Ravens, Flacco’s agent likely to meet this weekend on revised deal


Three years ago, the Ravens and agent Joe Linta worked out a record-setting six-year deal that allowed the team to keep quarterback Joe Flacco without using the exclusive franchise tag on him. But with $62 million of $120.6 million already paid out to Flacco, it’s now time for the cap numbers to skyrocket.

From $6.8 million in 2013 to $14.8 million in 2014 to $14.55 million in 2015, Flacco’s cap number now becomes $28.55 million in 2016. And it gets no better in 2017, when the cap number moves to $31.15 million. (For 2018, the cap number drops, relatively speaking, to $24.75 million.)

So the Ravens and Linta will likely do something about it, sooner than later. Linta tells PFT that he expects to meet with the Ravens this weekend in Indianapolis.

A so-called simple restructuring would only go so far. If, for example, $17 million of Flacco’s $18 million salary for 2016 is converted to a signing bonus, the cap number would drop by $11.33 million in 2018 — but that would drive next year’s number to nearly $36.5 million.

At some point, the Ravens will need to extend Flacco’s contract, pushing cap dollars from the current deal beyond 2018. The problem is that the $62 million already paid to Flacco eventually has to hit the cap; so far, only $36.15 million has been counted. So that’s nearly $26 million on money already paid to Flacco that will be absorbed by current and future cap years.

With $58.6 million due to be paid over the next three years, this means that the Ravens need to figure out how to manage nearly $85 million in cap space from now through 2018.

Three years ago, Flacco had all the leverage — and he used every bit of it. This time around, Flacco has all the leverage again. Even though he’s recovering from a torn ACL, Flacco can simply say, “I’m fine with the deal we signed,” forcing the Ravens to present him with an alternative that he finds equally palatable.

What Flacco and Linta do with the leverage is one of the biggest questions of the current offseason. Eventually, the Ravens could simply decide to carry the number and figure out another way to comply with the NFL’s annual spending limit.

59 responses to “Ravens, Flacco’s agent likely to meet this weekend on revised deal

  1. Flacco’s contract isn’t unreasonable compared to some of the money recently paid out to less accomplished QBs like Tannehill and Dalton. Ravens may have backloaded it too heavily, but the overall numbers are in line with what he’d get elsewhere. Ravens will do the smart thing, eat the bigger cap number this year and make Flacco prove he’s recovered from his ACL tear to get an extension next offseason.

  2. NFL contracts are so stupid. The one part of the sport I have no desire to keep up on. No player ever plays out the entirity of their contract and no contract ever holds up without being rewritten.

  3. Standard back-loaded contract problem. The bonus cap-hit ($10.55 mil) looked ok while the base was small, but it jumps from $4 mil to $18 mil in 2016. So they’ll probably restructure with another back-loaded deal. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  4. This agent will change the way NFL contracts are done forever.

    Instead of doing a deal with gaudy unrealistic numbers, that puts the team and player at risk, and his to be rewritten… * Typical Agent

    …Do a deal with reasonable numbers, somewhere in the middle and make it fully guaranteed for the length of the contract.

    Agents can not see how this benefits the player, team and the agents bottom line.

  5. Flacco has made enough money to keep 7 generations of Flaccos living high on the hog. It is time for Flacco to repay the team that took a flyer on a division II quarterback and gave him a shot. Brady has done it, Manning has done it, and other qb’s who know their cap hit is hindering putting talent on the field, take one for the team. This will tell Ravens fans who they have as a QB. Is he a team player? Or is he one of those guys who believes in the Mo-fo-me ideology and doesn’t care about how the team does. Personally, if he doesn’t take one for the team, I would draft a qb this draft and put some pressure on the Blue Hen who is bleeding the bank dry.

  6. I would’ve let him walk after winning the super bowl. Thanks for the Lombardi but we feel you got lucky and aren’t that good so see you later.

  7. Well they are stuck now – they have to account for 26M of money they have already paid him against the current and future cap. So if they cut him, it costs them 26M this year. If they give him an extension, even something relatively cheap like 4 years and 60M, they will still have to count 23M against the cap every year, so still a huge hit. And he wouldent take that anyhow.

  8. I have watched Flacco a lot over the years. At Delaware he was a super small college QB, make no mistake about it. Since he turned pro, not so much. It seems Baltimore wanted an “elite” QB in name only. He showed up at the right place at the right time. He does not deserve the kind of money Baltimore is throwing at him when compared to money that other QB’s receive.

  9. Ravens fans don’t try and justify to people about how this contract has never been as bad as people say as it has been 3 years of useless time for both parties. The casual fan just doesn’t understand or take in count how contracts, cap hits, allocating of resources, dead money, and etc work. This isn’t a Raven vs Steeler fan debate or anything like that… it’s simply understanding how the market works.

  10. This, well all sports really consider themselves a business…well the money and contracts being thrown around in professional sports is downright crazy. Why not set up like most business, employees have a base salary with performance awards, in some cases, and to receive said performance awards you must meet established guidelines or exceed them. Some of these bonus are stupid, I wish my job would offer me a bonus just to show up for some type meeting and or training.

    Actually as a veteran I frown upon the money that gets thrown at athletes for PLAYING a game, and yet those like fireman, policeman, military etc., will never make in their lifetimes what some of these guys get paid per year, and yet the cry and complain their looking out for their family…come on back to the real world folks and see how the rest of us do it.

  11. Who cares about the moniker “Elite”. I’ll take his winning playoff record any time. He’ll work a new deal, lower his cap and we’ll call it a day.
    Suggs and Webb have big cap numbers this year. Gotta deal with that and re-sign Tucker.

  12. Bad contract.
    Touchdown to int ratio is very pedestrian
    He had a great run in the playoffs the year they won, but he really isn’t much better than an average qb.
    But you can’t blame him for the contract…it was offered, he accepted.

  13. He deserves at least $50 million a year. Anything less than that is an intentional insult.

  14. A restructured contract that pushes the cap hit further into the future while reducing annual salary by converting it into a signing bonus is on the way. This is affectionately known as “kicking the can down the road” and is something that EVERY team does. We all know Flacco isn’t going anywhere in the near future, he is too valuable to that franchise. We also know that you can’t build a competitive team with a $30 million anchor on the roster.

    Just like with the rest of the teams restructuring super star contracts all of the time, once the super star is gone, you eat the cap hit because you know your team is going to take a year off from competing without their talent anyway.

  15. I look for the Ravens to give him another six year deal worth $100 million. Convert most of his next big three years to a bonus and pay him salary of next to nothing the next two years.

    This gives Flacco and his agent a big contract, gives him the bulk of the remaining money from the mega-contract, locks him for 6 years, gives the Ravens relief and makes the contract managable going forward.

  16. History will best remember Joe Flacco for establishing that anyone who can take an NFL team to a SB and win, is worth $100M no ifs, ands or buts.

  17. At least the pain of Flacco’s $29M elite salary-hit for 2016 (2nd highest in the league after Brees’ $30M, and almost double that of Brady’s $15M) is softened by, and reflected in, the glory of all those Super Bowl appearances that he’s almost single-handedly carried that team to with his 84.8 passer rating…

  18. Put Matt Ryan or 3/4 of NFL QBs on the Ravens the past 3 years and they don’t make it to the playoffs at all.

    Flacco took an offense with a journeyman RB, a 36yr old WR, and a bunch of average receivers and had the Pats against the ropes in the AFC divisional round. You could argue that if he had a legitimate #1 WR, it would have been a TD the last play of that game.

    He deserves his contract, but extending him would be great. He has more than 3 years left of being a great NFL QB that just goes out and does everything he can to win football games.

  19. Cut all of his offensive linemen and receivers. Sign a bunch of low cost nobodies and use the cap savings to pay him. When he’s losing 14 games a year and flat on his back 20 times a game and complains about it, just show him is contract. That might make him want to renegotiate.

  20. Flacco made a lot o money and was a Super Bowl MVP who always gives his team a chance to win. all the other whiners on here take a look at your crappy QB, minus maybe 5 teams and you’d drool to have QB as consistent and winning as Joe. remember when Kap and RG3 were better than joe cool. now not so much.

  21. I thought ozzie Newsome was a genius??? I guess he and his cap experts forgot to carry the one. This is what happens when you back load a contract eventually you hit a cap wall.

  22. This happening to the Ravens is great after years of listening to their fans go on about the Steelers cap hell…. Who would of thought Ozzie the genius would get stuck paying Jump Ball Joe so much….. That is just sweeeeet

  23. They really need to come up with some type of positional cap, having 1 player account for more that 20% of the teams cap is insane. I understand that people are going to cry and complain if the QB’s max cap is, say $25 mil and a TE’s max cap is $12 mil, but unless something is done, agents are going to keep jackin up the price every time a player has a good year.

    Look at Seattle, they just paid a guy who can’t win unless his defense holds his hand through the game, they basically lost to the Vikings and got bailed out, and they’re $62 mil QB personally lost the game against the Panthers. I don’t understand why someone would give a QB $62 mil guaranteed who has a losing record when his defense doesn’t hold the other team to below 19 points and lives off beating other teams backup QB’s (and still has a hard time doing that).

  24. Since they won SB on February 3, 2013, the Ravens have a 23-25 regular-season record. He just isn’t worth it.

  25. Ravens & Joe don’t have to do anything. All franchise QBs. will be in that 25 mil. cap hit, if your QB is a winner. Some already are. What’s the big deal? The Cap has increased 30 Mil. in the last 3 years. That’s more than enough to get hit by Joe’s 28.5mil.

  26. If your going to complain about Joe’s contract, please look at Romo, Dalton, Kap, Brees, Ryan, Wilson, etc.

  27. Ravens will extend Joe, ( even though I don’t think they heave to), lower his cap # & Joe will look like a hero, ( like Brady),

  28. 1969whitetrash says:
    Feb 22, 2016 3:32 PM

    Jump ball Joe knows he can’t lead an offense like Newton, Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Ben, and Rivers..

    Rivers & Cam haven’t won a Super Bowl.

  29. Ravens fans convinced me long ago that getting paid the most = being the best

    Thus they were all gung ho about having Flacco count $30 mil a season on the cap years ago and I expect they’ll be even more estatic if it goes to $36 million each year – because then they’ll REALLY have the best QB in the business

    Ravens fans also convinced me that devoting 1/4th to 1/5th of the entire salary cap to one player is a great idea

    Keep up the good work in Baltimore!

  30. Flacco lucked into a Superbowl win his contract year and Baltimore panicked.

    They pretty much destroyed the QB market by giving this avg QB, franchise money. Now, like the Saints and Brees they can’t afford a good defense…. See week 6 when they made Josh McCown look like Dan Marino who threw for almost 500 yds 2tds and no Ints.

  31. This is the 2nd time the Newsome gambled on Flacco and lost. The first was when he refused to lock him up before the Super Bowl and ended-up having to eat a huge new contract in order to keep him around. Then they backloaded the contract, figuring it would buy them a couple of years of sustained success before having to pay the piper. Oops.

    Now they’re stuck. You can’t let Joe walk because finding a good quarterback is like banking on winning the lotto, and if he stays, his contract destroys the cap and basically ensures the team will be too thin to win.

    Get ready for at least 5 more years of sub-.500 football.

  32. I love the way the off season is shaping up. More cap space. Great draft pick positions. Hard to believe a team that swept the Steelers would be in this type of shape. Steelers couldn’t beat us with their starters. Ravens beat the Steelers with no starters. Hilarious. These battle hardened rookies are going to be all over them next season again. Onward to 10-3, AFCN champions, and SB LI. Buh bye Big Ben and the rest of the overrated, overhyped wannebes. LOL.

  33. Fans making foolish predictions. ” get ready for 5 years of sub-500 football”. “Ozzie has destroyed Baltimore”. Be careful, Joe might make you fools. He’s done it before.

  34. If you look at the actual big picture of the numbers, Pitta, Rice and Webb are what’s REALLY hurting the Raven’s cap, not Flacco. 20M+ on those three guys.

    Ravens will make Webb take a pay cut this year. And they will get relief from the other two next year and be fine. With Suggs retiring soon, that will also loosen up the cap significantly.

  35. 11 TDs 0 Ints on a SB playoff run this not “luck.”

    Especially when you bewat Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and TOm Brady along the way.

    Flacco has not had a QB rating lower than 95 in the past 8 playoff starts.

    Anbd he had a 114 QB rating against the Steelers when the Ravens knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs in 2014…

  36. Flacco’s playoff record speaks for itself. And he’s done it with some of he worst group of receivers in the NFL. The only year he did have a good set of wide-outs he won the superbowl. Take those stud receivers away from Ben and give him the Ravens receivers. The Steelers would be picking in the top five in May.

  37. Take those stud receivers away from Ben and give him the Ravens receivers.
    They would struggle with a ball that had the right amount of zip and trajectory.

  38. Joe Flacco made absolute monkeys of the Steelers during last year’s WC game. With everyone injured, he beat them again in their own turf this year. And yet, we have nothing but Steelers’ fans talking smack like they have some reason to brag. The refs gave you a non-legit playoff win and you made fools of yourselves in Denver, just like when you got Tebowed out of the post season. You’re a joke. Shut up and worry about your own felon QB.

  39. The cap # is not hurting the Ravens, or any other team. It’s going up over 11 mil. this year. That’s over 40 mil in the last 4 years. More than enough to pay your franchise QB.

  40. I think the favens made a fool of themselves in Denver this year. Jump ball 117 passing yds,noodle arm manning 175 passing yds.since being bradyed out of the playoffs the Ravens havo ZERO playoff wins and will spend the next several years looking up in the standings at the Steelers and Bengals with several 3 or four win 12 or 13 loss seasons Ravens are a joke!!!

  41. Take those stud receivers away from Ben and give them the Ravens receivers , no thanks!!! You wouldn’t have trashy receivers if you knew how to draft! Those same stud receivers were on the board on draft day and what did you do? Passed on them and kept your garbage receivers. That’s on your mighty gm and staff.The laughs on the buzzards.

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