Browns expected to make a run at Mohamed Sanu


Soon-to-be free agent Mohamed Sanu has practically said his goodbye to Cincinnati already, but at least one of the teams that want him has a familiar look.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns “are expected to pursue,” the fifth-year wideout, who is well familiar with coach Hue Jackson.

Jackson was there for all four of Sanu’s years with the Bengals, watching him blossom into a versatile part of an explosive passing game. That’s something he’s going to need in Cleveland — along with a quarterback (small detail, and maybe Sanu’s arm is part of the plan).

Sanu’s Bengals teammate Marvin Jones also figures to be on the Browns’ list, though those two will draw significant interest from others as well. The Falcons and Giants have already been linked with Sanu.

The Browns have some options, as they might get Josh Gordon back from suspension (though banking too much hope on a recidivist might be unwise) and they’re trying to retain Travis Benjamin. But Jackson knows how to spread the ball among multiple targets, so it makes sense that he would start with guys he’s familiar with.

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  1. Sanu, Benjamin, is a nice start. If Gordon can get reinstated and stay clean that’s a top receiving crew in the NFL.

    Let’s go Hue. Reel him in!

  2. amanistumor says:
    Houshmandzadeh 2.0

    Sanu was never anywhere near as good as Houshmandzadeh.

    I would have liked to see him stay, but like Jones, he’s good, not great. Replacing both of them will probably be a bit difficult, but it’s not worth overpaying either.

  3. hippieway says:
    Feb 19, 2016 4:07 PM
    If the Browns could accidentally stumble upon a quarterback, they might become interesting.

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    This has been echoed since 1999. Don’t hold your breath, but Browns fans can hope. Goff should be your guy. Don’t let predraft media screw it up.

  4. Let’s bring in sanu and we will be set with recievers startan with Gordon, Sanu, Benjamin, and then still Hawkins. We could have a little extra talent from Pryor… and we have arguably the best T.E in the league with Barnidge. So hopefully we can just have somebody to actually pass them the damn ball.. let’s go GOFF !!!!!

  5. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. However, if you would have told me ahead of time that Jackson would come here I wouldn’t have believed that either. Eventually they have to get it right, don’t they? You know, law of averages, right? Right? Please get it right, please. I think 51 years of sadness is enough, isn’t it? Please! Hell, I’ll settle for just being relevant again. Please! OK, now I’m begging, please!

  6. It all started with Hugh. I can’t believe the caliber of experienced coaches he just got to come to Cleveland. The sound analytic approach would be to resign and draft their own players, but bringing a few free agents like Sanu in to teach the other players the new offense would be smart. The biggest issue with the current receivers isn’t speed or hands, but height. At 6’2″, he makes a lot of sense. They’ll at least be smart enough to not count on Gordon, and Hugh has shown that he can attract talent.

  7. Gordon, Sanu and Benjamin would be serviceable with someone to throw them the ball… AND still draft a WR in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    If they go and get Sanu I would think Pryor is gone…they kind of have the same skill set….run a little, catch a little and even throw a little.Two players like that on the roster would be too much of a luxury for a team with as many needs as the Browns.

  8. Really wanted an upgrade at 3rd WR anyway. Even with Green and Eifert getting double covered, Sanu can’t get separation.

  9. I hope it works out for him, even for Hue.

    Honestly though, he legit could be the answer at QB dude is perfect in his career throwing the ball, he throws a beautiful deep ball.

  10. If this happens, the bright spot is that Mitchell will still get a chance to take him out of the game with a clean, hard, textbook tackle. Slide down the bench a bit, Eifert, make room for your new teammate.

  11. crownofthehelmet says:
    Feb 22, 2016 11:24 AM

    If this happens, the bright spot is that Mitchell will still get a chance to take him out of the game with a clean, hard, textbook tackle. Slide down the bench a bit, Eifert, make room for your new teammate.

    At least you admit Mitchell does headhunt.

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