Eagles want Bradford back, if the price is right


A year ago, when Chip Kelly was running the Eagles, they wanted Sam Bradford so badly that they gave up Nick Foles and a second-round draft pick to get him. Now Kelly is gone, and the Eagles still want Bradford — but maybe not as much as they did last year.

That’s the implication from Howie Roseman in a podcast on the Eagles’ website. Roseman said he wants Bradford to play for the Eagles in 2016, but it has to be for a deal that works for the Eagles.

“We’ve all been clear that we like Sam, and we’d like to have him back. It goes then between all of us and whether we can figure something out that makes sense on both sides,” said Roseman, via PhillyMag.com. “Sometimes we get into a situation where we sit here and it will make sense from the team’s perspective but when you’re talking about a negotiation, it’s also got to work for the other side and the player, and we understand that. But hopefully this will all work out and we’ll look at that depth chart when we line up here in July and be really excited about the position.”

With Bradford set to become a free agent, there’s some talk that the Eagles would rather let Bradford walk and get Foles back if the Rams release him before they have to pay him a $6 million roster bonus. Roseman was asked about that, although he can’t address the Foles situation directly as long as he’s under contract to the Rams.

“You sit in the office right now and there’s not a lot of names on the quarterback depth chart that are under contract right now. And so we’ve gotta look at every option,” Roseman said.

Bradford is one option, but only if he’s willing to take what the Eagles think he’s worth.

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  1. Can we be honest?

    Sam Bradford is a terrible QB.

    No Pocket Pressence, Arm Strength or Accuracy.

    There’s nothing special about this guy.

    Not even worth $10 Million.

    He’s nowhere near Future HOF Teddy Bridgewaters level, who led the league in accuracy rating and won 11 Games his second season.

  2. Wait I thought Chip Kelly was supposed to be an idiot and everything he’s ever done was horrible…

  3. I think the Foles roster bonus is guaranteed. The Rams can supposedly only save $750,000 if they release Foles vs. keeping him on the roster all year.

  4. They want Bradford back….. wow what a stupid franchise

    This is equally as dumb as hitching your wagon to Tony Romo.

    It’s easy for Eli Manning to look like the most average qb in the league and still the best qb in the NFC East with grand management decisions like this.

  5. Bradford signed for 78 million dollars. In 5 years he has played in 63 games. That comes to over 1.2 million per game played. In 5 years he has thrown 78 TDs. = 1 million per touchdown. The guy was supposed to be the next great one and in 5 years at best, is mediorce Just my opinion. No way is me worth 10 million for the 2016 season.

  6. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a picture of Bradford where he looks like a calm, collected, human being. He looks like he’s calling out to the Goonies in this picture.

  7. Bradford is worth $5 million a year. That’s Josh McCown money.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if he just retired rather than take it. I also wouldn’t be shocked if an idiot GM gave a lot more to him.

  8. As an Eagles fan I don’t like Bradford obviously but I’m afraid he is the ONLY starting QB the Eagles can get.

  9. I want to know what deal Bradford made with the devil. Somehow he was able to win the Heisman trophy even though he just happened to be the QB on a very dominate college team full of NFL players. Then he’s the last 1st pick to get in in before the rookie wage scale and signing a contract for tens of millions. He’s been injured most of his career and STILL gets huge contracts.

    This guy definitely hit the lottery for being very average.

  10. 2015 Eagles = Most drops in the League.

    Bradford has great arm strength and accuracy. too bad the receivers didn’t want to catch.
    Also consider the O line was a bit of patch work again.

    So fix the O line, get a good reciever or two, and with what the Defense sounds like so far, it could be a stellar year for Bradford.

    if money isn’t everything..

  11. I was impressed with Bradford as the season progressed. I prefer him much more than Chase Daniel or any other free agent qb. The Eagle’s players are very firmly behind him as well. I think the Eagles should also draft a qb and sign Bradford, yes, I like lovethehate’s price-4 years 60 mil, or thereabouts.

  12. It is obvious the Eagles won’t use the franchise tag because that doesn’t make sense for either side. They already tried to negotiate — Bradford already turned down the $18 million deal. So what sense is Howie talking about here?

    If Bradford has any sense, he will get out of Philly as fast as he can.

  13. Bradford is apparently 6’4″ 226 lbs per Wikipedia. That is the exact same build as Tom Brady, yet somehow Bradford looks feeble out there in comparison.

    I feel like Bradford will be taken out of the game on every play.

  14. I give Eagles’ fans props. I’d stop watching football if Eli was gone and my choice was either Bradford or Foles.

  15. Yes Bradford is slightly above average but do you really want to watch a cheap Sanchez stumbling around out there? Sorry Eagles but a top 20 QB is expensive.

  16. When has the price ever been right in Sam Bradford’s career? I can’t think of too many QBs who got THAT contract, played that poorly, was injured that often, and still collected on all of it. He’s not absolute poo.. but he’s extremely inconsistent. He can get on some hot streaks.. buy he isn’t going to lead a team on any kind of postseason run.

  17. I would think every team would like to sign – with some exceptions – their own guys “if the price is right”. Defining that price is the issue.

  18. zampft says:
    Feb 19, 2016 1:00 PM
    Wait I thought Chip Kelly was supposed to be an idiot and everything he’s ever done was horrible…
    That’s not true. Chip Kelly might be overmatched in the pros “And I’m putting that nicely” he was still a good college coach.

  19. zampft says:
    Feb 19, 2016 1:00 PM
    Wait I thought Chip Kelly was supposed to be an idiot and everything he’s ever done was horrible…

    newsflash: HE IS!!!

  20. I kinda feel bad for Bradford. Hasn’t he had something like 8 different offensive coordinators in 6 or 7 seasons (half joke half truth). He hasn’t been able to establish any consistency for any one offense as it has changed each year. That said, and as an Eagles fan, I think it’s time to draft and develop a new QB and get the O line fixed. Sadly I’m not overly impressed with the QB’s this year. If Chip were still there I probably would have been hoping for them to draft Dak Prescot or Trevon Boykin.

  21. Think about it…this is hours before Rams make some roster moves, obviously they found their glances of getting Foles back in the fold is grim, so I guess they are opting for a budget friendly continuity of possible

  22. Obviously, many of the dudes posting here didn’t watch Bradford play this season. If the O-line gave him .5 seconds longer and his receiving corps didn’t lube up with butter before every game, 2015 would have been a break out year for Bradford.

    Cowboys fan here….I’d take him in a heartbeat!

  23. If not Bradford, then who is the Eagles QB next year? What’s the Plan B? Sanchez, Daniel, rookie? The Eagles should take Bradford just because maybe it’s the lesser of all evils.

  24. If you fix the offensive line and teach the receivers how to catch Bradford can lead the Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl win.

  25. I’m not an Eagles fan but I’ve watched a bunch of their games.

    Bradford is ok, not great, but ok. He improved as the season went on and itsnt a bad QB. He’st better than some of the starting QBs on some teams.
    I think it makes sense for the Eagles to sign him, and throw in some incentive clauses.

  26. Who else do they have? Who else can they get?

    Based on play last year and relative to other contracts he is probably in the 10-15 million range.

    Short term deal makes sense as they groom the next QB. Long term deal, or one without a lot of outs (Like Kaps deal) is a terrible idea.

    Then again based on injury history maybe around 10 seems more realistic.

    I would definitely not overpay for him, but would not ignore the scenario either.

    As the off-season progresses it seems like Chip was not quite as stupid as everyone said he was.

  27. With Bradford only missing two games last year, he’s due for another major injury in 2016. He’s missed 33 games due to four separate injuries over six years, and he’s twelve games under .500 when he’s been healthy. But someone’s going to give his $70 million or more for four years, because they think he might be the guy. Idiots.

  28. There are a lot of teams that would pay big bucks for Sam Bradford. The only legit question with him has been his health. We see super strong guys like Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger get injured, as well as guys like Tony Romo. There’s no guarantee that anyone’s QB will stay healthy. However, with Bradford, there is a question. Now on the other hand, there is a question about the Eagles. If Bradford has other choices, would he still prefer the Eagles? Does he think the Eagles are headed in the right direction?

  29. Obviously, many of the dudes posting here didn’t watch Bradford play this season.


    Eagles fan. Watched Sam play all year. He’s not very good. Unless they get him for cheap (5 mil a year) no need keeping him.

  30. I thought Carson Palmer was done when he was in Oakland but he went to Arizona and he looks great.But I think Bradford is better than him but he got drafted by a bad organization and now he just needs an offensive line that can block and a couple of receivers that can catch and the sky is the limit for him.

  31. if you resign Bradford at a price that forces him to be the starter, you are basically guarantee you will not win a SB for the duration of that contract, plus a minimum of 2 years while you get the next qb acclimated

    I’d rather go a year or two with poor QB play until they find the right guy, then be stuck with a below average qb that can’t throw the ball down the field because it could possibly be worse. “It could be worse” is not what they should be looking for, especially at the QB position

    Now if they are able to sign him for 10mil or under for 3 years or less, it’s a different story (It’s going to take that long to clean up and rebuild the roster anyway). But I don’t see that happening. There are enough teams desperate for a QB that someone will give him more than that for longer

  32. The Eagles should DEFINITELY bring Foles back – should never have let him (or Chip) go in the first place – for a lower price (and, besides, he’s a better QB than Bradford).

  33. Average at best QB who has lots of flaws:
    – never pushes the ball downfield- one of lowest career YPA in NFL history
    – not that accurate- you haven’t been watching if you think he’s accurate. Eagles had lots of drops but Bradford consistently threw behind RB, / WR’s. Perfect example are all the wheel routes the Eagles used, Bradford consistently put the ball on the wrong shoulder kill the RB’s momentum.
    – injury prone- old cliche but sometimes the best ability is availability. Think this guy has played a full season 1 time in his career.

    Add it up and you have an injury prone, dink and dunk QB who isn’t all that accurate. Not someone I’d want to invest long term in.

    Build the rest of the team and use a placeholder at QB.

  34. rlpftt says:
    Feb 20, 2016 10:16 AM

    The Eagles will suck regardless.

    Yep this is looking like another year of futility in the city of Futilidelphia.

  35. Bradford shouldn’t get greedy. He is solid, but not spectacular. Another example of scumbag agents ruining sports. If Bradford and his agent continue to ask for crazy money, tell them to get lost! Eagles need to get Fletcher Cox a long deal.

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