Saints have already identified “heir apparent” to Marques Colston

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The Saints are intent on hanging onto quarterback Drew Brees.

But as they face looming salary cap problems, other aging players may be hearing the clock tick on their time there.

When General Manager Mickey Loomis was on SiriusXM earlier this week, he talked up a group of young receivers, and had particularly high praise for Brandon Coleman, who could ultimately replace Marques Colston.

Via the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Loomis said Coleman was “a big guy out of Rutgers that has done some good things, and I think in many ways is the heir apparent to Marques.”

Coleman was impressive late in the season, with 16 receptions for 231 yards in the last five games. With the 10-year-veteran Colston on the decline (he had career lows with 45 receptions for 520 yards and four touchdowns), it could just be a matter of time before he’s on his way out.

The Saints could save $3.2 million of cap space if they cut Colston with a post-June 1 designation, or they could ask him to take a pay cut.

Parting with their all-time leader in receiving yards and touchdowns won’t be an easy call for the Saints, as Loomis has also pointed out how valuable he is as a leader. They have young wideouts in Brandon Cooks and Willie Snead to go with Coleman.

But for a team with many problems, a 32-year-old receiver might be viewed as a luxury, especially with a replacement on hand and emerging already.

18 responses to “Saints have already identified “heir apparent” to Marques Colston

  1. Im still not convinced about Coleman.

    And I think theres still a spot for Colston as like the 4th guy. He doesnt attack the ball like he used to, but hes still got all that chemistry with Drew, dont throw that away.

    He can do the Donald Driver plan.

  2. Drew Brees is teh culprit, right?

    Not so fast.

    His salary for 2016 is 20MM, which is at or below market for a good QB. He has 10 million in cap hit due to all the restructuring that the team asked him to do. It was the Saints who converted his salary into signing bonus in the past. Not that pro-ration is coming back to hurt them.

    Brees signed a mutually agreed upon contract. The team decided to spend extra up front (Jimmy Graham, Jarius Byrd) and then got into trouble.
    Had they never signed Byrd they would be in better shape.
    Had they traded Graham rather than signing him, they’d be in better shape.

    The Saints are poorly managed.

  3. They only have the money for minimum salary guys. Thanks Drew.
    Yeah its Drew fault the Saints missed on many draft picks and free agent signings the last few years? Its Drew’s fault for all the dead money from Gallete’s contract? The money woes are directly linked to cap mismanagement from pitiful personnel decision making (Loomis and Payton). I don’t think Brees has anything to do with that, he’s merely getting paid his market value as one of the all time greats should in this league.

  4. Coleman is a bug guy (6’6″) that impresses me when he’s on the field.

    Much love for what #12 has done for us, but the decline is evident. Not so much in the speed, but the drops. Colston has worked the seam for 10 years with Drew and taken tons of monster shots. The last few years he has tried to stay away from getting blasted and it has caused quite a few drops.

    The fact that Colston never made a pro bowl is ridiculous.

  5. Colston could very well be done. But calling Coleman his heir apparent is a stretch. They’ve been saying that for two seasons now. Remember how hyped he was going into camp this past season? Him and the other receiver that didn’t even make the roster. No, they need a bona fide #1 at this point in Brees’ career. He’s spent the last decade making avg. receivers look good…now he needs somebody that can separate or go get the ball if they have to. Suspect interior O-line is gonna make Brees’ job hard enough. Retention of D. Allen as the D-Coord was another mistake. No noticeable improvement from the D after Ryan was jettisoned warranted his retention, much less a promotion. No the problem is in their scouting & management. State of the Saints, Brees’ would be crazy to take a dime less than what he’s owed. Now maybe a 3 year ext. for 60mil w/ 40 guaranteed w/ a bonus </= 5 million would be reasonable IMO but definitely wouldn't give up a dime.

  6. Colston is on the decline no doubt but there’s something to be said for his leadership. I think Payton realized that when he jettisoned Harper, Smith, Jenkins and Moore because they were aging veterans. There was a huge leadership gap and the makeup of the locker room changed for the negative. Based on his year-end press conference, I think he recognizes that there is a place for veteran leadership and there would be a void without both Evans and Colston. See if he will take a discount and keep him around for a farewell season.

  7. I love Colston but I believe he’s declined too much to keep him at that price. If Coleman can be that down the field threat and you can move Cooks to the slot and have Willy Snead sitting down into zone coverage ala Lance Moore plus the guys coming out of the backfield, who can all catch the ball, man that’s tough to cover. But we all know this teams success won’t be determined by the O, it’s fixing the D.

  8. What are you guys talking about? Drew’s cap hit for 2016 is $30 million. That’s a huge number
    Brees’ huge cap hit is the product of GM Mickey Loomis proverbially kicking the ‘can down the road’. Has nothing to do with Brees…….

  9. Coleman will be a superstar especially with the Saints. They haven’t allowed him to play alot or even throw to him simply because they are very smart, they wanted to keep him from a big contract, they didn’t need him right away so they groomed him along. He will be a nice fit. Other than leadership I’m not sure what Colston brings to the table, if he even is a leader. Seems like the quiet type. Love what he has done for us.

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