Report: Dolphins talking to Rishard Matthews about new deal

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Heading into last season, it looked like Rishard Matthews would be the odd man out at wide receiver for the Dolphins.

They drafted DeVante Parker in the first round, traded for Kenny Stills and signed Greg Jennings to go with 2014 second-rounder Jarvis Landry, moves that Matthews responded to with a desire to move to a different team. He eventually reported to OTAs, however, and went on to a productive season.

Matthews had 43 catches for 662 yards and four touchdowns in 11 games before missing the rest of the year with broken ribs. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins are interested in more from Matthews in 2016. Per Beasley, they’ve reached out to Matthews to talk about a deal that would keep the wideout from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

That interest may not be enough to keep Matthews from checking out the open market. Alshon Jeffery is the top receiver eligible for free agency, although the Bears might not let him get there. Beyond Jeffery, Matthews slots in with Marvin Jones, Travis Benjamin and Rueben Randle as the next best options and that could lead to a better deal and/or spot on the depth chart than Miami will offer.

25 responses to “Report: Dolphins talking to Rishard Matthews about new deal

  1. I did not like him much before this year, He was often not where he was supposed to be and had a sizable attitude problem. His babyish antics after Parker was drafted did not help either. That said, he came to play in 2015, earned a starting job and was a very reliable receiver. His skills complement Landry and Parker very well. Having all those guys on the field is the best option for Miami’s offense going forward. I hope they can make a deal so long as his attitude does not revert back to Mike Wallace style whining and poor team oriented behavior.

  2. Parker/Landry/Stills/Matthews is a hard combo to beat. They all bring something different and complimentary and they are all young. Matthews earned his role last year and deserves decent but not outrageous cash.

  3. He was really explosive in the games I watched. Somebody in Miami needs to work with Tannehil on his mechanics in the worst way. I know he doesn’t have the best offensive line but he is 50/50 on his accuracy. Some balls on the money and other balls 2 or 3 yards off target.

  4. Having finished 2nd to Landry while missing games the guy has earned consideration. He is 3rd on the Lowest Failed Completion Rate to Landry being on the flip side of that. Why not seek a hometown discount from him?

    Stills is still on the cheap as well as Landry/Parker. Jennings is not coming back at his price. Why not have 4 good WR?

  5. They’d be crazy not to resign him. Great physical skill set and Tannehill obviously connects with him. Parker completely disappeared when Matthews was off the field.

  6. This could hinder Parker’s development unless they plan on moving on from Stills. Injuries and Mathews is what kept Parker off of the field last season.

  7. I prefer Matthews to Stills, that’s for sure.

    Landry, Parker, Matthews is pretty dangerous.

    Stills had a lot of drops last year and some miscommunication issues. If they sign Matthews I know they will retain Stills… but he’ll be that guy we won’t enjoy seeing come of the bench because it means a key part of our offense is coming off the field.

    If Stills improves they can afford to let Matthews walk.

  8. Patskrieg- Parker had all of his breakout performances after Matthews went out injured. He only had a few catches up to that point.

  9. They would be wise to resign Matthews and release Jennings for obvious reasons. Jennings did provide some leadership to the room, but receiver is arguably the strongest group on the team, and should be even better next season. WR isn’t very strong in FA or the draft this year, so keep your own.

  10. “Greg Jennings apparently has mouthed his way out of Miami, as usual.”

    …actually, Jennings’ play and contract plus the emergency of Rishard Matthews has likely been what sends him packing.

  11. Stills and Mathews are not the same. Mathews more physical possession type and Stills the speedy stretch the field type. Need them both back and hopefully Parker start to show his worth.

  12. helldog33 says:
    Feb 19, 2016 11:58 AM
    “Greg Jennings apparently has mouthed his way out of Miami, as usual.”

    …actually, Jennings’ play and contract plus the emergency of Rishard Matthews has likely been what sends him packing.

    True, to an extent. His mouthing off about the coaches certainly hasn’t endeared him to the organization either.

  13. Meh, he made the most of his opportunity. Money on WR in Miami isn’t a need. I keep hearing Tannehill needs a line, well save the 5+mil trying to sign a #3 wr and get some guards.

  14. They’d be crazy not to resign him. Great physical skill set and Tannehill obviously connects with him. Parker completely disappeared when Matthews was off the field.

    I suggest you re watch week 17. Not only did he did he go get a ball up for grabs. He juked out many around him while running it in for the TD.

    Roles I’d like the 4 WR to use.

    Stills – keep um honest with an occasional deep ball. Also a utility role similar to Jennings had (he can’t drop more than he did)

    Parker – longish yards needed for 1st down. The guy can go get it with little risk of a defender getting it.

    Matthews – same role Landry had for getting 1st down last season although Matthews has the better YAC.

    Landry – A move the ball type. Also a dump off / hot route role.

  15. harrisonhits2 says:
    Feb 19, 2016 12:00 PM
    The Fins…winning the offseason for more than 20 years….on the field not so much

    Heaven forbid they resign one of their own free agents

  16. The fact is that Landry and Matthews are still currently the best 2 WRs. Currently Landry, Parker, and Stills are all still on rookie deals (Stills 1 more year, Landry 2 more years, Parker 3 or 4 pending 5th year option)

    The cost of those other 3 allows you to spend some money on a player like matthews who wont break the bank. The unit as a whole will still be a great price. I would think that Stills will probably play pretty hard for his 2nd contract this upcoming season. It will be good to have 4 guys, 4-wides, give guys’ legs a rest, cover injuries and tweaks.

    All that said, I would not sign Matthews LONG term. You need to be ready to pay Landry and Parker, you will also have to decide on Still after this year.

    Let him make a generous amount for 2 years tops, he’s 27 when the season begins.

  17. iamkillerfin says:
    Feb 19, 2016 11:44 AM

    11, 14, & 18 I LIKE IT!!! Work out some trade deals & lets get this Dolphin domination going!!! WIN IN OUR DIVISION 1ST PRIORITY!!! GO FINS!!!

    That won’t happen until brady retires,

  18. He won’t be back. He will be looking for a starting role somewhere and Miami can’t guarantee him that. WR is also the only position that they are deep and a position they don’t have to and should not spend a lot of money at. Simply too many positions to fill and money is tight.

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