Stephen Jones expresses disappointment in Randy Gregory


Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory will miss the first four games of the 2016 regular season. The Cowboys understandably aren’t happy.

This is a disappointment,” Cowboys executive V.P. and COO Stephen Jones said about Gregory’s suspension, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We have been clear with Randy about what his responsibilities are and what is expected.”

Jones has a point, but the Cowboys knew what they were getting themselves into when they used a second-round pick on Gregory in April 2015. Gregory had failed a drug test at the Scouting Combine, the reddest of the red flags when it comes to recreational drug use. It shows that he has a problem, or that he was clueless about the fact that a drug test would occur at the Combine.

I blame myself,” Gregory said before the draft. “And I know it sounds cliché, but there’s really no one else I can blame.”

There’s no one else he can blame but himself for however many violations occurred since he was drafted. But let’s be clear: A player doesn’t get a four-game suspension for only one failed drug test under the substance-abuse policy. For PEDs, it’s a one-strike, four-game banishment. For recreational drugs, it takes a lot more than one failed test.

Gregory consistently has failed to choose football over whatever substance for which he has been testing positive. But the Cowboys necessarily failed to provide him with the resources and assistance necessary to keep him from continuing to fail tests. And Gregory’s agents, who did a great job of puffing him up to a scoop-hungry media before the draft (at one point he was being sold as a top-10 pick despite the failed drug test), apparently haven’t communicated to Gregory the critical importance of getting clean.

The stakes only go up from here. Next is a 10-game suspension followed by at least one year out of the game. At some point, if he doesn’t choose football, there will no longer be a choice to make.

60 responses to “Stephen Jones expresses disappointment in Randy Gregory

  1. “We paid him a bunch of money and he couldn’t put down the bong”
    The guy is an idiot.
    Play out your crappy 5 year NFL career, THEN hit the bong. Before you’re broke and have to sell car parts or something. Or whatever you’ll have to do.
    You won’t have enough to retire on. You’ll blow it all.

  2. I’m so sick in tired of being a cowboys fan. it’s seems like the Jones family cares more about press time than winning ,it’s been twenty one years since we have had a sniff of the Superbowl and yet year after year its the same one thing,stop drafting these clowns how cares more about parting, beating women and doing drugs.

  3. A grown man is gonna make his own decisions at the end of the day regardless who is around him.

  4. I agree with chino1985. You can all the help in the world but at the end of the day, the man in the mirror is guiding your life. Guess I can say, been there, done that.

  5. It’s just too bad that other players can’t be as good leaders and role models for their fellow Cowboys as Greg Hardy

    … at least, in the opinion of the owner.

  6. y Gregory”
    thefootballgodssay says:
    Feb 21, 2016 9:17 PM
    Bust? Really?…there are alot of players that became great players ..even hall of fame players that learned from a mistake early in their is going into the hall this year..favre..

  7. He will end up in Miami, where he belongs. That will be punishment enough.

  8. Geez Stephen, you’re disappointed? How do you think Cowboys’ fans should feel? Don’t you think they should be a little disappointed in you and your father? It’s hard to believe you guys are taking the team seriously. If you are, you’re not very bright. Why don’t you try leaving the problem children alone, and just get football players. Or do they remind you of yourself? Get a grip dude. Hey I have a great idea for you father. Maybe he should run for president.

  9. He’s not bright enough to see what happened to Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon. This suspension means he had to have failed three tests since the combine. Failing the test at the combine is all you needed to know about this guy–not the sharpest pencil in the box. Like Blackmon and Gordon, he just doesn’t get it. Who knows if he will. Stephen Jones can be disappointed but like the article says, what did they expect from this clown.

    I probably speak for most people on this board that we don’t necessarily enjoy bashing guys for doing stupid things to get suspended. We just can’t believe a guy who is so privileged to play in the NFL would do something so stupid as to jeopardize his playing career. I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t have the talent to even be a Division I player but I would have given a kidney to be able to play in the NFL. This guy can’t even stay off the illegal stuff until his career is over. Sad.

  10. Maybe they need to get the stigma of ‘Americas Team’ off the Dallas marquee?
    These guys, including Jerruh, seem to think there’s some degree of invincibility attached to that blue star on the helmet.

    Nothing will change, until Ownership stops seeking media attention, with these ‘character risk’ signings.

    Hey Jerruh.
    Just say no.
    Recognize the fact that bad news travels faster now then it did 10-15 years ago.

  11. I think its the ” fall guys ” job to step in and grab that bong, then clear all the weed out of it before his client can make a bad decision.

    sounds like the cowboys just need better fall guys.

  12. jchipwood says:
    Feb 21, 2016 9:23 PM
    If only he was drafted by the patriots. This could had all been swept under the rug by the police chief. Reference: Chandler Jones
    Your obsession with the Patriots is unhealthy. You bring them up in almost every thread. Granted the Dolphins haven’t been relevant since 1972 but seriously man… help.

  13. quicktaker says:
    Feb 21, 2016 10:04 PM
    Jimmy Johnson: “Hit me in the head with a hammer the next time I take a dumb guy.” Jerry and son really learned nothing from Jimmy.
    Except that Randy isn’t dumb. He’s emotionally unstable sure, but so was another Cowboys pass rusher who wore 94.

    It’s only been one season. Lots of players have come back from much worse and put together a solid career.

  14. “But the Cowboys necessarily failed to provide him with the resources and assistance necessary to keep him from continuing to fail tests. “…………………..come on Florio, give Jerrah a break, he’s got a whole team full of idiots that he needs to provide resources and assistance to, occasionally there’s gonna be a few who fall through the cracks.

  15. The Jerry Jones era Cowboy Mt Rushmore :
    Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, Joesph Randle…….and if Jerruh would have had his way Johnny Football would have completed

  16. Earth to the sports media: no one “failed” this guy except himself! These are adults and they know the rules. He broke ’em and will now pay the price. End of story. Y’all in the media need to stop coddling these dudes and help the league and the teams hold them responsible for their actions.

  17. Did PFT really just say this ??? Pfff..

    “But the Cowboys necessarily failed to provide him with the resources and assistance necessary to keep him from continuing to fail tests.” PFT

  18. Robert Nkemdiche will be the Cowboys #1 pick this year. He’s the guy from Ole Miss that got busted and sent home from the Sugar Bowl after being arrested for possession of marijuana. He’s the dude that went through a window one night and fell 15 feet to the ground. As soon as Jerry Jones heard about this story, he moved Robert to the top of his draft board. I guarantee it. The Cowboys will draft him, he’ll get arrested and then everyone’s going to say how stupid the kid is. At some point we just have to admit Jerry Jones has his head screwed on wrong. The story is not about these kids, but about one strange adult.

  19. barrymichaels61 says:
    Feb 21, 2016 10:55 PM
    Speaking of disappointment how about the Jones family to Cowboys nation for over 20 years?
    Only 11 teams have won a super bowl since dallas last won a super bowl..incase u didnt know there are 32 teams..thats 21 teams that havent won a super bowl since dallas last won it..not just dallas

  20. “…great job of puffing him up …”

    Poor choice of words, there Florio. Or…was that deliberate?

  21. Ah… the hate is real. Because NO team has someone who is suspended for drugs.. violence.. or conduct. Everyone else’s teams is full of angels. Keep on haters.

  22. Took a chance, thought it was a bargain, it wasn’t.

    The bigger problem is the PATTERN with which this occurs with The Cowboys. And you know where it comes from? It’s the net result, the hangover from not taking Randy Moss. Seriously, that non-draft pick has cast a pall on all subsequent drafts.

    Good luck, Stephen. Not Steve, Stephen. Your dad, clearly incompetent as an NFL GM, at least played Division I football. He HAS that background and he sucks; again, good luck, STEPHEN. You gave no chance of succeeding. No chance.

  23. A variant of Sun Tzu’s training process as written in The Art of War, should be applied to both Millennial Affluenza & ARROGANCE SYNDROME carriers like Randy Gregory as well as the Perpetual Affluenza & Arrogance Syndrome carriers and/or enablers like Jerry Jones and sunny boy Steve. Not saying they should be killed as described in the book for turning left when they should have been turning right, but they should be permanently banned from the sport for obvious “as stupid does” errors.
    Gregory has no business being in the NFL for one more day, period. This is not a first offense for any of these guys. It’s not even just their tenth. They have been breaking the law and the rules since they have been in high school. And all their coaches and lawyers and agents should be equally banned. And throw Goodell into that pack as well.
    And just as depicted in the book, after the initial shock experienced because of the harshness of the discipline , the rest will get the message and you will have a league with integrity restored and worthy of previous fan adoration.
    But that won’t be the result. It’s back to coddling we will go. So don’t expect any changes.

  24. Future best-seller in Dallas:

    “How I spent my summer vacation” by Randy Gregorg

    It will be written crayon and will highlight how he:
    – Binge watched Breaking Bad
    – did the 4:20 salute everyday
    – went to the dinosaur park
    – said ‘I don’t know’ repeatedly to some old guy Mr.Hand.

  25. Young guy smoking dope. Probably been doing that a long time. He is going to wake up at 30 and either be grateful he got it in check while he had the chance to earn, or he will be a guy who had potential but never lived up to the billing cuz he could not quit smoking dope. Kids got a shot and maybe he wises up.

  26. Memo to the Joneses: Shut up, OK? Just shut up!

    You picked a dumbass kid who was actually stupid enough to fail a drug test when he knew full well he would be tested.

    Since you haven’t won a Super Bowl in over two decades and haven’t sniffed the playoffs in quite some time, how about your fans? Shouldn’t they express “disappointment” at your ineptitude and stupidity?

  27. If given the choice between drinking alcohol and smoking Marijuana I would much rather smoke but I don’t have that choice.
    My choice, like millions of of people, is smoke a bowl on the weekend or keep my job so we do what we have to do to pay our mortgage, car payment and everything else.

    If we can avoid smoking a joint, which I consider harmless, then why can’t you do the same considering that you can retire in your 30’s with millions of dollars?
    Then you can kick back and light up.
    Hell…. it may even be legal by then.

  28. Dallas Conboys! Smoke up, beat up and do whatever it takes to break the law! Just take the money and don’t think about rings, unless it’s smoke rings! Jerry has attained what he desired the most. His team will always stay in the news. The rest of the league thanks you.

  29. I’m a life long Husker fan and felt he was vastly overrated with the Huskers. He wasn’t near as good as people made him out to be.

  30. jaxon51 says:Feb 21, 2016 10:49 PM
    The Jerry Jones era Cowboy Mt Rushmore :
    Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, Joesph Randle…….and if Jerruh would have had his way Johnny Football would have completed

    You forgot Dez Bryant

  31. His play on the field was more disappointing. Wasnt he supposed to be on of the best pass rushers in the draft? He ended up with what, a dozen tackles and no sacks in 12 games!

  32. Is it really shocking to anyone? There are teams in the NFL that “get it” and some that don’t. Dallas, Cleveland, and others can’t get out of there own way. Why draft losers lke this? Other teams have issues with players as well, but not to this extent. They created this bunch of idiots and culture because they drafted for talent instead of balancing talent and basic intelligence and human decency. They have taken the same approach in free agency. Lay in the bed that you made yourself you perennial, pathetic losers.

  33. jlmd17 says:
    Feb 21, 2016 9:23 PM
    Lol. Classic Nebraska product.
    Prince Amukamara is black Tebow. Virgin, well spoken, plays hard, community guy. Not sure what you mean by this comment. Lawrence Phillips?

  34. Love to see other teams in our division blow up there picks!
    Reese does it WITHOUT any off field issues?
    Prince is not being re-signed until he hits the market, which he was told by Reese at his year end exit meeting.
    Yeah, 18 teams passed him up, but we saw gold at #19, sure Jerry.

  35. “But the Cowboys necessarily failed to provide him with the resources and assistance necessary to keep him from continuing to fail tests.”

    What? They didn’t provide someone else to take the urine test?

  36. To assume that an addict failed because the people around him didn’t do enough is to not understand addiction. Addicts are liars and actors. They can fool a lot of people, a lot of experts.

    They can’t fool a urine test but they can find a way around ANY supervision or rules.

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