Randy Gregory suspension gives Greg Hardy a little leverage


Even before the Broncos rag-dolled Tom Brady and Cam Newton in back-to-back games, NFL teams knew the importance of having a potent pass rush. Last year, the Cowboys justified their decision to sign controversial defensive end Greg Hardy by pointing to the importance of having good pass rushers.

Entering the 2016 offseason, the Cowboys need more. Badly.

The only defensive end under contract for next season with a career regular-season sack is Demarcus Lawrence, who had back surgery earlier this year. Now, second-year defensive end Randy Gregory has been suspended four games to start the 2016 season for multiple violations of the substance-abuse policy.

The Lawrence surgery and Gregory suspension underscore the team’s needs at the position, and these developments potentially give Hardy, an unrestricted free agent on March 9, some leverage.

It’s unclear how much leverage Hardy has, because it’s unclear whether any other team would want him. A year ago, the Buccaneers were the only team other than the Cowboys who were interested in Hardy, but the Bucs wanted to bring him in to answer all questions about the 2014 domestic violence incident that triggered 15 games on paid leave that year and a four-game unpaid suspension in 2015.

Regardless of whether the Cowboys keep Hardy, they’d be wise to consider using the fourth overall pick in the draft not on a new quarterback but on a pass rusher. But Hardy’s past success could make the Cowboys more willing to bring Hardy back, especially in light of the clear needs the Cowboys now have at the position.

26 responses to “Randy Gregory suspension gives Greg Hardy a little leverage

  1. Never fear, Houston can help fix this.
    Clowney, Weeden, and this years #1 for for your #1 and next year’s #3.
    I’d think getting Weeden back would be a real asset for your team. After all, while he was in Houston he learned how to win a game.
    Something Dallas could really use.

  2. Nobody will pay Hardy big money after last season, and Dallas had a weak pass rush with him in the lineup. Don’t think this changes much for Hardy or Dallas, who already needed d-line help.

  3. Cut him. I didn’t want him here in the first place and I understand he’s not very popular in the lockeroom.

  4. Jerry said he’s a leader. Why would he need any leverage. He’s a lock to be on the team again next year.

  5. Too bad the gm only cares about publicity and sales. He knows bad popularity is still popularity. In a garbage division they won’t win for a bit.
    Jerry will live forever and keep us entertained

  6. Bring in Johnny Football and RG3. Sit them both down with a PlayBook. The first one who is able to correctly identify the DE and the S gets a multi year guaranteed contract. I suspect the rest will take about 10 minutes.

  7. Anyone who blasts brady should get a raise. And an incentive that there is more of that coming.

  8. Jerry Jones couldn’t decide on whether he wanted to grow up to be a prison warden or a football owner.

  9. I could care less what kind of character my team has, as long as they win. Every team has at least 1 player with some sort of character concern. Uneducated fans either aren’t aware of only talk about the ones they think make them look better. Get a clue.

  10. owlbania says:
    Feb 20, 2016 12:04 PM
    It’s not like Hardy played well, or even cared about being on time for meetings… Bring him back Jerry, he fits well.
    What do u mean he didnt play well?..do u even watch football or just read blogs..he was pressuring the qb almost every play..such ignorance on here

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