Mike Mularkey wants to create “exotic smashmouth” offense for Titans

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The Titans offense has plenty of room for improvement.

But they’ve already delivered in terms of potential fantasy football team names for the coming season.

Via Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website, Mularkey described the offense he hopes to put on the field around quarterback Marcus Mariota, saying when he was in Pittsburgh it was referred to as “exotic smashmouth.”

The gist of it is to simplify the offense to allow players to play faster.

“(Opponents) are going to know we are going to be very hard to defend, and it is going to be a physical football game,’’ he said. “When it is all said and done they are going to know they have been in a fight.”

The Titans certainly have some parts, after investing first round picks in Mariota and tackle Taylor Lewan and guard Chance Warmack the last three years. Coupled with a Pro Bowl tight end in Delanie Walker and an emerging wideout like Dorial Green-Beckham, and it’s easy to see the potential.

Of course, the Titans are still short in the running game, lacking anything resembling a bell cow back. They can’t take one with the top pick, but the top of the second round could still get them the kind of between-the-tackles runner they need if they want to be exotic or smashmouth.

The theme of hard-nosed football is red meat for the masses in Tennessee, who watched a fairly vanilla 3-13 team when they watched them at all.

“I hired guys who like to win, and they like to win by beating the hell out of people,” Mularkey said of his coaching staff. “That’s why I hired them.”

You’ll now pardon us while we pause to consider whether Dick LeBeau is exotic, or smashmouth.

17 responses to “Mike Mularkey wants to create “exotic smashmouth” offense for Titans

  1. “You’ll now pardon us while we pause to consider whether Dick LeBeau is exotic, or smashmouth”

    Exotic smashmouth was talking about offense. Last I knew LeBeau is all about defense.

    But should still be a no brainer – LeBeau is exotic. Didn’t he come up with the zone blitz where d-lineman drops back in coverage to cover for a blitzing linebacker? From a defensive standpoint, this is one of the top innovations in the game the last few decades. About as exotic as you get.

  2. Definitely smashmouth.

    Hey, now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play

    Now it’s stuck in your head!

    I’m sorry (not really)

  3. Yeah, they better hope they can draft either Ezekial Elliott or Derrick Henry in round 2 (or trade down with their top pick), otherwise they won’t have the RB that can work in this system. (Legarrette Blount seems to be the only worthwhile free agent who fits this type of system, but he hasn’t been all that reliable the past two years)

  4. Take it from Josh Bromley: always negotiate the price completely before going Exotic Smashmouth.

  5. Given his QB’s dainty build and finesse skill set, smash mouth sounds like a very good fit. The Titans should just admit the mistake and run Mularkey now.

  6. Every team wants to play exotic smashmouth football, but very few have the personnel to do it and do it successfully. I’m beginning to think Mularkey likes anything with the word “mouth” in it, since he seems to be running his a lot lately. Let your play on the field do the talking coach.

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