Shane Lechler wants Super Bowl win, thinks Texans can get one

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Shane Lechler turns 40 in August and the punter knows that he wants to celebrate his birthday at an NFL training camp.

Lechler is set to become a free agent next month and says that his eye is on winning a Super Bowl rather than on when his playing career might be coming to an end. Lechler called getting a ring his “main goal” and that he’d like to remain with the Texans, who he thinks can bring one to his finger.

“Are there pieces to the puzzle that maybe need to be addressed? Yeah,” Lechler said, via “But there’s also 31 other teams that have pieces that need to be addressed or will need to be addressed. We’re just trying to put them together the right way here. I think with the staff we have,the ownership we have, it can be done. We started the year off 2-5 and we turned it around. … I’d love to be a part of it.”

As a team that figures to lead with defense and ball control, having a good punter is likely part of the puzzle for the Texans in 2016. Lechler qualifies for that role, which makes him a candidate to get tagged in the next couple of weeks so that Houston knows it doesn’t have to worry about breaking in a new punter while they address the pieces of the puzzle that aren’t already on hand.

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  1. The Broncos proved how valuable HF advantage is during the playoffs.
    I can’t envision a scenario that would allow a Texans team with no QB to win enough games to get HF advantage.
    And certainly not in the amount of time Lechler has left to play.

  2. ………the Texans have no QB and a RB who is always injured….he won’t get a SB Ring with them. He should chase the money and pray a decent team signs him……maybe the Bengals or Redskins.

  3. All the Texans need to win the Superbowl is a 25 year old Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning. That would let them contend for a Super Bowl.
    Who knows, maybe if they sign Bradford, he will become a hall of fame QB. Or they could draft a QB and he could become a hall of famer.

    Or they could go 8-8 this year.

  4. McNair isn’t a very good owner, he’s actually Jerry Jones 2.0.

    Rick Smith is terrible and the Texans will blow it (like usual) when it comes to finding a QB. Houston misses the Oilers franchise who hasn’t seemed to go long (Blanda, Pastorini, Stabler, Moon, McNair, and Mariota) without a good/great QB.

  5. If Luck is healthy he is not losing the division to Houston.

    Tennessee is getting better and have a legit starter.

    I think Houston is going to be bottom 2 in the division now for some time unless they find a legit starting QB. Even if they draft a great one they will still be 2 years away from winning anything.

  6. The Texans are a joke. One bad season and they fired Kubiak. He just won the superbowl in Denver. Front office couldn’t figure out that the problem was the unraveling of Schaub. We had a good offense and a great defense while Kubiak was coach.

    Now, our offense sucks and we have to rely on JJ to win games for us.

    Now, we got a QB guru who hasn’t improved the QB situation.

  7. laces out says:
    Feb 16, 2016 9:35 AM

    Houston is only a couple of pieces away. Problem is those pieces are hard to find.


    If you put an elite QB on any team and give them 1 year you will see a competitive team. All teams are only a couple of pieces away if the QB is one of them.

    Look what Manning did since going to Denver.

    Playoffs every year, and two Super Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl win in 4 years.

    Sure they built a great defense this year, but if Manning doesn’t come back in, I don’t think Denver has a home playoff game, or at least not the top seed, and it would have been much tougher.

  8. All of you saying he should have stayed with the Raiders…The Raiders stashed Marquette King on injured reserve the season before Lechler’s contract expired and were ready to move on. The Raiders had an inexpensive young punter when they were trying to get the financial house in order and let Lechler move on. One of the few great Raiders from the 2003-2012 era along with Woodson and Seabass.

  9. .
    The Texans snoozed on draft day and let the Vikings swoop in an take Teddy Bridgewater. Then they stood pat while the Patriots chose Jimmy Garopollo a few picks ahead of them. Sometimes, you have to be aggressive on draft day and pay the price for a player you covet.

  10. As Belichick says, if wishes and buts were candy and nuts our sweet tooth would always be happy.

    Or something like that……

  11. The Texans are a joke. One bad season and they fired Kubiak. He just won the superbowl in Denver. Front office couldn’t figure out that the problem was the unraveling of Schaub. We had a good offense and a great defense while Kubiak was coach.

    I do not miss Kubiak at all in Houston; O’Brien is gaining experience and I think he’s already a much better HC. The guy I miss is Phillips.

    Texans were .500 team at best with Kubiak as HC. Decent offense, no defense or special teams.
    Then Wade Phillips came along, drafted Watt and several other top flight defenders and the team won the division and made the playoffs.

    Denver SB win belongs to Phillips far more than Kubiak. Their offense was sketchy at best, special teams so-so. Just like the Texans 3-4 years ago. Much better defense, tho.

  12. Always the best for Shane from us…
    That said, the Texans are on the rise. If Clowney becomes the player that he should. That thought is scary. The only thought scarier is if Houston had drafted Khalil Mack.

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