Marquise Goodwin runs well, jumps better at Millrose Games

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Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin’s 2015 NFL season was a bust, but his 2016 track and field season is off to a good start.

Goodwin competed at the Millrose Games, a major indoor track meet, on Saturday, and took third place in his best event, the long jump, with a jump of 25 feet, 8 inches. That means he’s right where he wants to be to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team. Goodwin finished 10th in the long jump at the 2012 Olympics with a jump of 25 feet, 7 inches, and he’s a favorite heading into the U.S. Olympic trials on July 1.

Goodwin also took sixth place in the 60-meter dash with a time of 6.68 seconds. Although Goodwin is obviously fast, he will not attempt to sprint at the Olympics.

The Bills have indicated that they’re OK with Goodwin focusing more on track than on football during the offseason, but if Goodwin does make the U.S. Olympic team, it may cost him a shot at making the Bills’ 2016 roster. If Goodwin goes to the Olympics in August, he’ll miss all of training camp and most of the preseason, and by that point he may be too far behind the team’s other wide receivers to earn a roster spot. Injuries have forced him to miss as many games as he’s played in his three-year NFL career, and now he may put football on the back burner while he makes the Olympics his top priority.

6 responses to “Marquise Goodwin runs well, jumps better at Millrose Games

  1. Al Davis would have let this young man compete in the Olympics and play football. Its the understanding that your team is better for half the season because of the ability to stretch the field.

    You can’t teach speed but you can teach someone to catch a ball.

  2. Great for him. As. bills fan it has been frustrating to see two coaching staffs insist on misusing him. His speed is such that his toughness going over the middle shouldn’t matter. He got hurt every year on a shallow crossing route or hook. Every time. Still ran he routes, still so petted for the ball. But still should have been running a safety and cornerback downfield. Hope he medals.

  3. Can’t fault the guy for following his passion. I am sure he understands the risks of being on the roster bubble.

    Good luck to him either way.

  4. Watching him in college I thought he had the potential to be a great deep threat. I think he may still have the potential, but it isn’t happening in Buffalo. A change of scenery might be a good thing for him.

  5. Athleticism is obviously important in football, but unlike most sports, it isn’t the most valuable trait in my opinion. In sports like hockey and basketball, it’s all athleticism and conditioning. You play a ton of games each season, and each one features you going up one side of the rink/court/etc. and then down the other. It almost becomes a numbers game. Over the course of the season, the most athletic guys separate from the pack.

    But football is different. There are so few games, and a player will only be near the ball so few times, that football becomes a game decided by strategy, preparation, and mental composure. Look how often the whole season is “on the line” in football.

    Not saying Goodwin doesn’t have these traits, I don’t know that for sure, but I do think all of these “combine stat” type things are pretty useless. Lots of guys can run fast. But being good at football is an entirely different thing.

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