CFL pass rusher Tristan Okpalaugo generating interest from several teams

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The Cardinals have made no secret of their desire to improve their pass rush this offseason and their search is extending beyond the crop of NFL players that will become free agents next month.

The team is meeting with CFL defensive end/outside linebacker Tristan Okpalaugo on Friday. Okpalaugo, who played at Fresno State in college, recorded 23 sacks for the Toronto Argonauts the last two seasons and spent time with the Dolphins, Vikings and Cowboys before heading to the other side of the border to continue his football career.

Should they want to add him to the roster, the Cardinals have some competition for Okpalaugo’s services. His agent Brett Tessler said on Twitter that Okpalaugo met with their divisional rivals in Seattle earlier this week and that the Seahawks want him. Tessler adds that the Jets, who signed one CFL pass rusher already in Freddie Bishop, have made an offer to bring him to the team.

Given the interest and the constant need for pass rushers around the league, it seems likely that Okpalaugo’s tour of the U.S. will result in a chance to make a team this offseason.

15 responses to “CFL pass rusher Tristan Okpalaugo generating interest from several teams

  1. His agent is tweeting about it…over-tweeting would be a better description. I don’t know that that’s an indicator of interest so much as it’s an indicator of an agent promoting his client.

  2. It’s an agent thing!…. Game film don’t lie and this kid doesn’t have “it”…Somebody will bring him in but don’t expect to fill a full time void

  3. Hard to imagine the offer from the Jets being much of an offer if he didn’t accept it……..Sure; if your an established, elite or even above average NFL player, you can do the tour of teams to get the best offer generated. In this case, he is a CFL player trying to break into the NFL…….

    The fact that he didn’t sign with the Jets and then didn’t get an offer from the Hawks tells me that this is more hype by the agent than reality. I guess we will see after the Cardinals meet with him…….

  4. Shawn Lemon had 13 sacks and 8 forced fumbles in CFL 2014 and couldn’t even make a single team last year in the NFL after being cut in the FIRST WEEK of the Steelers training camp.

    These players are in the CFL for a reason….

  5. People said the same thing about Cam Wake. Was cut from the NFL and went to the CFL until the Dolphins signed him. Think it worked out pretty well for him.

  6. Refreshing to hear about a CFL player that actually spent time on a football field. Best wishes to the young man as he continues to develop.

    I think I speak for many PFT posters when I say we’re all WAY beyond tired of the diva types who declare themselves too good to go up north and play.

    This guy put in the work, and got results on the field. Never seen him play, but I’m already a fan.

  7. fumble nuts, We’ll see if he is any good. The jury is still out but the Seahawks are last in this guys list. The only reason for him to be a Seahawk would be to be close to his Canadian friends he made the last few years. Short of that it’s between the Cards and Jets. ZERO chance of him being a Seahawk unless cut by either Cards or Jets.
    I bet once he signs you will post that he sucks. LOL I have seen MANY Seahawk fans fallow suit in the past. Seattle needs an O-Line or Wilson won’t last 3 games.

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