Falcons poised to release Paul Soliai on or after March 9


As the Falcons continue to remake their defense to fit the scheme implemented a year ago by coach Dan Quinn, the Falcons will be moving on from defensive lineman Paul Soliai.

Per a league source, the Falcons will release Soliai on or after March 9, the start of the new league year.

Soliai’s role reduced significantly after former coach Mike Smith and former defensive coordinator Mike Nolan departed, making his contract harder to justify. Soliai is due to earn a base salary of $5 million in 2016.

Upon the arrival of Quinn, the Falcons switched to primarily a one-gap philosophy on the defensive line, with an emphasis on getting up the field quickly. Soliai was better suited to their prior system.

The cap hit arising from the looming departure of Soliai will be $1.4 million this year and $2.8 million in 2017, if the move is processed as a post-June 1 release. (Teams can apply that designation to up to two players per year.) If the Falcons don’t use the June 1 designation, they’ll absorb the full cap charge of $4.2 million in 2016.

Soliai signed a five-year, $32 million contract with the Falcons in March 2014. He spent seven seasons before that with the Dolphins.

23 responses to “Falcons poised to release Paul Soliai on or after March 9

  1. Just another great signing by number 1 of 6 GM’s by the Falcons. Attention all current players: if you can get the Falcons to offer a contract, it is guaranteed you will make at least twice as much money than you should.
    I’m shocked more players don’t sign with Atlanta cause they get paaaaaaaaaid.

  2. Not Paul Solia’s fault the team signed him to play NT and then swapped a 4-3 D that turns him into a 2 down player on a 3 down NT’s salary.

    I don’t see how you can call it a bad signing, He had a lot of success as did Mike Nolan in Miami.

  3. I feel he got lost in the shuffle especially with the 3-4 switch which can happen, but it surprised me a little, because he does have a good size for nose tackle.

    He was a very good fit in Miami, but he also benefited from a very good DL around him in Miami with guys like Odrick Starks and Wake playing next to him. Which probably increased his production which would make him seem much more desirable. Especially to a team that struggles with the DL, other than bringing John Abraham for a little bit the last “Impact” Player on their DL I remember was Patrick Kerney and he was done in the ATL a decade or so ago.

  4. His stats just weren’t there in 2015. For the salary he was receiving, the tangible stats just weren’t there. He did help improve the overall run defense, but I think Hageman will fill his void very nicely.

  5. footstepsfalco: He played for 2 years w/ the Falcons and was signed to stop the run. Their run defense got worse with him on field stopping the run. They switched to a 4-3 this year which put him in a tough position. But to excuse his play for the salary he was making is just way off base by you or anyone. Tyson Jackson was worse, but Soliai wasn’t much better.

  6. Soliai was in the right place at the right time when he signed with the Falcons. He had anhalf a good last season when he was in Miami and got paid. Good for him.

  7. When are they going to release Dmitroff instead of hiring a bunch of co-GMs?

    Guy couldn’t put together a college caliber OL or DL to save his life.

    When players like Julius Peppers, Mario Williams, Demarcus Ware hit the market he doesn’t go get them, instead he likes to pretend guys like Soliai, Tyson Jackson and Kroy Biermann are playmakers

  8. Big Paul was a beast with the phins for many seasons. Him and Starks both free agents, I hope the phins would look at them. Both can still play and a lot cheaper. Paul and suh can start with Starks and Jordan Phillips in the rotation

  9. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if/when the Falcons make a solid, impactful free agent signing. They’re worse with them than they are with drafting college players!

  10. @barrymichaels61

    You are completely incorrect. The Dolphins have released 2 players already and will drop several more putting them well under the Cap. You obviously do not follow the Dolphins. With the Cap raising a restructure of Suh, they can be as much as $18M under. Signing both Lamar Miller and Olivier Vernon will be tough though.

  11. cleepord says:
    Feb 21, 2016 1:40 AM

    Let the fins transform back to a 3-4, a man’s defense…..bring him back….it is a rare breed of man to play an 3-4 nt….
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    barrymichaels61 says:
    Feb 21, 2016 11:11 AM

    Dolphins cannot afford him, currently over the cap all money tied up in Suh.
    Average player at best.

    He could replace Earl Mitchel.

  12. Let’s not feel sorry for the guy. He got paid to do a job and they changed the job. Now he moves on…just like anyone anywhere would.

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