Would Broncos want Peyton Manning at any price?


Despite what they’ve said publicly, the Denver Broncos need to know sooner than later whether quarterback Peyton Manning will be retiring. If he’s on the roster as of March 9 under the terms of his current contract, the Broncos will owe Manning $19 million fully guaranteed for 2016.

So the question is whether the Broncos would keep Manning at a reduced rate, if he decides to return for another season. One league source familiar with the organization’s thinking believes that the Broncos don’t want Manning back at any price.

Having Manning back at any price or in any capacity will make it much more difficult to turn the page to Brock Osweiler or, if necessary, someone else.

The next question becomes why haven’t they cut him? They haven’t cut him because they want Manning to come to the conclusion that he’s retiring on his own.

It’s the same reason why they reportedly haven’t begun negotiations with quarterback Brock Osweiler. (Then again, the source contends that negotiations have indeed occurred, but that they are happening discreetly in order to allow the impression to be created that the Broncos are waiting for Peyton.)

And so it all comes back to the original question. Why hasn’t Peyton Manning told the Broncos what he plans to do? If, as Archie Manning said immediately after Super Bowl 50, Peyton is “done in Denver,” why not make it a formality with Denver so that everyone can move on? If he wants an outright release so that he can consider playing for the Rams or anyone else, the Broncos would surely give it to him.

Indeed, they’re eventually going to give it to him anyway, before that $19 million salary becomes completely and totally guaranteed.

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  1. Manning may have one more season left,but it’s not in the Broncos interest to keep him, especially with $19 million in base salary. Hopefully he’ll do the right thing and retire on a high note.

    Everyone has to leave the game eventually, and winning a Superbowl is the ultimate way to leave on top. No need to tarnish his legacy with hanging on and playing bad football for a couple more seasons.

  2. The next question becomes why haven’t they cut him?

    Because he led his team to a Super Bowl win a little over a week ago? Come on, man. Sloooow down.

  3. Manning is being selfish, he needs to retire so Denver can make a move towards Osweiler….the time to retire is NOW that he’s on top with the Super Bowl win, also needs to consider all these allegations with drugs and sex scandal…..

  4. Maybe Manning has some other things on his mind right now. Maybe that supposed big deal to go to CBS isn’t on offer anymore. And if it isn’t, he might be hedging his bets for the moment.

  5. How long is ESPN and the NFL Network going to be covering up for this guy. HGH, Sexual Assault but more importantly Manning attempting to cover the it all up.

  6. I’m a die hard Broncos fan, 2nd generation season ticket holder. It’s been 10 days since the Super Bowl. Every day that Peyton drags this out, I like him a little bit less. If he needs a push, sit him down and have him watch his “highlights” from this season. He is a bottom-third QB on his very best day at this point in time. He needs to retire and preserve some dignity. And if he can’t come to that conclusion, then Elway needs to hand him his walking papers.

  7. There comes a time in every player’s career, no matter how great, that they need to hang up the spurs. Manning managed that second ring, he has most of the records in the book, and his body has started breaking down. Don’t drag it out because you’re too proud to say Father Time won.

    The Broncos are going to move on without him, all they are deciding is what team they’re going to trade him to if he doesn’t retire. Does anyone really want to see Manning retire after a season with a bottom rung team so he can get that one regular season win?

  8. Given how much Manning has declined, even if he’s slightly better than Osweiller, the Broncos should let him go and go younger. They need to find out how Osweiller is going to work out. He needs playing time in order to improve, so play him.

  9. Peyton has a 21.5Mil cap this coming season with 19M savings on it should he retire, be released or traded…….Strickly speaking, a SB Winning QB is well worth that money…….Except that everyone feels he isn’t……Hard to think of past SB Winning QB that everyone has felt so strongly that he needs to get cut from the team……

    I want him to retire for the nice ending to the story…

  10. I used to be a Manning fan, but he should have already told the team his plans, or at least should do so very soon.
    No need to drag this out.

    On the other hand, if he wants to play, I hope he finds a sucker to pay him (as long as it’s not my team) and I hope he has a worse year than this one, 8TDs and 21 picks.
    Cleveland sounds like a good choice. Or the Texans.

  11. With a dead arm and no legs he should get out.
    But he will find someones face to sit on in another city.
    Elway got the trophy and is now happy.
    L.A. is a good place to find HGH.
    Daddy will hang off Peyton apendage for years to come.

  12. Gauranteed the ego maniac is dragging it out on purpose. Biggest mistake Elway made was publicly stating Manning can take as long as he wants.

    That is the right thing to say but it undercuts the Broncos ability to negotiate with the guys they need to keep. Manning is holding this franchise hostage right now.

  13. If Manning wants to stay with the Broncos for another ring next year, he should stay as a backup to Osweiler with backup money. I think that would be OK with the Broncos.

  14. Peyton could send his two goons to intimidate Elway into letting him stay, you know the same two guys he sent who stated they were law enforcement and made the reporter change his story. Guess that HGH story is true

  15. Broncos don’t want him back at any price. Also, keep in mind that Peyton is a real pro when it comes to holding a grudge. He was not happy when Elway cut his pay and he hasn’t forgotten. I doubt he will retire before March 9 forcing the broncos to cut him and making themselves look bad by doing so.

  16. Hang em up number 18
    you have had a stellar career
    nothing more to prove
    do it the Elway way
    ride out on top .
    you know its time
    dont pull a Farve

  17. Manning has a right to do whatever he wants. Being one of the GOAT entitles him to it. And remember those of you Denver fans who booed him last season, it will be his decision! Deal with it!

  18. Denver needs to sign Jackson and Miller. Tag Osweiler and cut Peyton by the 8th. Peyton is being selfish and knows he isn’t a good fit for the offense. Osweiler is and Peyton needs to show the decency to know when to step aside. Since the cap is estimated to rise 12 million I would add that to Manning’s 19 million as my base available salary cap. Osweiler outperformed Manning with very little experience and would have given Denver a blowout win in the Superbowl. Time to move on Broncos.

  19. Well, we’re still talking about him…so, why hurry.
    Favre rushed his retirement from Packers and it ended ugly. Manning likely knows what he’s going to do.

  20. I’ve been a Bronco’s fan since 1970. I never thought they would win a Super Bowl with Dan Reeves as head coach and I’m not alone. Mr. John Elway was such a stud and proved himself to be winning back to back Super Bowls and my alltime hero of the Broncos like so many others I’m absolutely sure. I’m so torn with this issue. I actually believe that Peyton Manning could go again and do even better than he did this year…..really. Isn’t this game all about everyone buying in and everyone also getting on the same page. After a Super Bowl everyone needs to get paid somehow. I’ve heard they’re gonna raise the salary cap quite a bit this upcoming year. I predict that their chances of repeating are very low as every single team has proved to be in the past. They did it before though. So without every defensive player and none could be let go in my opinion, they could actually repeat…..if they improved their O line substantially. I actually think that D.T. is the one who needs to be released to retain cap space. He turned out to be a bust the second he got paid and decided he doesn’t have to play anymore. Peyton should walk away on top and everyone knows it would be the best outcome all around. Brock Osweiller is capable of winning it all too. He absolutely needs to learn the kill or be killed instinct needed to be a Super Bowl Q.B. for sure. I believe he can be taught that with the right QB coach. What a quandary our Bronco Nation is in!!!!

  21. The Bronco’s would not look bad cutting Peyton Manning. Everyone knows it’s a business. Mr Elway needs to do the deal behind closed doors and ask him to retire. He honestly has nothing else to prove….ever. I’m one of the very few who still believes in Peyton Manning. After his absence he threw a few pics and that’s all. In my heart I honestly believe this man has one more amazing year in him. Having that said how sad would it be for him to get hurt and be forced to retire after hurting his neck again and far worse. How about 9 million as a back up or even the starter again, it honestly would work amazingly well if Mr. Elway kept the entire defense including edge rushers and D-Line, everyone. And give the O-line all the help they need and spend the extra money on them. What a conundrum. Peyton should walk away for his legacy to remain fantastic. He would be offered big TV money anyway as a matter of course if he wanted to remain involved. I would walk away unless they offered him half the money and a back up or even a starter job at QB.

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