Report: Secret 1994 incident in Manning case may have dealt with alleged academic fraud

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In the six days since the New York Daily News released a 13-year-old document from a lawsuit against Peyton Manning and others, much has been said about a disputed 1996 incident involving Manning and former University of Tennessee trainer Jamie Naughright. But the 74-page document published by the Daily News also mentions an incident from 1994, the details of which had been scrubbed from the 74-page document at the request of Manning’s lawyers.

Shaun King of the New York Daily News has suggested that he’s aware of the hidden details, and that he would be publishing them. He hasn’t. Will Hobson of the Washington Post has tried to connect the dots on the 1994 incident.

Via Hobson, an October 2002 deposition of former Tennessee athletic director Doug Dickey contains an exchange in which Naughright’s lawyer asked whether Naughright had spoken to associate A.D. Carmen Tegano “about the possibility of Peyton Manning having committed academic fraud” in a 1994 course taught by Tegano, which featured Naughright as a guest lecturer.

That question appears at page 63 of Dickey’s deposition transcript. However, at no point during or after the question or before or during the answer does Manning’s lawyer request that the matter be treated as confidential. At page 77, after Naughright’s lawyer presents to Dickey two documents for inspection and questioning, Manning’s lawyer requests that the questions and answers regarding the documents be placed in the “confidential record” of the case.

While it’s possible that, only 14 pages before asserting confidentiality regarding documents relating to the secret 1994 incident, Manning’s lawyers failed to make the same request regarding questions on the same topic, most lawyers don’t allow such matters to slip through the legal equivalent of the five hole. The two documents that triggered the confidentiality request at page 77 of the Dickey deposition had been introduced only one week earlier during the deposition of Jamie Naughright. Thus, Manning’s lawyer was well aware of the sensitivity of the 1994 allegation — and the lawyers undoubtedly were ready to ensure that any sensitive information would be kept out of the public record of the case.

That said, it’s one thing for the lawyers to have asked general questions about possible academic fraud; it’s quite another for the lawyers to have produced a pair of documents that arguably (or actually) substantiated it.

Until someone discloses the details of the 1994 incident that was removed from the 74-page document published last week by the Daily News, it will remain exactly what it has been for the last six days: A mystery.

UPDATE 9:29 p.m. ET: A reader points out that page 47 of the 74-page document submitted by Naughright’s lawyers makes reference to possible academic fraud, through a question posted to Tegano at his deposition. “And isn’t it also true,” Tegano was asked, “that the plagiarism was so rampant with student athletes, than an English professor here at the University of Tennessee threatened to bring up the entire Athletic Department on chargers of academic dishonesty?” Tegano answered, “Yes.” Neither the question nor the answer were redacted from the document.

94 responses to “Report: Secret 1994 incident in Manning case may have dealt with alleged academic fraud

  1. Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Peyton Manning. PED abusers who, it turns out, had other ugly skeletons in their closets. Turns out Pey Pey was just a fraud, on the field and off.

  2. As the late great Curly Howard would say , ” this guy is talkin pig latin, i don’t know what he’s sayin”

  3. Breaking news, in 1991 Peyton Manning turned an “F” on his English paper into an “A” with a vertical swipe of a red sharpie. Tune in this Sunday for a special “outside the lines” report.

  4. Good thing the world has all of us on this board who have been perfect & never have done something stupid or dishonorable in college.

  5. Whatever is contained in the scrubbed portion of documentation, it’s safe to say , it’s not flattering to Manning. The other thing that can be said for certain, is that the war against media on this, is a losing battle.

    The once cooperative media that kept all this quiet before, is now gonna want to get it right this time and will start trying to be first, with stories as this develops.

    The conspiracy nuts blaming Shaun King, might as well pack it in. This has nothing to do with Cam Newton or Peyton winning the Super Bowl. Instead, it’s an indictment on a supposed “fair and balanced” media that protected Manning for whatever reason.

  6. Manning is among the most intelligent QBs to ever play in the NFL. He’s made millions off the field as well. I’d say this kid has to have had a great education. He probably even took extra courses in school. Whatever Peyton did in school is exactly what I want my kids to do. World history is full of great people being persecuted. Jesus, Martin Luther King, and now Peyton Manning. I’d say that’s pretty good company to keep.

  7. You know what it was in 1994. That’s 22 years ago how about we focus on issues that still haunt us like 9/11 the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and hold those people accountable rather than what some SEC school and over-priviliged football player did 22 years ago. Because many more schools have done this and all this is for is to give ESPN something to talk about.

  8. As a pats fan I don’t care if manning used HGH to get back in the game.

    I don’t care that he rubbed his D and B”s on some girls face.

    I don’t care if he cheated on tests.

    I do care that he lied and try to ruin someone.

  9. Wow. A long offseason in store with nothing else to focus on. Deflate gate for Tom last year, now Peyton is in the crosshairs this year. It’s like, don’t be the last controversy of the year or else it last until August.

  10. I don’t really care for Manning but you sheep will buy anything….. Bonds yes —
    Manning I don’t think it really matters as far as PED use goes
    However that scumbag Lance Armstrong
    Orchestrated the biggest PED scandal in the history of athletes so there is no real comparison

  11. I’m not a big Peyton fan, but it sure seems like somebody’s out for vengeance, wonder what he did…

  12. When I first heard the terms ‘ Manning’s buttocks and scrotum on the face’ I thought for sure we were talking about Jim Nantz.

  13. Yet TB12 gets suspended for PSI slightly over 10.

    Shame that one of the greats gets his name tarnished while Ted Wells won’t be on the case against Peyton Manning.

    Let’s not forget the fixed Broncos Patriots game in Denver.

  14. I’m shocked, shocked to find that plagiarism is going on in a D1 program by student athletes! Can Shaun King please go away?

  15. Peyton Manning tried to pick up my friend years ago in a Charlotte bar – he was married…it was a no go…absolute power strikes out sometimes

  16. And I thought the Super Bowl was a snooze-fest. These Manning stories are a complete waste. This story would have mattered…um maybe on the eve of NFL draft day 1998?

  17. Dr. Forehead playing doctor with the athletic trainers? PayATon has sent his goons over to silence critics with his Papa Johns money. Now possible academic fraud too? Looks like Peyton might need some insurance.. Nationwide to be exact.

  18. who gives a damn if this was something it should have been something in 1994 not in 2016 after the man capped off one of the greatest careers in nfl history with a ring and 18 years of nothing but good will and class act behavior. our society loves to try to tear down its heros and while sometimes its the right thing like the sad case of bill cosby but peyton manning has been a top shelf person his entire nfl career. these people trying to bring him down are petty dbags frustrated with their own lack of success

  19. This is pretty thin if u ask me, and what is with u guys and this bromance with Shaun King. Anyone who thinks of athletes as more than athletes is sad. WHO CARES ABOUT THIS!

  20. maybe its time for a MAJOR NCAA investigation with the general public as oversight committee??? maybe PEYTON MANNING requests this to prove hes not a fraud……or LET PETE ROSE IN THE MLB HALL OF FAME!!!!!!

  21. Who cares now? This stuff shoulda came out before he decided to retire. He probably won’t be a player next year so this punishment that comes out of this won’t affect him anyway

  22. Should be enough meat on this bone to pass the time until the draft and some.

    The NFL and the media have been totally arbitrary in their treatment of players, and lots of investigative journalists are none too happy to expose that.

    Plus it’s really not a great look to trample on the less gifted.

  23. Shaun King has always had a hard-on for Peyton Manning. He probably has not published anything on the cheating because he knows he’ll probably get sued for libel. I don’t believe anything the hack writes.

  24. This whole diggin up bones crap is so stupid. Anything to try and make an offseason interesting. Last year it was deflategate and Brady. This year is Peyton’s turn. Who will be the lucky one next offseason? Can’t wait. We are all such suckers for buying into this NFL/media crap

  25. Just interesting to me the timing of all this, right as he is about to retire. All these trolls who suddenly think Peyton is this horrible person just cause of two shady people (guy who RECANTED his statement and a reporter with a shaky credibility) “claiming” he did things doesn’t make them true. Doesn’t make them false either but stop calling him a PED head who harasses women when it hasn’t been proven. Anybody can claim anyone did anything, that doesn’t make it fact.

  26. You know, the big knock on Peyton has always been that he’s just not that smart. This guy has been getting by on his exceptional physical talent while faking it through the mental part. Finally we have evidence to prove it. Puh-lease. Again, a teenager may or may not have taken a shortcut along with his jock friends when he should have known his life’s work would be rendered meaningless by such a momentary lapse.

  27. Pile on! Keep it coming. This is incredible. Manning is a fraud. I understand 19 year old college kids make mistakes. But all these allegations make the HGH story much more believable.

  28. Whats the phrase I kept hearing all last year? Oh yeah, I remember: Once a cheat, always a cheat.

    Mannings a phony.

  29. I don’t really care what a 19 year old did 20 years ago. There’s plenty of time to grow up move past that, which Peyton obviously did, assuming he did anything wrong in the first place. It boggles my mind to think these attacks would never have occurred if Cam Newton supporters wouldn’t have gotten hurt over some insults being hurled at Cam for his questionable if not disgraceful conduct before and after the SB.

  30. Peyton also campaigned with Polian aggressively to get ball and passing rules changed, which is another indication of Peyton’s mentality which seems to be to break rules where you can, change them where you can’t, and threaten or trash accusers or their parents. And I’d like to know what Peyton knew about noise piping and any other misdemeanors the Colts were up to in his time there, but sadly the league always gave Peyton a free pass.

  31. Wow, the universe seems to have a serious bloodlust for taking Peyton down a few pegs at the end.

    I hope we don’t find out Brady never said “Gublesshoo” that one time his Sunday school teacher sneezed when he was 10.

  32. I hope Eli and the Giants black ball the daily news this year in the locker room… 20 years ago! I sure as it is still an issue today that every major college football program had academic issues! You can’t single one player out and attack him for the entire system being corrupt. Why is the reporter and daily news attacking him like this?

  33. Is it surprising that an entitled son of a famous QB who may have been the most talented college QB in a generation thought he was untouchable and was copying work from people. Half of college athletes had other people writing their essays, I would guess. It’s wrong, but it wouldn’t be shocking if it were true and he wouldn’t be the only guy doing it.

  34. As a former academic cheat with a history of sexual harassment charges against me, I must say, Peyton has sold me on Papa John’s and Budweiser

    Which ever teabag company gets Peyton’s endorsement will have money business for life!

  35. Ari is earning his cash, exchanging a 20+ year old much ado about nothing academic issue and a settled civil matter for the HGH issue is brilliant. No one cares all that much what happened 20 years ago.

  36. This is all ridiculous, who cares anymore and you keep talking about it. Can we move on to things that happen today. We are not interested is something 20 years ago. Get over it Sean King, I guess you haven’t got any other way of trying to make some money.

  37. Remember the good ole days when the patriots heroes were A. Hernandez and The Deflator. Now their heroes are AlJazeera and Shawn King. Yeah patriots fans have always been pathetic.

  38. This is all water under the bridge to me. What does matter to me is to please, please!, Peyton, take some more HGH, have some more papers ghost written and stop making commercials. Mommy and daddy should sit you down, explain that you can’t act and being a shill for whoever pays you enough does nothing but tarnish your otherwise classy image.

  39. If Shaun King’s goal was to defame Manning, and he has stated it is because he is mad at Cam Newton’s treatment (derp) he is a moron for running with the story himself. Shaun King has zero credibility, so even if the story has any legs he himself crushes it because of his own blatant bias and his own past.

  40. Hey, in an effort to try to balance things out, how about all the charity work and building of a Cancer treatment hospital in Indianapolis? Didn’t think so

  41. I couldn’t care less, now, about what Peyton Manning did at Tennessee, but how his father conducted himself is a MUCH more interesting & telling story about the character of an ADULT!

    Whatever poor judgment that Peyton exhibited towards the female staff member was monetarily settled, so I have no interest in re-hashing it decades later. I don’t even care about alleged HGH use prior to the NFL testing for it. If he tea-bags Goodell, while eating a slice if Papa John’s pizza, sipping on a Budweiser/Gatorade spritzer and watching DirecTV & the commish sues him…well, THAT might be a story! Until then, all this is just 🐃💩

  42. jchipwood says:
    Feb 19, 2016 9:06 PM

    I wonder what Chandler Jones is doing right now.

    Probably shining his Super Bowl ring….

  43. bigtganks says:
    Feb 19, 2016 9:42 PM
    Wow. A long offseason in store with nothing else to focus on. Deflate gate for Tom last year, now Peyton is in the crosshairs this year. It’s like, don’t be the last controversy of the year or else it last until August.


    You are right. Let’s get back to talking about something relevant……like why Cam was too much of a sissy to try and recover his own fumble.

  44. Ok, let’s do what Roger would do without all the facts. Let’s guess, speculate, twist the facts and ignore evidence like he did with Brady. Ok so he’s guilty, guilty, guilty. Where’s uproar Rog?

  45. Too bad this poor trainer had to file a lawsuit.

    Oh wait….she’s sued 2 schools and another corporation.

    If you own a McDonald’s, serve her coffee ice cold!

  46. And then Peyton Manning gets is 2nd ring in his career the greatest qb to ever play and bunch of bs pops up about him over 20 yrs ago wtf is wrong with people and yea Manning’s defense carried him in the final four games he played this yr. Look at Terry brawshaw with four rings did everybody forget about the Pittsburgh’s defense in the 70s.

  47. This must be the new chew toy for the football media folks.

    First we had bullying, then a team’s name, then Adrian Peterson, then deflated footballs, then Cam’s celebrations, and now this.

    Sigh, at least this will give you all something to chew on until the draft. Then you all will move on to another controversy, real or fake.

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