Packers cut prices on tickets to crappy preseason games

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Oh, make no mistake, the Packers are still raising ticket prices.

But by adopting a tiered system which segregates worthless preseason games from regular season games people actually want to see, they’re at least recognizing the law of supply and demand.

According to Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers price hike for this year is bigger for the regular season, while preseason games are significantly cheaper.

Preseason game tickets will now be between $45 and $62. Regular-season tickets are between $95 and $122. Last year, all tickets used to be between $80 and $105. The average price increase taken in total is 5 percent.

Recognizing that no one really wants to see the preseason games is probably smart, and the cut-rate prices might entice someone to show up at the stadium and enjoy some officially licensed sausage and beer, which probably isn’t going to be any cheaper in August than it will be in December.

42 responses to “Packers cut prices on tickets to crappy preseason games

  1. Odd that they would do that.

    They’ve got a waiting list a mile long of people that claim they will buy the tickets.

    Just raise the prices for all 10 games.

    Or maybe they realize that all those names aren’t really viable buyers.

  2. Thank you, Packers!

    It’s about time that the pre-season games are discounted. The football has never been good, except for maybe the first half of the 3rd game, when SOME of the starters actually play.

    With these price reductions, maybe some fans will be able to afford to take their younger kids to a pre-season game, and introduce a new generation to the game and the Stadium Experience. Hopefullly other teams take the hint, and do the same.

  3. Packers don’t have to cut prices to sell out preseason games. They sell out family night which is a just a practice. There is not a bad seat in that house.

  4. Season ticket holders have to buy the pre- season regardless of price. They aren’t given the option to decline buying pre-sesaon tickets. You have to buy both or none.

  5. It’s about time teams stopped pretending the preseason games are worth the same as a regular season game. Long overdue.

    Preseason is still fun when we are starving for anything football again after a long offseason hibernation from any real action. They are worth going to at reduced rates, IMHO.

  6. pretty soon the NFL will have a attendance problem. So much better watching on flat screen, then you switch to redzone during commericals to see your bets and fantasy guys.

  7. As a season ticket holder, I was psyched when my team did this (Patriots) a few years ago. They dropped ’em from 65 to 25. Most reg season games are now 65, but the big ones are more. Fine with me.

  8. Finally some common sense. Preseason is a great time to go to Lambeau, especially if you’ve never been there, but not worth full ticket price. You don’t need to bundle up like the kid from Christmas Story. There is way more room in the stands based on that alone. For some reason, it’s way more enjoyable to watch a game in 70 degree weather than 5.

    Great time to check out the Hall of Fame.

  9. You have to pay to watch a two-team practice session, and for the right to consume inflated-priced junk, merchandise and marketing? Thank goodness we have these multi-billionaires to help the U.S. economy.

  10. Its a step in the right direction. Next up, miss a 28 yard FG to win the game and everyone gets a half price rebate check on the cost of their ticket mailed to their home.

    Come on Ziggy, you can do it.

  11. Perfect! A crappy game at Septic Field in Turd Bay! Perfect
    Wonder who this is? If you are going to use an alias buddy, try not using the same insults. Dead give away.

  12. PFT’s Most Moderated says:
    Feb 19, 2016 9:23 AM

    Huh, how do all the Packers “owners” feel about that?
    Huh, not sure how you want us to feel, but I have no problem with it.

  13. Will Aaron take a pay cut now so we can get him some good teammates? He certainly didn’t earn it this past year.

  14. Packer fans are easily fooled.

    “The average price increase taken in TOTAL is 5 percent.”

    Bottom line: Packers raise ticket prices 5 %.

  15. It doesn’t matter. I’m a Packers ticket holder. You buy all the games for the total price of all the tickets. They raised the price of the regular season games enough to more than cover the drop in the preseason games.

    My average price per ticket is higher. The listed price on a single ticket means nothing as no one can buy them from the team at that price alone. All tickets are sold for all games.

    Maybe this would mean something for a crappy fan base like in MN where the team forces buyers of single game seats to also purchase a worthless preseason game, but in GB it is for show only.

  16. As a Packers season ticket holder, I don’t see how this helps me in any way. They’re just folding the preseason ticket reduced prices into the rest of the games. My bill goes up, and I’m still stuck with the tickets to pretend football games.

    Not requiring us to buy the preseason games at all would be the best scenario. Sell the tickets to those who don’t get a chance to get to a game otherwise.

  17. While I agree that it’s not a true overall cost reduction, as a season ticket holder I like it. As someone mentioned, it’s a great way for 1st timers to enjoy Lambeau cheaper….and by that I mean I can sell my exhibition tickets to someone much easier if I don’t want to go to the game. So there is some benefit here.

  18. Also, jacking up the prices for “big” games does not affect the season ticket holder in any way, It only helps the secondary market. By all means, do everything you can for the scalpers.

  19. Ralph Wilson ( Late Bills owner ) used to designate one of the preseason games as
    ” family night” where you could bring future Bills Fans ( kids ) to the games fot $ 10.
    If you had several kids, it was a great way to bring them to see the Bills and not break the bank.

  20. gtodriver says:
    Feb 19, 2016 7:53 AM

    Odd that they would do that.

    They’ve got a waiting list a mile long of people that claim they will buy the tickets.

    Just raise the prices for all 10 games.

    Or maybe they realize that all those names aren’t really viable buyers.
    It’s about time a team lowered the prices on preseason games. It’s a class move. I wish the Bears would do the same. Should get more people into the stadium for preseason, and make more money on concessions.

    They already are raising prices on 8 of the games. You don’t want to price loyal fans out of the market. Creating friction with your customers isn’t a smart move. I’m guessing that you’re a big fan of Martin Shkreli.

    Every team that has waiting lists have people on them that may not purchase tickets when offered.

    I’m impressed with you, gtodriver. You have no problem posting items that make you look like a fool. That takes guts.

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