Laquon Treadwell won’t run at the Combine

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Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell has decided to skip the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Treadwell says he hasn’t spent enough time preparing for the 40 in his workouts with a trainer in Miami and would rather wait until the Ole Miss Pro Day on March 28.

“I’ve only had a week and a half here [in Miami] and want to wait ’til I’m at our facilities,” Treadwell told NFL Media.

Those comments point to Bill Belichick’s complaint about the Combine, which is that players spend too much time training specifically for the 40 and other Combine drills, rather than training to be better football players. Spending the month of March preparing to run a faster 40 might be good for Treadwell’s 40 time at his Pro Day, but it won’t necessarily do a whole lot to make him a better NFL wide receiver.

Treadwell said he plans to run “in the 4.4s or 4.5s.” But he won’t do it in Indianapolis.

22 responses to “Laquon Treadwell won’t run at the Combine

  1. What a shame. He needs to be there so that teams can see how high his vertical jump is. Because all the tape they have of him in actual games won’t really show anything.

  2. Maybe he should spend more time learning to get off the line of scrimmage in press coverage, rather than perfecting his “start” to shave 0.02-0.05 seconds off his 40 time.

  3. If you agree to the job interview (combine) you should be required to fully participate. If you are hurt, don’t go. If you can’t or won’t do everything, they should give the slot to a kid willing to put in the work. These guys who won’t do this or that are pathetic. To me it speaks to a lack of commitment or validation that much of the scores are ‘fake’ ones that won’t ever be duplicated in the league because the guys are actually doing football stuff rather than training for a one-time test.

  4. Why jump through hoops for a bunch of scouts that take Johnny Manziel in the first round and Tom Brady in the 6th? Maybe if scouts paid more attention to game tape and less attention to the combine, there wouldn’t be so many GMs getting fired every year.

  5. if you run good routes and hands catching those footballs. Steve Largent made the HOF being just a great wr without having great speed. Can you fight for the ball and win…

  6. Come on, every one of these stories should incorporate the Seinfeld phrase “choose not to run”

  7. wow people really!! all i heard is he was not running the 40 not that he won’t be doing the 3 cone drill etc he has not said he will not do the vertical as a few mentioned he did not say he wasn’t going to do the broad jump or catch passes he is not and really never was projected as a take the top off the defense type of pass catcher can he catch the ball hold the ball and get both feet down inbounds?? those are the things inquiring minds want to know!!!

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