Adam Gase plays guitar, jams with Melissa Etheridge

Getty Images

The Dolphins’ last coach was more of a Metallica guy, though Dan Campbell came off as more of a one-note player.

But new head coach Adam Gase showed a little more range, and an ability to hold his own with a different kind of musician.

Via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post, Gase spent some pre-concert time jamming on his guitar with Melissa Etheridge prior to a concert there last weekend.

“I go back on the tour bus and she’s plugged in. She starts playing. She goes, ‘You play at all?’ I go, ‘A little bit,'” Gase said. “A little nervousness is coming over me, like, ‘Please don’t ask me to play. Please don’t ask me to play.’ She goes, ‘Well, hey, let’s plug in.’ We start messing around a little bit, as far as trying to jam a little bit. . . .

I think it’s a good thing she carried everything and I was just making a lot of noise.”

He apparently made a good impression, as Etheridge told the crowd: “Your coach is a cool guy.”

Gase took up guitar lessons when he was an assistant coach with the Broncos, but he’s going to have to play lead now. And after following a guy who just made a lot of noise, he has a chance to pull it off.