NFLN expresses interest in Peyton Manning


As Peyton Manning continues to deliberate his future employment, Manning current employer and its 31 competitors are interested in giving him a job.

Via Michael McCarthy of, the league-owned NFL Network has said it will contact Manning if/when he retires from playing.

“NFL Network is always interested in former players who are looking to enter the media business when they step away from the game,” NFLN spokesman Alex Riethmiller said in a statement to McCarthy. “Should that be the decision Peyton makes this offseason, I’m sure we’ll reach out to him.”

That disclosure will surely create some frayed nerves for the folks currently at the NFLN main table. Unless the league plans to expand its A list, it will be a zero-sum game — and someone will currently end up with nothing.

FOX, ESPN, and NBC did not comment regarding potential interest in Manning.

It’s not known whether Manning is interested in a TV job, and if so whether he’d prefer studio work or game analysis. If he wants to do games, NFLN won’t be the location; CBS and NBC will be producing the game televised on NFLN Network in 2016 and 2017.

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  1. I always pictured Manning as more of the Executive type than the On-Air personality type. More Elway, less Aikman.

  2. Why not? HGH user and sexual harasser, it’s not like he was maybe generally aware of something that never happened. Ask Polian he will give you an unbiased view of the Manning and Brady situations.

  3. I don’t see it happening. Peyton will likely go into business and end up owning an NFL franchise one day. The guy is a very shrewd business man.

  4. I can only imagine how sterile Peyton’s commentary would sound.

    I’d rather have more guys like Charles Barkley or Dennis Eckersley, Rodney Harrison….guys that say what they think, not say what people expect them to say.

  5. If Peyton Manning enters the analyst world rather than the coaching world, god help all the schlubs that are on NFL-based shows today. His preparation and knowledge of the game will blow away any of the guys on the sets today, and will raise the bar for those shows. They certainly need that bar raised….

  6. Awesome news! Maybe they can bring back Warren Saap, too. That way they’ll have an ex player who beat up prostitutes and didn’t pay them with a teabagger! Hey, I heard Ray Rice and Ray MacDonald are available, too! Might as well represent GODell’s NFL on the NFLN set!!

  7. I cant see Peyton with that group of guys. Irvin and Primetime scream at each other like hyena’s, and Steve Mariucci might as well wear a clown nose on air.

    I dont know how Rich Eisen puts up with it

  8. All said and good, but if he is accused of another sexual assault he is toast.
    Not to mention if any more data comes out or if its even truly investigated about the HGH accusations.

  9. We can only pray and wish!
    gregbeau says:
    Feb 18, 2016 1:16 PM
    He’s going to CBS to team with his pal Nantz, and Simms is on the way out.

  10. The Manning Crime family. Archie “Daddy” Manning, Boss. Peyton “The Head” Manning, Underboss. Eli “The Tongue” Manning, capo. Cooper “The Shadow” Manning, consigliere

  11. Greatest quarterback of all time. With a better team he would have been unbeatable. Unfortunately for him the Colts never cared/were not smart enough to build a team around him.

  12. Americas Game, A Football Life, programs like these are the best things on that station (and we have “NFL Films” to thank for those, a separate entity if I’m not mistaken).

    Everything else…😒

  13. He does commercials. He loves hamming it up in front of the camera. He has to get through this scandal first. If he teflons that, he’ll be a presence on the NFL boob tube for a few decades.

  14. I don’t think Manning would be very good as an analyst or studio guy, but it sure is fun to imagine the targets to get rid of if he does get hired.

    NFL Network

    Irvin and Deion yak inanely all the time and you can’t hear what anybody else is saying. Rich keeps them somewhat under control, but when Chris Rose hosts, it’s ridiculous. He’s trying to announce stuff and those two are like a couple of junior high schoolers laughint and talking out of turn.

    Deion is turning into a grouchy old man and he complains nonstop if he has to go out to a stadium where it’s under 60 degrees. Big baby.

    I’d be thrilled to see Irvin go and pretty happy to say buh-bye to Deion.


    There is nobody in all of sports I’d be happier to see kicked to the curb than Phil Simms. I could quit trying to sync the radio play-by-play for games with the TV video for CBS A-games.


    Speaking of grumpy old men, it’s definitely time for Ditka to hang up his mic.


    I don’t much like Collinsworth, but there’s nothing worse than sports guys who talk politics on the air, so Al Michaels: enjoy your retirement.

  15. Brain glitch. I don’t know why I had Ditka with Fox instead of ESPN. Geez, football season only just ended.

  16. I cannot take more of this guy’s forehead on my tv screen.


    Doesn’t he have enough money? What’s he going to talk about anyway? HGH use, cheating, .500 postseason records, his preference to play in domes, be entitled, etc?

  17. as good as he is (one of the best ever), and as smart as he is, I’m not sure I can listen to that voice on TV for years to come.

  18. Im sure the NFL is really investigating his HGH use too. What a joke


    The USADA is investigating the allegations, but I am sure that if he comes cleans people will say that the USADA is a fraud, and that Archie Manning send his gons to intimidate a federal agency.

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