Kirk Cousins contract talks hit a snag, which could mean a tag


Today’s the first day for teams to use the franchise tag if they want to, and Washington might have to.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the team and quarterback Kirk Cousins have broken off contract talks, and no more talks are scheduled.

Of course, it’s still fantastically early for this kind of negotiating scare tactic, and leaves Washington plenty of time to tag Cousins to keep him from hitting a market which includes more demand than supply.

But trying to come up with a deal for a guy who has performed on a consistent basis for one season is tricky, and letting the tag dictate the terms (around $20 million) in the short term might allow both sides to get a better handle on what his value actually is.

53 responses to “Kirk Cousins contract talks hit a snag, which could mean a tag

  1. What you or I think he’s worth is irrelevant. As the article stated the demand of QBs is so high than average, fringe starters are going to be paid upwards of $13M a year. Long term deal for KC probably pays him 16-18 a year.

  2. well, ‘Skins fans should be glad that they at least have a qb worth paying QB contract money to.

    Are any of these guys worth the 20 mil mark?
    the browns QB
    Tannehill made how much, and no playoff birth?
    Do the eagles have a QB?
    What about the Texans?

    Consider this: at least the skins aren’t paying RG3 20 mil a year to put himself in danger of paralysis.

  3. Remember, that this blogger is one of the Redskins haters. He still believes he is right and won’t use the real name. I don’t really take any Redskin article from one of these guys as having any merit at all.

  4. What is this Love affair with Kirk Cousins, I hope they do give him 20mil, The Redskins are acting like they were successful last year. Let count the ways first and foremost they only beat bad teams last year, got very lucky Romo and Dez were hurt early in the season, the Giants gave away 7 games are you kidding they are a bad football team and you will see next season.

  5. Actually smart on his part. You can ask for starter money, but less than the franchise tag and hold out. Some team is dumb enough to pay a lot for what they believe is a good QB. Given Washington’s track record, I am surprised they aren’t breaking the bank for him. This is one time it would make some sense.

  6. I like Cousins, but this guy is not worth $20 million. In fact, the only QBs who should be paid that much are ones who consistently take their teams to the playoffs over the years and can win the playoffs too

  7. To be honest, he wasn’t consistent all season, more like half a season. He did play really well against some bad teams, but he isnt going to get 20M a year somewhere else. I say call his bluff. He is worth signing for 10-15M a year right now, 40M guaranteed. Dont Flacco the franchise over this guy.

  8. Remember the contract that Russell Wilson signed; if the Redskins do not retain Kirk Cousins they will have (they are not going to pay RG3 16 million they are going to cut him and even Colt McCoy is a free agent) zero QB’s under contract. Kirk stays. No contract equals the tag.

  9. gmen6820 says:
    Feb 16, 2016 2:10 PM
    Please, please, please give him $20m per year for 5 years.

    – Giants fan
    Be careful what you wish for. That means no division titles for you little man for 5 years.


  10. Hey, let’s make fun of the Redskins for having a good QB!

    Back when John Beck and Rex Grossman were battling it out, we never had this problem, did we.

    The haters want you to think the team is worse off.

    Wrong. No amount of “lol-ing” will change the fact that it’s a good problem to have…

  11. I bet he wants 4 years 70m.

    Plan B is called Lotto= 20 m tag.

    Even if is mediocre, someone else will give him the 4 year deal. I would if I were Texas.

    Cousins would have won the Super Bowl with Denver. Probably by more points than Manning.

  12. I’d prefer Kirk on a different team to be honest! I may be a little prejudiced, but I honestly think he is an up & coming QB that has taken a lot of unnecessarily bad criticism.

    When he has his decent receivers in the game his QB rating is near the Top of the League. When he is working with 3rd stringers that fall down or tip passes to defenders then his ratings were brutal.

  13. A lot you posting comments actually don’t know the going rate for starting QB’s. $16MM – $25MM is the window. Cousins DOES fit in at about $19MM – $20MM. I think you should do some contract research before posting comments. He was top 10 in passing yards and QBR. He won the division. The Redskins played the same 8 teams that the other division teams played (if you back out the six division games). Only two games are different (Bears and Rams) and those teams finished better than the 49ers and Lions in those divisions. So, really the Skins did not play a last place schedule. If the Skins opponents were so bad, how come the other division teams could not beat them? Some of the folks posting are really ignorant to the facts here.

    HTTR – Proud division champs!!
    If it were so easy, why didn’t the Giants or Eagles do it?!

  14. Sal Tynuts says:
    Feb 16, 2016 2:34 PM
    Everybody just sit back and let Scot McCloughan be smarter than you.


    LOL, this is true. The Internet crowd actually acts like they are smarter than a seasoned, successful GM.

    Back in the day with Vinnie Cerrato, Skins would flub this…some folks have a hard time letting go of old, outdated narratives…

  15. I am not a Redskins fan but by coincidence I have been to three games that the Redskins lost with Cousins starting (all road games for the Redskins). I have no rooting interest for Cousins or the Redskins. I think Dan Snyder is an obnoxious person and an awful owner for the Redskins.

    But, look at what Cousins did last year. In his first year as a full-time starter, on a team that did not have any stars on offense, he threw for almost 4,200 yards, with 29 TD, 11 INT, 69.8% completion rate, and 7.7 yards per passing attempt.

    Maybe it was a one shot flukey year, but why wouldn’t it be an indication that after 3 not so good years as a backup, Cousins improved and thrived when chosen as a full-time starter?

    I wouldn’t tag him if I was the Redskins GM because I don’t think Cousins has demonstrated that he is a top 5 quality QB (or really #3 in the NFL if you think about how the tag works; average of the top 5 salaries effectively means the tagged player is being valued as the #3 at his position in the league).

    The salary cap for 2016 is expected to be about $155 million. Good but not great QBs generally get paid about 10%-12% of the salary cap. That would be $15.5-$18.6mm.

    If the Redskins don’t, I think some team will probably offer Cousins a deal for 4 or 5 years at more than $15 million per year with more than half guaranteed.

  16. coltzfan166 says:
    Feb 16, 2016 2:24 PM
    I like Cousins, but this guy is not worth $20 million. In fact, the only QBs who should be paid that much are ones who consistently take their teams to the playoffs over the years and can win the playoffs too
    Dude, it was his first season starting and now he is a free agent. It is what it is. We have to negotiate a new contract with him. I’d say he played very well in his first full season. He won the division and passed for 4,000+ yards. He IS worth $20MM. Check QB contracts. He’s the best Redskins QB since Mark Rypien. He threw for the most yards in franchise history….highest completion % in franchise history……2nd most TD’s in franchise history….etc. Top 5 in passer rating in the NFL this season. Top 10 in passing yards. COUSINS is not an average QB……he is well-above average. He’s better than RG3.

  17. i think his asking price is way too high. personally, i either franchise him and then draft a QB in round 3 or 4.

  18. I’m confused. Cousins must have beat a bunch of teams with a better than .500 record that I didn’t notice.

    I wouldn’t sign him… At all. Draft another qb and start over. This guy isn’t a starting qb period. How many times has this guy been benched?

    Best thing the skins could do is get another team to cap strap themselves to this guy.

  19. I would like to know what he is looking for long term. The tag gives the skins all sorts of flexibility to have another year of evaluation. There’s a lot of teams out there with a worse starter than Kirk.

  20. coltzfan166 says:
    Feb 16, 2016 2:24 PM
    I like Cousins, but this guy is not worth $20 million. In fact, the only QBs who should be paid that much are ones who consistently take their teams to the playoffs over the years and can win the playoffs too
    That’s nice that you believe that. The only QBs that should be paid that much are those that can negotiate it. What is it with people worrying about how much a player makes? Seriously…you’re not paying the players. The owners and TV money are the reason they get paid…Whether Kirk Cousins gets paid the league minimum or $20 million per year has absolutely no bearing on your financial situation.

  21. Cousins won’t sign and force the Redskins to tag him. If they don’t somebody won’t waste time signing him. Whichever happens Cousins will get around 20 mil this coming season whether you think he deserves it or not.

  22. Have to love the people who keep harping on beating winning teams. We played four, on the road to the jets where we couldn’t run and our defense made Fitzpatrick look like a god. At New England, how many teams beat them let alone at home, at Carolina, 15-1 Carolina and Green Bay where we had lead going into third quarter but our offense with no running game couldn’t keep up because our defense was starting street free agents. Get a run game and improve the D and then judge the man. Cousins,Reed,Garçon and Djax did their part, time for the rest of the team to step up.

  23. It will never happen…but what if the Redskins let him hit the market and he wound up with the Rams?

  24. gregorywilliams2 says:
    Feb 16, 2016 2:20 PM

    Let count the ways first and foremost they only beat bad teams last year, got very lucky Romo and Dez were hurt early in the season, the Giants gave away 7 games are you kidding they are a bad football team and you will see next season.
    I don’t think anyone, from the fans to the ball boys to coaches, is arguing that the Redskins are a good team. It is very hard to argue, however, that Cousins is not a good quarterback. Yes, if Romo and Dez were healthy, Dallas would have won the division, no question, but that doesn’t affect Cousins’ ability to throw the football efficiently.

  25. I think there is a valid discussion for using the tag. A lot of teams are getting stuck in cap jail but cutting these huge deals – deferring money on the cap – and them finding themselves even more strappred 2-3-4 years down the road. Look at the Ravens, Steelers, Saints. Dolphins etc. So pay Cousins $20 million this year. If he’s great again – you work out a long term deal and you feel even better that he can do it consistently. If not – you aren’t stuck 4 more years of dealing with his salary.

  26. Man. The Skins go 9-7 and you morons come out of the woodwork screaming about a tough schedule and having a 19 million dollar a year QB that won a division by default. You still have the same idiots making decisions for you. It hasn’t worked for 20 years. Why do you think that’ll be different now?

  27. No one mentioned a “tough schedule” One person stated that it wasn’t really a last place schedule, but that in no way equates to saying “tough schedule”.

    One person mentioned that the going rate puts cousins in that range.

    Not sure how you win a division by default. I think you do it by having the best record in the division. Not a great division, but we still had the best record.

    I know where you keep your head, so I understand that you may not have heard, but the decision maker now was hired last year, and his name is Scot McCloughan. By all accounts, people think he’s pretty good. I do know that Redskins fans are mostly pretty happy about it.

  28. He’s not going anywhere. Mcloughan will make him a reasonable offer. Which he wont and shouldn’t take. Then they franchise him. If he has another good year, they pay him because he will be more of a known commodity. I love Cousins. Is he worth 20+Million a year for X number of years? Not sure yet. Lets just pay him for one year and find out. Cause if he’s good, he’s worth 20+ and nobody looses anything.

  29. Mark my words. I will take any/all bets that Washington doesn’t see the post season next year. All this… We almost beat this team and we only lost to that team because… And, the defence has to do this or that… Really? $20 million on Kirk Cousins is where it’s at? How much should Fitz get in NY? 100? He broke team records too this year and at least they had a tougher schedule. Plus, he never tried to get rich off saying… “You like that?”

    It’s bull man… You’re gonna go pigeon chested in a division that had the Giants, Eagles and a Cowboys team with no one playing qb?

    This guy is a poser. Anyone that trademarks a “phrase” is NOT a team leader.

    I can’t wait for the netflix comedy special on this guy

  30. Seriously??? Trying to sell this guy as a “consistent” player?? WOW, you know what ? Pay him, then find yourself in a situation 10 TIMES worse than when RGIII was under contract. The only reason this TOOL performed at ALL was the fact that Gruden overlooked all his PICKS as opposed to allowing RGIII to grow. Now, he’s got this PUNK as his QB. “Be Careful What You WISH For….”

  31. Watch Danny Boy manage to screw this up.

    Everyone in Landover MD start getting excited for Colt McCoy 2016. Maybe Johnny Football! Danny loves a celebrity.

  32. Another example of agents ruining sports. Cousins is good, but not that good. He better not get full of himself and ask for crazy dollars. He was an interception machine before he went on his run.

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