Josh McCown will gladly mentor a young QB in Cleveland

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The Browns are likely to draft a quarterback with the second overall pick in the draft, and if that quarterback pushes Josh McCown out of the starting job, McCown can live with that.

McCown said on this morning’s PFT Live that he’d love to start all 16 games this season, but if his role shifts to a veteran mentor and backup to a young franchise quarterback, that’s fine, too.

“My expectation is to come into work and be available and be ready to do whatever’s asked of me. If that’s to bring along a draft pick and to start until that guy’s ready, then I’m willing to do that. If that’s to go the full 16, I’m excited about doing that. If that’s to help that guy as he takes over, whatever my role, whatever’s asked of me, I’m just here to win football games,” McCown said. “Whatever my role is, I’m all in. I just want to help.”

McCown is under contract for the next two seasons at $5 million a year, and it appears that the Browns will keep McCown as the leader of a young group that will include a draft pick and whoever wins a training camp competition among Austin Davis, Connor Shaw and Pat Devlin. (At this point it goes without saying that Johnny Manziel is no longer in the mix.) McCown will turn 37 this offseason, and he’s happy to help a quarterback 15 years younger than him, even if it’s a quarterback brought in to take his job.

39 responses to “Josh McCown will gladly mentor a young QB in Cleveland

  1. They’ll have to start McCown. None of these college QBs will be ready to start, maybe not even until 2017.

  2. Josh McCown will gladly mentor a young QB in Cleveland…why wouldn’t he, a below average qb who would extend his career and get paid more than he would if he went back to teaching…

  3. They’ll draft the right QB soon. Any day now. This is Cleveland’s year. It has to be, right?

  4. Well, duh!
    Get paid $5 Million to “teach”…highest paid teacher in the nation. Probably makes more than some school districts in total!
    “those that can, do; those that can’t, teach”- has never been more relevant.
    For the money, there has to be a better teacher out there…but, it’s the Browns, after all.

  5. Josh McCown has actually played very well when he has been able to stay healthy…surprisingly so. He has played tough and been a true professional. Manziel could have learned much from him about being an adult and a professional.

    I like his attitude…a breath of fresh air in a stale “me me me” world. He will be a great help to any rookie that wants to listen…

  6. As a Browns fan, I shook my head when they picked up McCown. But then I saw how he always is willing to do whatever it takes to help out and always has a positive attitude which is not easy to do with this club. Pettine threw him in the game multiple times with broken ribs and/or collarbone and never once hesitated to give it all he had. McCown is a true professional, a great mentor, and a class act. I am proud to have him helping us in Cleveland.

  7. But in all seriousness, he does have a very professional attitude, and hopefully, that will rub off on said rookie. Unlike the other guy who was on the team….

  8. At 5 million a yr I see why he won’t have a problem with holding a clip board and getting the coffee for the QB meeting…..

  9. Not sure that that’s the level of winning attitude I’d want from the mentor on my team. Shouldnt he be saying, “if it’s to go the full 19, I’m excited about doing that.”

  10. His mentoring skills from last season:

    “Here’s what you do, kid. Work hard, study film, and then party like there’s no tomorrow whenever you get the chance.”

  11. While I applaud the thought, I think mccown should be careful hear. I remember a certain d coordinator in a neighboring state who got in a lot of trouble for mentoring young players, not saying Mccown will be lead down the same path but he should be weary

  12. McCown is a TEAM guy! He tried with JM but JM was too full of himself. Whoever they get at QB will be lucky to have Josh show him the NFL ropes. I just hope we don’t have to depend on Josh for the full 16, his health is not suited for that…!!!

  13. Josh (and brother Luke) are both class acts that a lot of players could learn from about how to be a vet pro football player. A true team player who knows his role and always puts out 100% effort in everything he does. Best of luck to him.

  14. Brady Quinn – Round 1 #22 overall
    Brandon Weeden – Round 1 #22 overall
    Johnny Manziel – Round 1 #22 overall

    Where ever you pick a QB …….Just not Round 1 #22 overall

  15. McCown has 14 NFL seasons under his belt. He hasn’t done it by being the most talented guy on the roster. If you want someone teaching your rookie QB work ethic, you could do worse.

  16. Getting paid $5 million a year to hold a clipboard sure as Hell beats working as a college assistant coach! I’m sure McCown is ecstatic. The Browns are such morons.

  17. You all can bash Josh all you want because of his record, but last year in Cleveland he was by far the toughest player on the team. The man has more heart than the other 52 players on that team combined. So other than Payton Manning himself, I can’t think of any other QB that I would rather have as a mentor than Josh!

  18. Those of you irrationally bashing McCown are a little uneducated about the situation. Rarely does a hall of famer become a good coach/ mentor. The marginal talents are the best because they had to work and study that much harder to get where they are. They obviously had enough talent and skill to get to the NFL, so why bash them for having average careers?

    McCown should be applauded. Many of his fellow elder QBs refused to mentor the young guys. Most famously, Bret Favre flat out refused to mentor Aaron Rodgers and never even said so much as hello the first 6 months.

  19. Josh McCowan may not be the best QB, but you cannot question the guys leadership…guys in the locker room want to go to bat for him!

    Attitude almoat always determines a person altitude in life.

    14+ yrs at the toughest position with 7 different teams is commendable…I would take him over a talent laden locker cancer like T.O. or a lazy-a$$ Jamarcus!

  20. Top 10 Qb’s since the rebirth

    1) Couch – The 1 year they had a running game …Play Offs

    2) D.A. – It was his only good year…but what a year

    3) Holcomb – If only Northcutt could catch……

    4) Hoyer – Best Record – Johnny’s shadow was too much

    5) Colt – Took out the Pats and saints in consecutive weeks… with no help……

    6) Josh McCown – Best Losing QB

    7) Weeden – How sad is that

    8) BQ – Worked so much on his guns in the gym he ruined his throwing motion

    9) Luke McCown – Like his brother…The force was not with him

    10) Thaddy Lew – Played as well as anyone here….Not good enough

  21. Brady Quinn – Round 1 #22 overall
    Brandon Weeden – Round 1 #22 overall
    Johnny Manziel – Round 1 #22 overall

    Where ever you pick a QB …….Just not Round 1 #22 overall

    Tim Couch – Round 1 #1 overall

    If it’s the Browns I don’t think it matters where they are picking.

  22. McCown could mentor him on how to fit all your personal belongings in a duffle bag that fits neatly into the overhead bin.

  23. I’m from MA but have lived a lot of years in S Carolina. I was never much for the college game but enjoyed watching Connor Shaw. I don’t see him at all in my region now. Dude was a stud in USC. Anyone know whats up with him not getting much love? Is he just trash or just wasn’t utilized bc of Manziel?

  24. McCown has always had the right attitude about the job. Johnny should have listened to him. Whoever they draft, I hope they’re good enough to start at least a few games, because McCown can’t last an entire season.

  25. Why hasn’t the NFL suspended Haslam as it did Irsay for tarnishing the Shield? Intentional fraud by his company is worse than the medication abuse/addiction issues that Irsay was dealing with.

  26. Any of these people ragging on McCown as being below average or a joke of a mentor did not watch any of the Browns games he played in last year. Fact.

    McCown had some of the best numbers in the entire league last year. Also worth noting that the best years of McCown’s career have come after the age of 30.

    Long story short– Maybe it’s not that he’s a below average QB and it’s more a case of playing in places like Chicago and Tampa Bay.

  27. “Any of these people ragging on McCown as being below average or a joke of a mentor did not watch any of the Browns games he played in last year. Fact.

    McCown had some of the best numbers in the entire league last year. Also worth noting that the best years of McCown’s career have come after the age of 30.”
    The only “number” that matters is WINS. Mccowen hasn’t “won” a significant amount of games since the easy stretch of games for the bears 3 seasons ago.

    You can throw for 5,000 years, but if you’re 0-16, I’m not impressed.

  28. Most of the best pitching coaches in MLB are catchers that couldn’t hit the curveball. I can see Josh as a QB coach or OC/ Asst. after his playing days are over. If he wants to do this for our team then why wouldn’t we want to be the club that gives him his start. He had no connection to this team whatsoever prior to to coming here and he wants to do it for us. Think he’s just grateful that the Browns are the team that gave him the best chance to re enter this league and stick around for a while. I graciously accept his gratitude 100% as a lifelong (42 yrs.) fan. Think all of us should have as much class as he has shown us and do the same.

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