Report: Luke Kuechly to have shoulder surgery

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Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly didn’t miss any time down the stretch because of a left shoulder injury, but he reportedly suffered one in Week 17 that’s going to require offseason surgery.

Jonathan Jones and Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer report that Kuechly will have surgery to repair a partially torn labrum in his shoulder. Kuechly is expected to be healthy in time for training camp, but his status for the team’s offseason workouts and OTAs is unclear.

Kuechly reportedly suffered the injury late in the first half of the regular season finale and played the second half of the game with a brace. He was well enough to lead all players in tackles during the postseason and return interceptions for touchdowns against both the Seahawks and Cardinals.

Fellow starting linebacker Thomas Davis will be rehabbing from the broken forearm he suffered in the NFC championship game and defensive ends Mario Addison and Ryan Delaire are also set for shoulder surgery this offseason.

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  1. i don’t like the panthers, but i have great admiration for Kuechly.
    Just the guy who’s called “face of the franchise” dabbed too much that got me sick of the panthers. But yeah, Kuechly gets my vote as the best LB in the league.

  2. Kuechly played lights out the first two games and as well as any Panthers defender not named Kony Ealy in the SB…all on a partially torn labrum. Much respect, dude is a beast

  3. Kuechly’s a tremendous player. Too bad great players get injured so often in football. His teammate Davis, Sean Lee, Jared Mayo’s retirement due to chronic injuries, on and on.

    Nobody should give any NFL player crap for trying to get as much guaranteed contract money as possible from these vulture owners.

  4. I agree with bmacwillcon no fans should criticize these guys. Lb’s
    like Mayo, Davis, Lee, Cushing ( and others ) are always around the ball. This can lead to injuries, often from friendly fire. Kuechly is a great player. I love seeing players like him fly to the ball. They all
    play so hard that at times during games that forget the risk of injury.
    How can you criticize players who play all out?

  5. Great player. Team had a good run – mostly by Luke’s defensive squad. But all those injuries to key players means it’s over. That’s just one of many reasons that SB champs can’t repeat & runner-ups often don’t even make the playoffs the next year.

  6. The pick six against Russell Wilson is basically why the Seahawks fell 7 pts short of the comeback. That was the killer. Great lb. Then he did it again the next week vs Arizona to be the only guy with back to back pick six in the playoffs? Correct me if I am wrong but it was something like that.

    And all that with a partially torn labrum? The painkillers must be gooooooood.

  7. As good as he is he couldn’t make a one on one tackle on the goal line with the Super Bowl on the line. I wonder if that injury had something to do with that play?

  8. Hate we lost the Super Bowl – but no one can question the team’s toughness. Two starters played with broken bones and one with a torn labrum. #KeepPounging.

  9. Good luck Luke! Labral tears and the surgery are no joke (I’ve had 3 on one shoulder).. Wearing that sling for 6 weeks = TERRIBLE.. Enjoy the meds 🙂

  10. keeppounding says:
    Feb 16, 2016 7:56 PM

    I had this surgery while playing college ball. 3 month recovery time. No big deal.
    Lucky you….I’m still suffering…

  11. omgspaz says:

    Kuechly played lights out the first two games and as well as any Panthers defender not named Kony Ealy in the SB…all on a partially torn labrum. Much respect, dude is a beast
    Actually, he got run over like a speed bump on several running plays, including Denver’s game clinching TD. And with all due respect, he was beaten and out of position in the Seattle game when Wilson threw the ball behind Lynch and right to him.

    Between this and the concussion it might just be that we’ve seen the best of this guy. Hope not he’s a good player but some guys bodies can’t take the beating of the NFL.

  12. The injury would explain why so many RBs ran through his tackles, down the stretch. Not a good for a player who as a LB has to use his shoulders on every play.

    Should take all the time he needs, even if it’s a 1/4 into the regular season. Should not come back too early or risk a chronic problem.

    Get rest and get well Luke.

  13. More Breaking News: following review of SB 50 game tape, Head Coach Ron Rivera called QB cam Newton to discuss certain aspects of the game. From a source, Newton yelled at his Coach “Who are you to judge me? What makes your way more right than mine?” Newton then told Rivera that Muhammad Ali is the Cam Newton of boxing and hung up on him. More on this story as details surface.

  14. There’s something in the water around here. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist of the Hornets had this injury in the preseason, came back after 4 months, played 7 games and tore it again when an Indiana player fell on him. Just had surgery today. Now Luke, Addison and Delaire all have the same injury. Yikes!

    At least, with a 4-6 month recovery period, all of them will be back in time for their next seasons to start.

    Now we just have to figure out what’s tearing all the labrums in Charlotte……..

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