49ers, Kaepernick’s agents to meet in Indy


The 49ers must decide whether to keep or unload quarterback Colin Kaepernick by April 1. In the coming days, both player and team could be getting a better idea of what each side wants.

Via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the 49ers and Kaepernick’s agents will meet in Indianapolis this week, in connection with the annual Scouting Combine. It’s not a surprise, given that pretty much every team meets with pretty much every agent at the Combine, since the teams are there to scout players and the agents are there for their annual NFLPA meeting — and to hold premature, tampering talks with teams about impending free agents.

For this team, the question is whether the 49ers want Kaepernick back at a compensation package of $12 million, a reasonable, middle-of-the-road quarterback number. For Kaepernick, the question is whether he wants to return. His decision to have three surgeries this offseason with his own doctors and not the team’s doctors has created the impression that Kaepernick is ready to move on.

Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, who heard from new coach Chip Kelly not long after Kelly got the job, told PFT Live during Super Bowl week that Lott would tell Kaepernick: (1) you’re under contract; (2) you’re staying put; and (3) we’re going to make you great. Still, it’s critical that any starting quarterback be all in with the program; the quarterback is an extension of the coaching staff in the locker room, showing up early and staying late and watching extra film and doing all the stuff that sets a clear example for the rest of the roster. If Kaepernick wants out, and if in turn he decides to do the bare minimum, that won’t be good for anybody.

That said, Kaepernick (like most players) sure has too much pride to pout and malinger, since doing the bare minimum will impact his performance. However it all works out, the process of working it all out commences this week in earnest. In Indy.

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  1. Was not this guy supposed to be the best quarterback in history according to Ron Jaworski? Oh how the mighty have fallen.
    That being said Kaepernick could be the perfect fit for this Chip Kelly offense. I hope Kaepernick gets his stuff together so we can see what Chip’s offense looks like in the NFL with the right type of qb in place.

  2. Just a couple years ago, Colin Kaepernick was exactly where Cam Newton is today. Got his team to the super bowl, and was looking like the next great NFL QB. The things we saw Kaepernick do both inside and outside the pocket were amazing. It’s hard for me to believe that this guy suddenly forgot how to play football. This reminds me of Kurt Warner’s career. Everyone kind of gave up on him, and then he ends up in Arizona and back in the super bowl. But with Kaepernick, it’s easy to believe that the chaos that was going on within the leadership of the franchise took it’s toll. A lot was kept from the media, but it was extremely chaotic. There was a mass exodus of players that seems just a little bit too coincidental. I don’t know how much Chip Kelly can do to stabilize the organization. We’ll see. Everyone else seems to be running for the exits.

  3. I hope they kiss and make up. Sure Kap had a down year, but if anyone places more blame on Kap than on the incompetent coaching staff, you’re an idiot. Kap such a dangerous weapon, if Kelly can get him to play like Harbaugh, or better, it’s going to be fun to watch.

  4. They brought Kelly in for this purpose. Shanahan would have got the job, but said he didn’t want Kaep, so it wouldn’t make any sense for them to cut or trade him. Plus, Philly wanted to trade for Kaep when Kelly was in Philly. Kaep isn’t going anywhere. Kaep can be great in Kelly’s system. Draft Treadwell in the first, re-sign Boldin and you’ll have Boldin, Smith and Treadwell to throw to. Sign a couple 0-lineman in free agency to protect Kaep. There’s no reason Kaep can’t get back to what he once was.

  5. Not a fan of Kap but there is no one currently that will put the Niners in the best position to win now… You never know, he may get back to his first year performance… Hopefully cut the strings of his puppet master JH.

  6. He has always given his best and pretty sure he still would even if he wasn’t happy, but if he doesn’t want to be there he definitely should walk. If they can shore up the line I think he would do great under Kelly’s offense. Haters are gonna hate, but considering he had injuries and that O-Line last year I’d give him another chance.

  7. Who else is offering $12 million dollars next year?

    It could happen, but far from a sure thing.

    Kelly is Kaepernick’s best chance at NFL success… I understand his caution and hesitation staying with the 49ers after the total dysfunction of the front office (Jed York is one of the worst owners in the NFL), and coaching staff, (come on, say what you want, even a front office that hired “their guy” cut him loose after a season, (hell, they didn’t officially announce it until after the game, but Tomsula had no business as a NFL head coach… he was gone by mid season)

    No doubt Santa Clara is a dumpster fire… but it’s still
    $12 million dollars………

  8. Kap getting traded to E. Coast team. Probably Cleveland or Philly. Everyone knows he won’t win his starting job back from Gabbert. A trade will help salvage his pride and make things easier for the club.

  9. People forget that year before last (Harbaughs last year) the team was decimated by injuries (bowman Willis staley Kilgore a Davis etc). And the run game was pedestrian.

    Build the team up around Kap (as you should do with any QB) and he will go back to thriving. Kap is the hardest worker on the team…but I hate the front office…Kap took a super team friendly deal (to which he received criticism) so they could resign upcoming free agents…the team didn’t do that…so I would feel betrayed too .

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