Damon Harrison tells NFL “the best of me has yet to come”

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The Jets have a couple of free agent starters on their defensive line this offseason.

Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson is expected to receive the franchise tag as the team either buys time to work out a long-term contract or figure out if they’d rather make that kind of commitment to Sheldon Richardson in the not too distant future. Nose tackle Damon Harrison is also headed for free agency and may be harder for the Jets to hold onto should he make it to the open market.

Harrison sent out a tweet this week letting the Jets know what they’d be missing if things play out that way.

“The fact that the best of me has yet to come should excite my supporters…but it should seriously frighten anybody who isn’t for me,” Harrison wrote.

Harrison doesn’t play in many obvious passing situations and players with that profile don’t always break the bank as free agents. Harrison has been particularly effective as an early down banger in the middle of the line, however, and, at 27, offers more upside than others hitting free agency at the position. That could make things frightening for the Jets come March.