James Laurinaitis expects better idea of next team after combine

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After the Rams released linebacker James Laurinaitis last week, the veteran said he was surprised by the team’s decision because they asked him to be part of the marketing push they’re planning ahead of their move to Los Angeles for the 2016 season.

Laurinaitis said he thought that the team might want to talk about a pay cut, but said during a visit with Mike Florio on Monday’s PFT Live that the team never brought that up before dropping the axe. Laurinaitis said that money never came up as a reason for the move, which he thinks stems from coach Jeff Fisher’s desire to move Alec Ogletree into Laurinaitis’ former spot.

“It was just strictly, I think, coach Fisher wants to move Ogletree to the Mike LB position and they probably want to make a strong push for [impending free agent Mark] Barron to come back,” Laurinaitis said.

Laurinaitis said he’s excited to be a free agent for the first time in his career and that the “phone’s ringing,” although he didn’t delve into any details about which teams might be interested in bringing him to their defense. He expects to have a better idea on that front after agent Tom Condon talks to teams at this week’s combine and shared what he’s looking for in his next team.

“I want to play for a team that’s going to have a chance at the playoffs right away, a chance at the trophy,” Laurinaitis said. “That’s kind of the mindset going forward.”

Laurinaitis also discussed his thoughts on whether the Rams are a team with a chance at the playoffs right away and whether he’s sorry to miss out on the move to L.A. in the full interview, which you can watch right here.

21 responses to “James Laurinaitis expects better idea of next team after combine

  1. Not a troll question, just don’t know a lot about him…

    Is he productive enough to justify being picky about what team he goes to next? Is he still playing good football or are his best years behind him?

  2. He is slow. Cannot cover his gal assignment and cannot tackle someone trying to walk thru a mud bog. So yeah, I bet he hopes to sign with a contender. I don’t think so though.

  3. I figured replacing Danny Trevathan in Denver might be a sensible option for Laurinaitis and the Broncos, but then somebody pointed out that of 94 ILBs graded by PFF, Laurinaitis came in 94th.

    Perhaps L.A. moved on because, well, Laurinaitis just isn’t any good.

  4. Is he productive enough to justify being picky about what team he goes to next? Is he still playing good football or are his best years behind him?
    He’s still productive enough to play. He is solid, but unspectacular on run defense. He get’s killed by quick acceleration RBs in open space (a lot of MLBs do). He’s a solid zone pass defender. He did fine in man coverage vs TEs. He struggled when asked to cover speedier RBs out of the backfield. He has had few injury issues and played through the ones he has had.

    His peak was about 4 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t help out a team that needs a solid tackling MLB and a leader on defense.

  5. It doesnt seem like he sees himself as the missing piece to a team thats trying to get over the hump, sounds like he wants to latch on to a team that may not really need him just to get a ring… With that mindset would he be helping the team or would the team be helping him..

  6. I though he, along w/ all those Skins picks, were going to make a dynasty. Guess not. Fisher ought to write a ‘how to’ book on bungling the draft.

  7. Well, if he wants to play for a contender, you can cross off about a dozen teams including the Vikings, whether or not they get a new field goal kicker.

    I seriously doubt the Packers are interested, they generally only sign players with something left in the tank.

  8. I don’t understand team’s reluctance to pick up a veteran that is most likely going to be productive. I’d pick up Laurinaitis, not be concerned about the position for two years, and focus on other needs. “Projects” are coach killers.

  9. JL has definitely lost a step or two, but he is still an excellent defensive signal caller, good durability, and can be a productive player at MLB. He helped make Ogletree and Barron better at their jobs.

  10. Jeff Fisher asked him to start intentionally spearing and taking out people’s knees. He refused, so they cut him.

  11. JL 55 and Chris Long were good players for the Rams but unfortunately they were paid like top players for their positions. I wish them the best.

  12. Depends on what scheme they both (Long and Lauranitis) end up in. I think a 3-4, where Long is a DE, and Lauranitis is the weak side inside backer on early downs, they could both get decent production for a few more years. I could even see Long having a Justin Smith-like resurgence in a 3-4, since that was his position in college under Al Groh. Lauranitis could be solid in a 4-3 on early downs, and Long could be a LE in a scheme like Seattle runs, where you stop the run early with bigger bodies, and rush the passer in nickel. I have more confidence in Long getting a few more years of good production than Lauranitis.

    Both were solid players for a long time. They should both catch on for 2016, maybe through 2018.

  13. James a Stl fan we had so many MLB that sucked for so long that once we had a sure tackler! You might have gave up 2-5 yrds a play my only comparrision is Aaron Donald ! But we used to be the worsy yeam against the Run for so many seasons that it was agony you brought me a gut that was in the right place more often than the wrong four at leastr 5 yrs in a Row My nightmare Were Shaun Alexander cutting his run against the grain which we always over ran the play so being the Ram’s all time tackler in our history thank you so much and yes what is the only thing that is wrong with this country no Honesty Stan wanted to move this team the first day he bought them! He is lower than whale sht he always wanted that TV revenue going to him , because if you say we couldn’t bring the same # of fans , well that hasn’t been that much the trouble for the Card baseball team! And James just when you might be 3 men short you included of finally being a top 10 maybe a top 5 defense and a offense with a couple of players one the hardest to find a QB! Your hard work would have finally paid off if the Zebra’s give the Ram’s in LA a better treating then they got in STL! Their are many fans that had to indure from London Fletcher to You changed the thing that drove me nuts someone tackling any one! I can show you histories of 10 missed tackles ! It used to seem that Jeff Wilkens had the most tackles on special teams! I am just sorry you might miss out on the Rams having a good team for a few yrs Tell Chris That he and you never let your motors turn off! I expect that from my favorite foot ball player it will be sad if Todd to me is a special talent and having three corner that could actually play and tackle! Baron as an OLB doesn’t make sense to me the Olb 0n the weal side should be like LT or Damarcus Ware or any other olb that can tackle pass cover and blitz! I hope for the best for both of you Stan has been a Dck for so long we endured the worst QB’s ever! I don’t think ant of them could throw the ball more than 25 yrds! I hope Stan Losses so big , but it will take me a couple yrs to find a team I hate Alex Smith. But I will try and not watch them but being someone who had Bidwell do it to us, and now Stan all they gave a sht about was themselves ! So screw Stl offer again , I am so glad that we have had a good base ball team since I started watching in 64 we have been to the playoffs 19 times we are 7-6 in NLC’S and 4-3 in world series, I think that got to you guys because except for Kurt’s good yrs! We are a spoiled town who expect their sports teams to have great owners a farm system that no one can rival! I can remember Steve Carelton who was 20-9 he asked four a 5000 dollar raise and Gussie got rid of him and he went onto becoming one of the greatest Left Hander ever!

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