Jonathan Newsome’s arrest wasn’t first time cops found weed at his house

Getty Images

When Colts linebacker Jonathan Newsome was arrested Wednesday morning for possession of marijuana, we noted it wasn’t his first weed-related offense.

As it turns out, it wasn’t even his first weed-related incident this offseason.

According to Mike Wells of, Zionsville, Ind. police were also called to his home on Jan. 31, also for a noise complaint, and police found marijuana then as well. A friend of his was arrested for possession that morning.

Coupled with a suspension during his days at Ball State, there’s a pattern here: Newsome is frequently in places where marijuana also happens to be.

(Then again, so is every Denver Bronco and Seattle Seahawk, but that’s a different conversation for a different day.)

The Colts put out the usual statement Wednesday, saying they were aware, “but until we have had an opportunity to review the facts relevant to the case, it would be inappropriate for us to make a comment.”

Here’s a comment we feel like they could make without much controversy: Somebody should really tell Newsome to turn his stereo down and quit riding his motorcycle in the house.