Rams consider transition tag for Trumaine Johnson


The Los Angeles Rams may use the transition tag to retain cornerback Trumaine Johnson.

Johnson, who had seven interceptions last season, is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the start of the league year. There’s been talk that Johnson could be franchised, but Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Rams might place the transition tag, not the franchise tag, on Johnson if the two sides don’t reach a long-term deal.

Like the franchise tag, the transition tag gives a team the right to match an offer one of its free agents signs. So if the Rams put the transition tag on Johnson and he signs with another team, they could choose to keep him by matching the offer. That’s what the Browns did two years ago with center Alex Mack, who signed an offer sheet with the Jaguars that the Browns matched.

For the Rams, the advantage to using the transition tag instead of the franchise tag is that it wouldn’t cost them as much if Johnson ends up signing the tender offer and playing this season on the tag. The franchise tag salary for cornerbacks this season is expected to be $13.7 million, while the transition tag salary for cornerbacks is expected to be $11.7 million.

Last year, one player got the transition tag: Dolphins tight end Charles Clay, who ended up signing an offer sheet with the Bills that the Dolphins declined to match. When a transition tagged player switches teams, the original team does not get draft pick compensation.

12 responses to “Rams consider transition tag for Trumaine Johnson

  1. This is a smart move. Rams HAVE to come up with a winning record this year. The excitement will follow thru the whole season. But, they need to come on strong in 2017. LA loves sports but the fans are also well knowledged. If the Rams are not in the upswing quickly this whole move may be for naught. I personally hope all goes well for them.

  2. Cracked me up when Cardinals coach Bruce Arians commented the Rams would end 2015 8-8 like always, and basically called it. That guy is awesome.

  3. Secondary was finally a team strength in 2015 after waiting years for their young DBs to mature.

    Roberson and Gaines offer adequate depth, but the Rams will be much better off to keep Tru, JJ and McCleod.

  4. Bruce comment were 2 years ago.. That’s the season the Rams hurt 2 of their QBs…
    No.. We can upgrade McCleod.. Or however you spell..

  5. Would hate to lose Jenkins or Johnson but before getting hurt in training camp EJ Gaines had a stellar rookie season and could step in for one of those 2. The Rams need to concentrate on locking up Mark Barron. He had an incredible season when moved to LB. Now that Laurinatis is gone they need him to pair up with Ogletrees move to MLB.

  6. It is time for the St. Louis Dispatch to stop covering the Rams. The Rams are a Los Angeles team. I do respect the fact that St. Louis was the Ram’s home for 21 years, and hope they get an expansion team. St. Louis Stallions has a nice ring to it.

  7. Please bring back the yellow and blue uniforms that were worn in the Eric Dickerson days!! I am not crazy about the navy blue and gold.

    I can’t wait for the schedule to come out. We know the opponents, but we don’t know the order of the games, the dates or times. The first game in Los Angeles will be marked on many calendars.

  8. Any coverage of the Rams is better than no coverage. The LA Times wrote nothing about Long, Laranitus or Cook. The Post Dispatch did a good job covering the Rams, considering St.Lousi is a baseball town.

  9. Guy had a breakout year with some impressive stats. Four games in a row with an INT and some where Vs good teams otherwise. Might save a few million if it works out.

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