Sean Lee on Cowboys 2015 struggles: “We weren’t able to overcome adversity”

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The Occam’s razor answer to why the Cowboys were terrible last year is mostly about missing Tony Romo and Dez Bryant for large parts of the year with injuries.

But as with any team with a 4-12 record, there’s usually a lot more to that. Many have pointed to locker room dysfunction, specifically as it pertained to coddled, expensive and distracting defensive end Greg Hardy.

But linebacker Sean Lee insisted that no, it was mostly the fact Romo and Bryant were hurt all season.

Via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, Lee said during an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio that effort and togetherness wasn’t the issue.

“I thought if you watch our effort throughout games, we played extremely hard,” Lee said. “The issue with us was when we lost some of our best players — Tony, Dez — the margin for error became smaller. We weren’t able to overcome adversity. We didn’t make the critical plays, game-changing plays all the time. We didn’t cause enough turnovers. Defensively, we didn’t make the plays down the stretch in the fourth quarter.

“That’s why we lost football games. It was never because we weren’t all-in. It was never because of effort. It was all because of execution, especially in critical times.”

Of course, critical times in games are when teams which are together make plays beyond the sum of their individual talents. And when there’s grousing inside the building about the way certain players are treated, it’s hard to create the kind of bond needed to do so.

That, and not having a quarterback does tend to make it harder.

11 responses to “Sean Lee on Cowboys 2015 struggles: “We weren’t able to overcome adversity”

  1. This article is utterly devoid of insight.

    I learned precisely nothing from reading this, and regret the two minutes I’ve now spent on this page.

  2. The defense could have stepped up to the plate when Romo and Dez sent down, but they rolled over. The majority of games were winnable but the D would lose all their heart in the 4th quarter. It was shameful and embarrassing. No heart. But of course the backup quarterbacks took all the blame. I would be fine with every player and coach associated with the defense getting fired.

  3. Since bringing Bryant into the fold with Romo, Dallas hasn’t been winning with defense, they’ve won with offense. With their top two players on that offense out, winning on offense wasn’t an option and a defense that was merely “good enough” stopped being good enough.

  4. Some teams like New England Patriots are built to win and then there are teams like the Cowboys who have proven year after year are built to fail. Problems start at the top and go all the way to the bottom with a few exceptions.
    Next year the Cowboys will be playing against teams who are under performs and not very talented just like the Cowboys. I expect the Boys to have a much better year. Might even look like they are a play off team. Don’t be fooled it’s not in their DNA unless they get real lucky. It happened in 2014 so I could happen again but you can bet Tony will be watching the Super Bowl on his big screen again in 2016 unless he is in the stands.

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