Report: Police have surveillance video of Manziel incident


Dallas Police have surveillance video of Johnny Manziel on the night he allegedly assaulted Colleen Crowley, ESPN reported Saturday.

That report, citing a source with knowledge of the investigation, said police have examined the video of Manziel and Crowley outside Hotel ZaZa in Dallas, where Crowley told a parking attendant she feared Manziel would continue to hurt her. The police also have “other surveillance,” the report said.

Dallas Police released a statement Saturday afternoon saying that they have not made any final determination on whether charges will be filed and that they continue to gather evidence.

“Detectives are continuing with their efforts to fully investigate the facts of this case,” the statement said. “As this remains an on-going investigation, no details of the investigation will be released at this time.”

Crowley told police that she told a hotel parking valet she feared for her life and later had to threaten Manziel with a knife to get him to leave her apartment. A judge granted her a protective order from Manziel.

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  1. He should be locked up for his own best interests as well as those around him. At the very least it would be the last we have to hear about the brat for at least a little while.

  2. Roger will suspend him first, then see the video after it becomes public, then suspend him again. Cuz dats how he dooze it!

  3. This is a pretty important development. If, as some have suggested in other Manziel threads, the Dallas PD was inclined to brush this under the carpet, that possibility is now out the window. The Dallas PD has to know that somehow, some way, this tape will eventually become public.

    By the way, imagine if last year at this time, someone had asked you to pick the two NFL QBs who would be in serious hot water for bad behavior, Manziel would probably have been the first guy you picked. How many of you, however, would have picked Peyton Manning as the second?

  4. greenbaychicksarefat says:
    Feb 20, 2016 4:51 PM
    Packers will sign him, they need an upgrade at QB
    Packer haters are just so very very clever.

  5. Isn’t it just amazing how the Dallas PD closed this case immediately for ‘lack of evidence of a crime’ only to suddenly find all sorts of evidence once bad PR caused them to ‘re-open’ the case?

  6. Crowley said they were in her car when Manziel allegedly slapped her on the left side of the car. Unless she had a video camera in the car, there is no video of it. Crowley said a lot of things, including that she attacked Manziel with a knife (but the media never mentions that.)

  7. So they have a video of the incident. It either shows he assaulted her or it shows he didn’t. What else are they investigating?

  8. mrbiggstuff says:

    The relevance of Johnny Manziel is perplexing.

    It’s because people like you make replies. Internet hits.

  9. Makes you wonder why they haven’t arrested Manziel yet if they have video of him chasing Crowley down while she’s screaming for help and bleeding from a punctured eardrum.

  10. Quoting coltzfan166:

    “Deion still thinks she is the problem.”
    Deion is fiercely protective of helpless football players against the bullying women slamming their ears and faces into the poor men’s defenseless fists.

  11. Forget about him being locked up for his own good. He put his hands on a woman. He should be introduced to a real man who can teach him some respect.

  12. Quoting ariani1985:

    ‘I think we should have johnny live in a glass jar for our amusement!”

    Love the idea from an entertainment standpoint, but Laura Ingalls might have issue with the Half Pint confusion.

    Yes, even from the grave. He really is that embarrassing.

  13. Doesn’t Texas have some kind of law where you can have
    someone “committed” for like a 72 hour mental evaluation?
    I know Florida has one. It’s called “The Baker Act.”

    The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (Florida Statute 394.451-394.47891 (2009 rev.)), commonly known as the “Baker Act,” allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual. The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment).

    I’m surprised that Texas doesn’t have something similar or
    if they do, no one has had Manziel committed yet.

  14. I’m wondering why the valet car parker isn’t getting any flack. I mean, a woman in distress tells you the boyfriend is dangerous, threatening and he got the dude’s car! Wow. That is compassionate!!

  15. ariani1985 says:
    Feb 20, 2016 6:04 PM
    Welcome to green Bay johnny!

    You should take a page out of Johnny’s play book at try rehab, your addiction/obsession with the Packers isn’t healthy and cause a concern to the people around you, and they probably see its getting worse.

  16. I looked. In Texas, apparently it has to be “court ordered.”
    In Florida, it doesn’t have to be “court ordered.”

  17. ENOUGH already!

    When something actually happens, like he’s indicted, or something like that, then report it. This crap is just “he said/she said/cops said” stuff.

    The Dallas PD can’t get out of their own way. They still haven’t found the second shooter on the grassy knoll….or W’s wrecked black Firebird. Amazing police work!

  18. Not taking Manzel’s side on this but could it be possible there’s nothing to see here. If what the girl says is true and video backs it up he should already be locked up. Stranger things have turned out tho be the truth.

  19. I’m sure when it comes time for Goodell to rule on any possible discipline he’ll be unable to find the video during their pathetic attempt at an investigation.

  20. So they have a video of the incident. It either shows he assaulted her or it shows he didn’t. What else are they investigating?

    She made a statement that she hit him. Maybe that’s on it.

  21. I can’t help wondering if the “case closed for lack of ecvidence” was to induce vic/witnesses to be more cooperative.

  22. investwax says:
    Feb 20, 2016 6:28 PM
    Forget about him being locked up for his own good. He put his hands on a woman. He should be introduced to a real man who can teach him some respect.


    White knight alert!

  23. wow that police department must have some dough to spare if they out bid TMZ for this video.

  24. fanofpft says:
    Feb 20, 2016 9:01 PM

    So they have a video of the incident. It either shows he assaulted her or it shows he didn’t. What else are they investigating?

    It’s possible the video doesn’t shed much light on this incident and they may be using it to check against their stories for any inconsistencies.

    It’s also quite possible that this is the same situation as the LeSean McCoy incident in that the person who may be charged, in this case Manziel, can afford a high-priced attorney to get his/her client off.

    I do find it interesting that the Dallas Police Department considered the case closed until the news broke and now all of a sudden they are checking out video and questioning witnesses. So what did they do the first time when they considered the case closed–nothing? Sure looks like that doesn’t it.

  25. Johnny’s got his own case of “affluenza.”

    Must be something in the water down there in Texas.

  26. If he weren’t a pro athlete, and instead was a brown man or toothless/shirtless hillbilly, he’d have been sentenced already.

  27. OK, let’s take something positive away from this. Next time you’re about to criticize some average QB for not being Tom Brady, think about how hard he’s worked to get where he is instead of throwing away his talent without even trying like this guy.

  28. I wonder how much JF and his dad will spend in order to prevent this videotape leaking to the press. A quarter million, maybe?

    Getting JF on recorded video is apparently like winning the lottery these days.

  29. Leave the poor kid alone for Christ sakes, he’s just having a little fun.


    I still find it amazing that he has such a poor attitude and that wasn’t picked up when the Browns drafted him in the first round.

    I’d give anything to be on n NFL roster for 5 years, even as a non-starter.

  30. the real loser in this case is the dallas pd; they look criminally negligent; appears they did everything they could to make this go away and more disclosures and public pressure has forced them to do their job

    johnny affluenza’s odds of being indicted just ramped exponentially and now if there are no charges, the dallas pd will be buried and johnny will go on without a care

  31. also given all the heat goddell took over the ray rice video, this video will go public much sooner rather than later

    interesting to hear/see the valets statement

    cops are lining up everyone’s statements and the video to see how they match up

    last i saw dallas pd said case would be wrapped by this week

    suspect they have enough to charge him already;

  32. Boyle said the detective investigating the allegations “hasn’t gotten all the facts yet.”

    “She’s still putting the case together,” Boyle said. “It’s been two weeks since this investigation started, and it is high-profile.

    she’s still putting ——–

    the investigating detective is a woman

    now it gets real; puts a whole new twist on it

  33. I am no Johnny Manziel fan…at all. Not even in the ball park….

    …but as far as the video goes, they didn’t say it shows him doing anything illegal. They just said they have “parts” of the thing on video. I might actually clear him of wrong doing.

    That said?

    He should be kicked out of football. The kid has no common sense. No self control. No conscience.

    People hated on Jameis Winston all through this year…Johnny here is ten times worse. One day, he’ll kill someone while driving drunk.

  34. A league that has room for Greg Hardy has room for Johnny Manziel. To say otherwise is unchristian.

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