Colts sign a tight end with two headed for free agency

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The Colts are going to be paying a fair amount of attention to tight ends in the near future.

Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen have manned the spot for the last four seasons after being picked in the second and third round of the 2012 draft. Both players are set to become unrestricted free agents next month, which may explain why the Colts added a player at the position on Wednesday.

The Colts announced that they have signed Cameron Clear, who spent last offseason and preseason with the Steelers before landing on injured reserve. The Steeelers eventually waived Clear, who is a 6’5″, 277-pound Texas A&M product.

Clear caught just nine passes for 76 yards while in college and his size suggests that blocking will be the chief asset he has to offer at the professional level. That may put him in the mix for a roster spot, but the Colts will have more to do at the position if they don’t bring back at least one of their homegrown tight ends.

The Colts also have Jack Doyle, who is set to be a restricted free agent, and converted basketball player Erik Swoope on the roster at tight end.

14 responses to “Colts sign a tight end with two headed for free agency

  1. At first glance, it looked like the Colts were signing a tight end with two heads.

    Might work to their advantage when they play the Bengals…Burfict won’t know which head to go for…

  2. dwayne allen is better than fleener but i bet the colts keep fleener.

    if allen was on the whodats he could be a top 5 te. FACT

    do the whodats ever have a bad tight end situation???

  3. Plenty of targets in the passing game, but no line to stop the franchise QB from being killed. Makes sense.

  4. “dwayne allen is better than fleener but i bet the colts keep fleener.”

    Dwayne Allen is a good dude and a good player but he can’t stay on the field, he seems to have bad luck with injuries. Here is a comparison between the two.

    GP Rec Tgt Yrds
    Allen 43 91 147 1,045
    Fleener 60 183 313 2,154

    A lot of his “games played” he played injured last year and we mainly used him as a blocker because he couldn’t run.

  5. Two heads are great but can you imagine the catches this guy could make with FOUR ARMS!?! Now you got my attention…

  6. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    Feb 17, 2016 10:34 AM
    dwayne allen is better than fleener but i bet the colts keep fleener.

    Yep. Fleener has been Luck’s buddy since their days at Stanfurd.

  7. I got really excited when I first glanced at your headline and thought the Colts had signed a two-headed tight end. Damn!

  8. After that idiot Irsay made those ridiculous comments about paying Andrew Luck all that cash I can’t wait to see what happens with the Colt roster. Between Irsay and Grigson – I hate to say it – but the team and the fans are screwed once again.

    Well, on second thought, maybe not – they did raise ticket prices for next year…..

  9. Allen was an obvious better player than Fleener, but was always on the sidelines and local tv commercials. Good guy, will be a loss, but let some other team pay him. Fleener was Lucks bud but was as fast as your Mom.

    Anyone that doesn’t think Luck is not going to get a huge contract is not a football person, regardless of what Irsay said, his thoughts were the obvious.

    Kap, Ryan, and Flacco and others got huge contracts, Luck getting his is business.

    Hey Bills fan: One bad season? Look at all those banners in Lucas Oil, not had a team since Kelly and Thomas, Bennet…talk about a team with rectal cranial inversion…bad at any price

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