packaged himself as a QB guru since he wasn’t one in any of his previous lives.

  7. rams with a run first philosophy and 2 2nd round picks could conceivably take a flyer on dak? although i am holding out hope they draft paxton lynch at 15 or move up to get to wentz or goff!!

  8. One can hardly compare Prescott to Tebow. Check out Prescott’s interception/touchdown ratio the last two years at MS State. Yes, he has to learn how to transition from a spread offense to a pro style offense, but, unlike Tebow, he was super accurate in his pass attempts.

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