More evidence the Texans want to draft a quarterback this year

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Texans owner Bob McNair has made it clear he wanted to upgrade his quarterback position this year, and it appears he has a specific method in mind.

In a story about the potential landing spots for Eagles free agent Sam Bradford by Tim McManus of, it doesn’t sound like the Texans want in on the top pick from the 2010 draft, but a newer model.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle said that owner McNair’s made it clear which route he wants to take in order to upgrade from Brian Hoyer and the rest of the revolving cast which failed to prevent them from making the playoffs.

“They want to draft [a quarterback] in the first round. They’re tired of using retreads,” McClain said. “They played five this year, started four. Last year they played four and started three. So they need a quarterback, and they want one that they can develop.

“Nobody is saying anything publicly except Bob McNair. Three times he’s talked about, ‘We need a quarterback. We need to draft a quarterback.’ . . . They have not ruled out anybody but I don’t think they’re going to be signing or trading for a veteran unless they determine the quarterbacks that they would have a shot at [in the draft] are going to be too pricey to get.”

That’s where the Texans are almost trapped by their own success. They pick 22nd, and it would take a significant package to move into the top five or 10 to get one there. But with a playoff-caliber defense and perhaps the game’s best young wide receiver, they might be motivated to make a move now.

15 responses to “More evidence the Texans want to draft a quarterback this year

  1. Forget about what position they’re in, Rick Smith can already see the kids with crayons looking for a wall to write on!
    He knows that if he can’t grab a big name quarterback in the first round, he’s pretty much done in Houston. That means either trade picks to move up or put one of your talents on the block.
    At this point, very few players are protected, so don’t be surprised to see some desperation moves to secure his GM spot!

  2. Time will tell but it doesn’t seem they know quarterbacks.

    They traded Fitzpatrick – starting for Jets
    They traded Keenum – starting for Rams

    Ultimately they may be proved correct but so far their evaluation skills look a bit shaky.

  3. Rick Smith really needs to get fired. He has to have pictures or some other evidence of Bob McNair doing something really bad for him to stay on as GM. I keep saying it because it really pisses me off, but could have had Derek Carr 2 years ago and wouldn’t be worrying about QB…. He was sitting there at the top of the 2nd round and they had the first pick in the round, but they must have been listening to the stupid fans who were screaming on talk radio that since David Carr didn’t do well, Derek Carr wouldn’t either…. freaking idiots…

  4. The Texans have failed at the QB position since their inception. GM Rick Smith wouldn’t know a QB if it fell out of the sky and landed in him. It basically did when Peyton was begging to become a Texan 4 years ago and he basically have him the finger. Instead….he fired Kubiak and Wade Phillips in Demver. How did that turn out in their first year??
    With his miserable draft record….anyone reading this has a keener eye for talent than Rick Smitj.

  5. For the smith bashers….. I agree to an extent however this team has talent in some areas and bey were lately built via the draft. Of course they need a qb but that’s a position a lot of teams get wrong. Certainly seeing wade and kubiak hoist the Lombardi is a glaring slight, along with the success of Derek Carr. All that being said this organization is only half as bad as the blame it gets

  6. Only 3 Super Bowls have not had at least one first round QB (83,89,2004), that being said drafting a QB in the 1st round does not guarantee success. You need the right guy making the selection, I am not very confident, Rick Smith and Bob McNair will do it. Anything is better than what they have.

  7. RGIII for five million and a one year contract with all kinds of incentives for winning, stats, etc. He has to be super motivated at this point in his fractured career. The skill set is there to be worked with if the attitude is right, and I suspect the attitude is very right at this point.

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