Jerry Kramer’s Super Bowl I ring sells for more than $125,000

Getty Images

Question: What is a Super Bowl ring worth? Answer: Whatever someone will pay for it.

The Super Bowl I ring won by Packers guard Jerry Kramer to cap the 1966 season was sold at auction on Saturday night for $125,475, via USA Today.

Kramer attended the auction in New York City, which included his 1965 NFL title ring, a 1962 NFL championship watch, and a 1960s game-word jersey. In all, the items generated more than $265,000.

Kramer intended to establish a trust fund to pay for his grandchildren’s educational expenses.

As noted by USA Today, Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring fetched $230,401 in 2012, and William “Refrigerator” Perry’s Super Bowl XX ring went for $203,150 in 2015.